The BaByliss Curl Secret is a product I’ve lusted after for the longest time, ever since its launch after watching countless YouTube tutorials and reading rave reviews.
Before using the BaByliss Curl Secret you have to ensure that your hair is completely clean, combed through and dry. To use the Curl Secret, you place your 3cm piece of hair into the device with your hair hanging out of the other side – ensuring that the velvet core side is facing your head and not the floor. Once the hair is in position within the BaByliss Curl Secret and you’re ready to begin the curling process, you have to firmly close the two handles together which then starts the mechanism which draws the hair up into the Curl Chamber to be curled followed by four beeps. Continue to hold the handles closed together until the styler makes four beeps in quick succession, then fully release the handles and smoothly (and carefully) pull the styler away from the head to reveal your curl. To do my whole head of hair with lots of practice it now takes me just 20 minutes which I’m very happy with. This is without a doubt my absolute favourite hair tool I’ve ever tried, and I am so incredibly happy to own it. It works by drawing hair automatically into the ceramic, curl chamber where it is held softly and heated gently from all directions to form the perfect curl once released from the curl chamber. The most important step to follow whilst using the BaByliss Curl Secret is to use flat, small section pieces of hair no bigger than 3cm wide.

The length of your hair, will depend on where you place the Curl Secret on your piece of hair. I must admit the first couple of times I was startled by the whole disappearing hair trick and worried my hair would be a melted mess, but that soon wore off after 3-4 goes.
Depending on your own hair’s ability to hold a curl, you could spritz the curl lightly with hairspray or pin it but for me that would take an exceptionally long time a 3cm piece of hair at a time.
I own a huge amount of hair tools including hair rollers, curling wands, curling tongs, straighteners, waving wand etc – most of which are BaByliss as their tools are always quite innovative, good quality and as a whole very affordable. The BaByliss Curl Secret itself is a stunning purple colour, packed with multicoloured glitter which really sparkles. If you try and use more hair than the advised 3cm, the curl chamber will simply beep and reject the piece of hair instantly.
To help the curl last longer BaByliss recommend not combing or touching the curl until it has completely cooled down. It is incredibly easy to use that even the biggest hair curling novice will have perfected the method within seconds. It comes with a detailed instruction leaflet with a step-by-step guide, a heatproof mat – which is a genius inclusion and a soft velvet drawstring bag to keep the Curl Secret in.

Also the open part of the styler with the velvet covered core (and clear message on styler too) must always be against the side of your head or it could damage or tangle your hair. To ensure that the curl is formed to the very tips of my hair, because it’s quite long I place the curl chamber at the base of my ear.
If you are disabled or have weaker arms, I promise you’d be able to use this as it requires minimal effort or strength. Two of my girlfriends have tried my Curl Secret so far have both of them have fallen head over heels in love with it and already purchased their own (I should be on commission – I kid).
The 8 second curl (followed by three beeps) will create loose waves, 10 second curl (followed by four beeps) will create soft curls and lastly the 12 second curl (followed by five beeps) will create more defined curls. It only takes 60 seconds to heat up, which is super quick and the perfect amount of time for me to comb through my hair.
It’s such an amazing hair tool that has replaced ALL of my other hair tools so now I only ever need my straighteners and Curl Secret.

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