The Clayton’s decide to give up the hectic life of the big city and move to an old country home with their two daughters Emma and Kate. The Claytons realize that their dream home holds a dark past – one that refuses to stay buried. Strange things start to happen in the house as Kate makes an imaginary friend, Clara, who tells her about a little girl who died there.

When Helen Clayton finds that someone has left old newspaper articles about the house’s history in her mailbox, she becomes curious enough to do some digging of her own. The Claytons realize that their dream home holds a dark past–one that refuses to stay buried.
What she finds convinces her that the little girl was murdered and when Helen’s husband is almost killed in a terrible accident and her daughter goes missing, Helen realizes that she must solve the mystery of who killed the little girl before her family falls victim to a similar fate.

Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Richard Ruccolo, Jonathan Potts, Eva Link, Ella Ballentine, Johni Keyworth.

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