A man walked into a psychiatrist’s office and said, “Doc, every time I see nickels, dimes, and quarters, I have a panic attack! The ability to sell change throughout the organization, often encompassing strong technical social skills. As change can create substantial resistance and criticism, a change agent must be thick skinned to face this. According to a Harvard Business Review article, a critical element to success is the personal relationships and networks that change agents have with colleagues. One thing all leaders should keep in mind as they begin a change initiative is that a period of chaos may likely ensue, whether related to poor implementation or resistance, things could appear to be getting worse before better—there will be a gap to where one wants to be.
Widespread organizational support, perhaps using a plan that has proven effective elsewhere.

Translate the solution to reflect how the change will satisfy each of their needs, especially those regarding cost, quality, service and speed. As a catalyst for producing directional change, you will be faced with the challenge of managing resistance to change. Negotiating with key players for resources, for changes in procedures, and to resolve conflict. To break out of this vicious cycle of fear, we need to understand the meaning of fear in the true sense of the word.FEAR really stands for:False Expectations Appearing Real!So how do we change?
And how can we be a change-agent for others?If a person is satisfied with his life, will he change?No, a satisfied person will not be interested in changing because he is happy and content with his current situation. If satisfied with their lives, even people who are unfit, overweight, or unhealthy are still unlikely to change.Most people have the ability to change the instant they become unhappy with their lives.

Others have to wait for a stroke or another disaster before they realize the need to change. ActionCOACH’s simple change formula helps understand the process of change and what we can do to affect positive changes in ourselves and in others.

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