If I say that meditation is more about how your mind is than what you’re doing, what do you think? Sitting formally and practicing meditation provides you with the stability that you need within your mind to be present in your day-to-day life.
In fact, the “deeper” nature of your mind, what you could call the meditative mind, is always with you and available to you at anytime, like the sky behind the clouds.
Secondly, learning to meditate is about gaining the stability in your practice to then bring your meditative mind and meditative awareness into your daily life.
So what you need to do is to begin where you are, find a method of meditating, stick with it and practice.
The following is a very short list of some of the opportunities that we can use to check-in with our mind during the day. As you’re going to sleep at night, having set aside the cares of the day, bring your attention to your mind and just relax into an undistracted state of mind.
The first thing in the morning, as you’re arising, see what your mind is like before it’s become preoccupied and distracted with the day’s to-do list. What is meditation?  It’s learning to be non-distracted, or undistracted in your daily life.
I encourage you to look through the HUNDREDS of articles that I’ve written and especially check out my weekly meditation tips and other useful meditation materials provided for your health and well being. As always, please feel free to share your comments on meditation and contact me if you’d like to see additional content or other discussions on this site. Jerome Stone is a Registered Nurse and the author of the book Minding The Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind.
Download TWO FREE CHAPTERS of Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind and a FREE E-Book!
We have Clinics in Stroud, Cheltenham, Cirencester and London as well as International Skype Clinics. In the past 20 years, hundreds of studies have demonstrated that a brief program of mindfulness meditation can not only reduce stress, but enhance your immune system, relieve anxiety and depression, improve memory and concentration, and even reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Tutor David Behrens has 27 years experience in practising and teaching meditation in a traditional School of Yoga and Meditation in South India.
Since ancient times, the practice of meditation has been used to train mind and body to experience calmness and stability in one’s busy worldly life. All are welcome to phone or email; David  loves to share about the amazing practice of meditation. This course has been very popular for those who want to develop a steady home practice of mindfulness meditation and enjoy the special quality of meditating in a group. We will meet for a one hour session for 5 consecutive weeks to experience the foundational techniques for meditation.

About our businessHomeopathy is an effective system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself.
In 1796, a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered a different approach to the cure of the sick which he called homeopathy (from the Greek words meaning 'similar suffering'). Meditation may include producing a psychological state for the purpose of examining that state such as rage, hate, etc.
And a formal meditation practice really is one of the only ways to begin to become familiar with our mind. Recognizing this is the one fact that can help you to gain the greatest benefit from a meditation practice. This list has been shared previously on this site and I received a lot of positive feedback on its use. Right, how many of us rush through our meals without even remembering what it was that we ate? Truly, since we’re trying to become more present and less distracted at any and all moments, there’s never a time where practicing won’t work.
You achieve this through first learning to meditate by practicing formally and then bringing that experience into your daily life. So that we can live your life more fully present, in the moment-to-moment awareness of the precious life that you’ve been given.
Please let me know if you’d like to discuss anything with me, have any questions or need clarification regarding how to enhance your life, the lives of your loved ones or want to learn compassion and meditation practice.
Also don’t forget to download my free e-book, Can Meditation Change the Way that You View Your World? He also has over thirty years in a variety of health-care settings and is a long-time practitioner in meditation, with an emphasis in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and Christian and Kabbalistic Contemplation. There is no way I could explain them all here on this page, however, there are a few basics that I can pass on to you that will give you some idea of what mediation is.The simplest of meditation techniques is sitting with a straight back to allow your breathing to be even and relaxed. Now he works as a Homeopath and Mindfulness Meditation teacher for an NHS mental health recovery college in Gloucestershire, Nelson Trust for substance abuse and supports clients seeking help with mental health or stress and pain management. It is a natural way to gently bring the outward power of the mind inward to experience our deepest Self.
We reflect and  explore together your unique stress points, personal goals and perceptions of your day-to-day life. From this we create a strategy of meditation and relaxation techniques to overcome your stresses, develop your goals and help you reach your full potential.
It recognises that symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment not the disease. Like Hippocrates two thousand years earlier, he realised there were two ways of treating ill health: the way of opposites, most commonly used by conventional medicine and the way of similars.

The term meditation represents a variety of methods that contains techniques designed to advertise relaxation, build inner energy or life force and develop sympathy.
However one of the primary benefits of learning to meditate is to become familiar with your true nature within your ordinary daily life, integrating it into whatever you do. Resist the temptation to give in to the disruptive mind that judges you, says that you’re not doing it right, wants to run away and get back to your distracted mind. The ideal state is when the body is at rest and the mind is quieted of idle chatter or thoughts.The idea behind meditating is to reach a higher spiritual level and to engage the mind in higher thinking practices.
Some people prefer to sit on the floor with legs crossed, others prefer to sit in a chair with feet flat against the floor. There are many yogic techniques used for this, one of the easiest is through the natural practice of the breath, a steady posture and inner focus.
We recommend three sessions but you are free to choose one to any number of sessions to attain the benefits you want. Most people get hung up on what they believe meditation is and never even get around to doing it. It’s what provides the motivation to persist in your practice, realizing that learning to bring your meditative awareness and meditative mind into your daily life is what brings life to your meditation practice. It’s amazing how our food intake, what we take into our body, how much we eat, and—surprise!—how much we gain weight can be due to not being present with what we’re eating. The way we do this is by quieting the mind, which is exactly what meditation aims to do.Though most meditation practices come from religious origins, you do not need to be religious to experience the benefits of meditation. The choice is yours.Once you have found a quiet relaxing place to sit, it is time to quiet the mind. We offer in-depth personal support to establish a mindfulness meditation practice which will renew and strengthen your mental focus, reduce your stress and support your ability to remain healthy on all levels. Pleasure or Meditation has been used since antiquity as a part of numerous spiritual customs and values.
Some people use mantras, others use positive phrases they wish to focus upon, some use a single object to focus on, such as a candle, others use an activity to focus on such as walking, I personally use my breathing as a focal point. This means seeing my surroundings, feeling the road, smelling the smells, feeling my heart pounding, noticing the patterns of my breathing.

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