Classical Music: This type of music is traditionally used for meditation in several different countries all over the world. Gregorian Chanting and Primordial Sounds: Gregorian chanting is not a type of music but a way of singing in a low tone. Instrumental Music: Be it any type of meditation, instrumental music is certainly a suitable alternative. Christian Music: If you want to meditate on the aspects of the Holy Bible, you can use Christian music. In addition, meditation music has moved far beyond traditional music as research and technology allow us to discover what makes the brain tick. Binaural beats use computer generated sound files to entrain both hemispheres of the brain which producers claim can result in everything from emotional stimulation to behavior modification. Harmonics and holophonic sounds are used alone or mixed with bells, bowls, flute or light instrumentation. Whether you’ll eventually settle on one type of meditation music or keep a cornucopia of mp3 and downloads, at one time or another you should sample each style.
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Generally, classical music is soft and smooth to the ears, so the person can effectively concentrate in his mind.
In order to use natural sounds during meditation, you can go to a quiet place such as a garden, a forest, or a hilltop. This type only consists of soft music from musical instruments such as classical guitar, violin, sitar, chimes, piano, harp, flute, and other such sweet sounding musical instruments.
Usually, Christian music includes a blend of traditional Christian tunes and soft instrumental music.
The basis of this type of meditation music is based on man’s deepest vibrational body, the cells and DNA themselves, reacting to frequency.
Crystal and brass healing bowls, chimes, triangles, flutes and drums enable modern musicians to recreate the sounds that brought our ancestors to that deep place of stillness in meditation.
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There are many classical tunes composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Abbey Simon, Markus Stocker, Severin Blazer, and many other well-known classical musicians. Most of the chanting used nowadays relates itself to the meditation music between 900 to 1300 A.D. Many meditation researches believe these natural sounds to be similar to those in a peaceful mind.

Solfeggio, an ancient six-note scale similar to our modern 7-note scale, is reputed to bring about healing in the body. Used alone or with more traditional instruments, or even digital music, this type of music can be very enchanting. Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. Primordial sounds are also a kind of chanting, which helps the person to set his mindset right for meditation.
These CDs have a combination of classical music and natural sounds, which enhance the concentration in meditation. She recalls it with laughter, saying it was one of the most exciting, thrilling moments of her life!

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