There is a Portrait of Phil Holmes, Magic Kingdom Vice President, in the Bonjour Village Gifts shop in The Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland that contains a few secrets. There is a Hidden Mickey on this wall design when you enter Advertureland in The Magic Kingdom.
Go from the beach in front of Prince Eric’s Castle through a sea cave and then, Under the Sea with Ariel and her friends in Journey of the Little Mermaid. New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World isn’t just about rides and seeing your favorite characters, but actually entering their world. HIDDEN MICKEY TIP: When you come off the ride, just as you are leaving the area, look to the right. FIND THE NAUTILUS: The area that is now Journey of the Little Mermaid was once home to 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.
Arriving at the shoreline of Prince Eric’s castle, Magic Kingdom guests encounter playful sea life as they they descend through the grottos and caverns to Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid. SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park is not your backyard variety trampoline. Tips for Planning a Disney Cruise Planning anything Disney is always exciting, but can be a bit overwhelming too.
Where to Find Santa in Atlanta: Christmas 2015 As soon as Halloween is over, Santa Claus begins arriving at local area malls and attractions. Field Trips with Sue is an award winning blog about things to do with kids in and around metro Atlanta and the Southeast. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve gone to Disney World, I still find something new and exciting to enjoy every time. Disney’s Electrical Water Pageant is a magical display of lights that travels around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. The Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot is one of the most overlooked rides at Walk Disney World. Not to be outdone by the candy sculpting in Japan, China offers a daily acrobatics show performed by the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive VIP contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. While the casual observer only notices the humorous epitaphs on the tombstones, the Disney World fans know that each epitaph provides clues to unlock the secret tributes to Disney Legends and Imagineers who help create this legendary attraction. Note: Martin is actually credited to 2 different Disney Imagineers in different books and references.
The Gordon mention here refers to Gordon Williams, who was an audio designer and Audio-Animatronics expert who worked on many classic attractions at Disney World. Uncle Myall is really Chuck Myall, who was an Art Director and Master Planner at the Magic Kingdom. Cliff Huet was an architect and a Lead Interior Designer for Disney and involved with the creation of The Haunted Mansion. Bob Sewell was recognized for his model making talent and the work that he did with the Haunted Mansion.
Finding a place to eat at Disney World is not hard, but sometimes it is difficult to know which restaurants are the best. Disney's Hollywood Studios has some special treats especially designed for observant and curious Disney World guests. The Mickey Mouse Ear Hats have been a tradition since before Disney World opened almost 40 years ago on Oct. The most popular discount offer of the year at the Walt Disney World Resort is back again for 2016! Choosing which Disney World Resort Hotel to stay at during your Disney World vacation can be a challenging process.

The original Walt Disney World Resort theme park, aka Magic Kingdom, has many areas to explore. 101 Dalmatians * A Bug's Life * A Goofy Movie * Aladdin * Alice in Wonderland * Atlantis * Bambi * Beauty and the Beast * Bedknobs and Broomsticks * Big Hero 6* Brave * Brother Bear * Cinderella * Dinosaur * Dumbo * Enchanted * Fantasia * Finding Nemo * Frozen * Hercules * Hunchback of Notredame * Lady and the Tramp * Lilo and Stitch * Mary Poppins * Monsters Inc. As well as being an underground tunnel system for access to the Magic Kingdom for Cast Members the utilidors perform several other functions. Holmes was a host of the Haunted Mansion, on the opening day of Magic Kingdom and has been with Disney for over 40 years!
From the moment you step off the pathway to the Journey of the Little Mermaid, you being your own journey under the sea. The best part is at the very beginning where a wave comes up and carries you down under the sea. As a nod to the past, the ship from the story, the Nautilus, is carved into the stone along the standby line path. If you’re looking for the hidden gems of Disney, those little-known secrets that make the park extra special, I’ve got the perfect list for you. Consisting of 8 people under the age of 21, the troupe wows crowds with extraordinary flexibility and agility.
Take this for a 3 minute walk to Disney’s Beach Club Resort where you can dine at “Beaches and Cream” and divulge in the best ice cream sundae of all time, the Kitchen Sink. In un-magical terms, she’s a stilt walker covered in vines and incredible face paint who blends right in with the landscape. Bud Martin was the head of the WDI Special Effects Department working with Yale Gracey when the Haunted Mansion was developed. Always love the behind the magic - I hate that they're removing them from the attraction! I knew someone who was there when the words were written on some of the tombstones and their stories are a little different.Mr. This is the nerve centre for all of the controls for the Magic Kingdom - from the animatronics controls to the personal address system. But The Journey of the Little Mermaid is more than just the ride, here are three secrets you don’t want to miss.
The standby line winds you through the beach and you can see the seashells and bird prints at your feet. It’s easy to see the one foot and the buttons, but it’s a bit harder to see Mickey’s face since it is flat on top of the rocks. If you’re one of the first five to find one, you get a Fastpass to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
The waiting queue and ride are inside so it’s a great place to escape very hot or cold weather. There are three phone booths outside the United Kingdom and one in Canada in the World Showcase. Once upon a time, she could give her beautiful candy creations to children in the audience, but the health department squashed that. It’s located all the way in the back of the Norway section, so if you think you’ve passed it, just keep walking.
Now, if you get there early enough, she’ll take requests on what to sculpt, then you can take photos of it after her show. You can use Disney buses or the monorail to get to them, or you can drive there and tell the person at the gate you’re there for dinner. All trademarks, service marks and trade names are proprietary to The Walt Disney Company and Disney Enterprises, Inc. Although I haven’t found them, people say there are talking trashcans in Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe, too. Or you can wait for a crowd to gather around her to watch her move and sway in the most awe-inspiring ways.

To Walt Disney the perfection of the illusion and story telling was vitally important - so seeing a Cast Member out of place was something which he needed to resolve when he designed Walt Disney World. Little blue crabs carry treasure to a pile, find a piece that doesn’t go and tell the crab to take it away – and he does! The line is rarely longer than 30 minutes and it’s one of the best places to get off your feel while traveling Epcot.
Although I’ve never stayed there (a bit too pricey for my budget), I’ve eaten dinner there several times. She usually hides in the vegetation on the left near the character spot for Baloo the bear.
If you time your day just right, you can even catch the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom from a very comfortable hammock on the beach of the Polynesian Resort. The first is inside the tree at the entrance to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh queue. In my opinion, it’s MUCH better than trying to find the perfect location to see them from inside the parks.
This tree was originally over part of the former location of the 20,000 Leagues attraction. The technical Disney name for the underground tunnels which were built underneath Walt Disney World. Johnson were both characters in that attraction.Metrophone – Near the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and Astro Orbiter in Rockettower Plaza, there is a courtesy phone provided by the Galactic Communications Network.  Pick it up and listen to some of their party line conversations! You’ll be able to find out what movies are playing nearby, find out which criminals are on the loose in Tomorrowland, and even “order” a pizza! It is a veritable treasure trove of Muppets’ humor, most notably for its many movie posters that spoof actual films. He first appeared back from the opening of Walt Disney World until the mid-1980s as a character created to promote the Florida Citrus Commission. Plus, they’re one of my all time favorite Walt Disney World details, so they make the list.
If you look closely, you’ll notice one of the trees has its leaves closed and is missing its globe-nuts. This is because the leaves are what collects solar power and this power is stored in the globes. This ties together with the relatively-unknown backstory that these “Power Palms” are one (of many) efforts by the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. The best options are jewels in the Little Mermaid scene of PhilharMagic (a red jewel is best here, but a ring would work if you want a fun proposal), or a golfball during the golfing portion of Soarin’, which is hit by none other than former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. It’s actually added authenticity, since in that era, leather was used to hold shutters, causing them to hang unevenly.
Rex is marked as defective and can be heard faintly playing audio from the original attraction in a broken manner. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue probably has the most inside jokes and Easter Eggs of any Walt Disney World attraction.
Big thanks to all of the great resources from which we’ve learned about these secrets over the years!Looking for Disney trip planning tips?
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