When you scroll over something that you can pick up, the mouse cursor changes to a hand icon.
When you scroll over an area that can be walked to, the mouse cursor changes to an arrow pointing forward and moving. When you scroll over an area that can be examined, the mouse cursor changes to a primitive-looking magnifying glass. When the icon changes to two stones rubbing together, it indicates that you can interact with that part of the environment in some way. If the icon shows two stones with a line through it, it means you can interact with the environment, but not at that particular time. Sometimes you can use an item from your inventory simply by selecting it, then clicking on the object in the environment you want to interact with. You can access the database either through the Main Menu, or by opening up the inventory tab and clicking on the orange shell icon. Throughout the game you’ll come across several large, flat slabs of rock with tools on them. To use the workbench, approach it, and place the materials you want to work with on it from your inventory. Put the DRY GRASS, BUNDLE OF FIREWOOD, PIECE OF HARDWOOD, and PIECE OF SOFTWOOD on the firepit and watch the cutscene as Arok starts a fire. After the cutscene, check your inventory to see that KLEM’S PAINTED STONE has been added. Walk along the edge of the cave until you’re at the cave painting of the large brown beast with three hunters painted in black. From the screen with the buffalo, take one step towards the fire, look down, and pick up the SMALL STRAP from the ground.
Go back to the Klem’s colored squares painting, and place the three PIGMENTS on the palette below.
Swivel around so you’re facing the fire, and use the PIECE OF ICE on the small dish left of the firepit to melt it.
You have to paint the squares on the wall so that the colors match Klem’s painted stone.
Go back to the panting with the buffalo and three hunters (where you found the Black pigment).
Pick up one of the spears next to either of the two rightmost hunters, and give it to the hunter at the back (the one that looks like he’s holding a sling). With the icon still active, walk back to the cave entrance and click on the lion to scare it away with the fire. After the lion runs away, go outside and take the ASSEGAI and DEER ANTLERS lying on the ground. Open your inventory and select the small strap so it appears in the upper left corner of the screen. You’ll find that as soon as you re-entered the cave, the fire outside goes out and the lion comes back.
Before you head off through the mountain, go back into the cave you started from, gather another BRANCH, and light it.
Before you enter, though, go back to the fireplace, select a torch from your inventory, and click it on the fireplace to light it. Brown, Black, Clear, [light second torch], Brown, Black, Brown, Black, [light third torch], Brown, Red. First, SAVE YOUR GAME before you attempt this puzzle, because there seems to be no way to reset it.
Note: pressing the star symbol in the lower right takes you out of the puzzle so that you can move around and access your inventory, but does not actually reset the hands. Pick up a clump of GRASS and, while carrying it, turn around towards the ledge until you see the action icon (two stones rubbing together) appear. Open your inventory, select the PIECE OF THE WALL, and fit it into the hole in the wall to fill in the missing part of the painting. Finally, throw a rock at the pile of rocks to cause a landslide that will trap the bear inside the cave. Walk back to the lit firepit where you started from, and click the AUROCHS HORN on it to receive AUROCHS HORN FILLED WITH EMBERS.
From right to left, the painting should show the stag jumping into the water, swimming, picking up the man in the middle, and emerging from the water at the other end. Take the upper path that heads along the riverbank and pick up the SHAFT and the WORKED STONE. Take the second path from the left to find yourself in a clearing with a flat rock and a firepit.
You have to move the four rocks to block the opening in the stream to slow the salmon down. Start by picking up the large rock on the left and dropping it into the opening in the stream where the salmon are swimming through. For some reason, you have to skip the second rock for now, and pick up the third rock, and drop that in the opening as well. Now when a salmon swims up the rock, it will hesitate for a few seconds before leaping over.
Pick up the STICK near the firepit and touch each of the stones to remove them from the fire.

With the SPATULA selected, click on each of the stones and transfer them into the water recipient.
After you’ve prepared the tea and salmon, you can ask Toar about new topics, including the art of flint-making. Toar mentions that the paintings on the stones and cliff walls nearby offer clues about how to get to the dwelling. Go back to the area where you picked up the tinder and the worked stone, and face the cliff wall to examine the painting.
Facing the cliff, take the path on your left to the spot where you picked up the knapped flint originally. Walk back to the dwelling entrance where you came from, and pick up the STAG ANTLERS on the left near the edge of the cliff. Go into the next alcove farther into the cave and pick up the ANIMAL FAT in the near ledge. Swivel around and take the STICK WITH HOLE ENGRAVED WITH A BEAR to the right of the large flat rock.
Walk to the far end of the cave where you’ll see a large door whose entrance is blocked by two stag antlers.
Inside the room, walk to the right and pick up the RESIN, POWDERED BLACK PIGMENT, and PIECE OF SKIN. Swivel around and look at the large stone slab that seems to be on top of some smaller stones. Use the ANIMAL FAT on either side of the slab, then right-click to de-select the animal fat and click on the slab itself to slide it out of the way. The pieces circled in red are pieces you have to use on the stationary piece with the red square, and the ones in green should be used on the piece in the green square. According to Tika, the first thing you should do is clean the fresco wall since it’s covered with markings. Go to the second alcove (the one with the smoking fish and hides) and you’ll see that the ledge now contains running water.
Use the PIECE OF SKIN on the water (not to be confused with the SKIN, which is also in your inventory) to receive a MOIST PIECE OF SKIN.
Go back to the ceremonial cave and click the MOIST PIECE OF SKIN on the fresco area four times.
Go back to the stag fresco and touch the wall three times with the WAD OF HIDE DIPPED IN PAINT to fill in more of the stag.
Use the STRAP on the needle tool that’s sitting on the slab, then use the strap and needle on the folded skin to sew it up. You’ll find yourself standing outside in the clearing north of the cave entrance, where you originally picked up the WORKED STONE. Next, pan right and place the BLOCK OF OCHRE PIGMENT on the mortar, then pick up the pestle and click on the ochre pigment to receive POWDERED YELLOW PIGMENT.
To the right of the pestle, put down the PIECE OF BARK, then lay down the BRUSH, POWDERED YELLOW PIGMENT, POWDERED BLACK PIGMENT, BLOWGUN and PIECE OF SKIN on top. Go back to the white grotto and place the FIGURINE OF A BULL on the small altar with candles on the floor. Next, click on the blowpipe and then the black pigment, and click on the bull’s chest, stomach, jaw, and just above the left and right legs to fill more of it in.
If you haven’t done so already, go to the scaffold where you first saw Klem painting and grab the two extra MUSICAL STONES. SAVE YOUR GAME, then start by clicking the squares themselves until all squares are black – no red. Take the GNARLY TREE from where you placed it, and place it over on the other side of the cavern where you can see faint outlines of more stags. Talk to Klem again and he asks you to remove the sticks that are blocking the entrance to the other grotto and bring him back the things he needs for the ceremony. You have to rotate the poles and bars so that you can slide the bars to the left and right and reveal the entrance to the cave.
Once your musical stones are mapped out, you have to strike them in the order that the spirit stones appear in, from left to right.
Use the bone mallet to strike your musical stones in the following order (numbered from left to right): 7, 6, 6, 6, 4, pause, 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6, pause, 4, 6, 6, 6, 4. Walk the path of Arok, a prehistoric tribesman in search of his destiny in Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern. Usually it means you need to have a certain inventory item selected before you click on it. If you seem stuck in one spot, remember to click the right mouse button to close the inventory so that you can move again.
Other times, when you click on an inventory object, it appears in the upper left corner of your screen. The database contains all of the lore and techniques that Arok has learned so far, and you’ll find clues here about how to build various tools. Look down from where you’re standing, and pick up the BUNDLE OF FIREWOOD from the ground. On the floor in front of the painting you’ll see the BLACK PIGMENT and some BRANCHES. Turn around to face the pigments, and click the drop of water on the pigment to turn it into liquid.

Use the screenshot below to compare the painting with the stone to see what you need to change.
Note: Do not open your inventory at this time, or the burning branches icon will disappear.
The bones in the upper right corner represent the number of times you can make a mistake before you have to start the puzzle over again.
Go through the same steps you did to scare away the lion the first time: gather a new BRANCH, light the branch on fire, and click on the lion. When you reach the seventh step, click on a new torch from your inventory and click it onto the still-lit torch to light the new one. The goal is to touch the star symbols running along the bottom and right sides to rotate the hands so they light up and create a path leading up the wall. If you get stuck and want to try again, you can simply load your game from that point and start fresh. You’ll be able to jump down onto the ledge now since the grass muffles your jump so as not to wake up the bear. When you go and look back over the ledge, you’ll see that the bear has been trapped just like in the painting. Open your inventory and select the SLINGSHOT, and click on each Stalactite to shoot it and cause it to fall into the water. He gives you MARCASITE and a WODDEN RECIPIENT, and asks you to grill the salmon and prepare some chamomile tea.
Wait several seconds for the stone to get hot, then use the stick to take it off the fire again. Click on the bone mallet underneath the musical stones and use it to strike the stones in the correct sequence. You can now click on each antler, then click again on the wall next to the door to move the antlers out of the way and enter. There are two flat rock slabs here, the right of which has a tool and indent that forms a rudimentary mortar and pestle.
Arm your SLINGSHOT and fire at the wolves until until you automatically unequip the slingshot and can no longer aim in that direction, which means the wolves have gone away.
Take one step back towards the clearing with the wolves, and you’ll see a dead tree on your left.
Use the brush to fill in the outline of the bull by clicking on the right hoof, left hoof, nose, left horn, right horn, and back. When you’ve clicked on a bar or post to select it, use the four symbols to (from left to right), slide left, rotate clockwise, rotate counter-clockwise, and slide right.
To make a pause, simply wait until the previous tone has died away (or count to 5) then play the next tone. His journey will take him into the heart of an enchanted mountain and through a cavernous maze.
His journey will take him into the […]Tornado: The secret of the magic cave A tornado has separated Amy and Tom from their parents! If you want to take a fresh try at the puzzle from the beginning, it’s easier to just load your game from the beginning. Compare the stone with the map to figure out the order in which you have to move through the passageway.
Quickly click on another rock to arm the man again, and click in the same place above the bear’s head to throw another rock. You have to re-arrange the stags in the painting so that it shows a stag entering the water, swimming across, then getting out of the water, from right to left.
When you’ve strike the stone correctly, the corresponding symbol on the painting will turn red. You have to put the symbols in order telling Arok’s story from the beginning to the end. Click on the tiny trickling stream to the right to get a DROP OF WATER, and click on one of the pigments. Armed with his wits, and the help of a mysterious spirit guide, Arok seeks out magic cave paintings to help him solve cunning puzzles and face deadly traps. You won’t be able to click on anything else until you de-select the item by right-clicking.
Modeled after the real-world cave network of Lascaux in France, this Adventure game is sure to challenge and inspire.
After finding an […]Cave Quest The evil spirits that haunt the narrow trails of a mountain have been trapping travelers, and have captured your family!
Sometimes clicking on a stag will change the color of it along with another stag, so you’ll have to skip one in the sequence. When you hit two stones of the same pitch one after the other, the symbol from Kleb’s stone will be transferred to yours. Get another drop of water and moisten the red pigment like you did the other two, then pick up the palette.

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