The most essential thing is the foundation for all subsequent “awakened doing”, as I sometimes call it. Obstacles arise, as they will, especially if you do things that go against the conditioning of the world – you may find obstacles. Obstacles may come in the form of uncooperative people, or situations, but enormous power will also flow into what you do and help you in many ways. For several years after the shift that happened to me, there was not much happening externally – and after that, gradually, people came to ask questions.
I was once in a country church in England, in a small village in Somerset, and the church was completely empty – and suddenly the words came out of me that said “Use me”, and “I’d like acceleration please”. Meet other people who are interested in meditation and discussing the essential words and works of spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. These are 9 videos result for the Eckhart tolle tv meditation realization, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Eckhart tolle tv meditation realization online.
Then, [there is] bringing that into your life more and more – so that your daily life becomes interspersed with that Stillness.

It doesn’t choose between people, it doesn’t say “You are special, I’m going to choose you”.
I knew somewhere that there was a power here, but it’s not reaching many people for some reason.
No, its Consciousness speaking, using this mind, to express what is most helpful for this moment. You embody a different energy field – as if something from another dimension were coming through you into this world. With your normal everyday life, see if Presence can flow into the smallest things – listening to another person, walking from here to there, and so on. The action is coming out of the fullness in which you already dwell – so there’s no neediness in it.
It doesn’t ask “Who are you, what are your credentials?” It doesn’t ask, “What is your personal history?
Presence implies acceptance of whatever is, in the Now, in alignment with the form of the Now, as a spiritual practice.

A few weeks later, I woke up knowing that I had to leave England and move to the west coast of North America.
You have to first come to an acceptance of the is-ness of things – not the world situation – just your limited reality. Be open to what it is that wants to be done in this world, then conscious doing happens through you. There is not an excessive desire to achieve, but you achieve actually more – because there’s so much enjoyment in the doing that the end result looks after itself. The more you get out of the way, you do it by bringing Presence into everyday life, then the answer of what it is that wants to be done comes through you.

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