We all know how important it is to keep our bodies fit by doing things like going to the gym, jogging, and swimming. This is a Versatile Blog , featuring interesting articles on various topics, e.g Technology, Maritime, Product reviews, SEO tips, Make Money Online, Food . Vocal exercises can make a difference in many areas of your life, especially your confidence.
My Work, Vocal Awareness, did not make me into somebody I am not, but helped bring out who I was truly capable of being. In my books and lessons I often share that when I first created Vocal Awareness over 5 decades ago, "you couldn't find my Self- esteem with the Mt.
When we are afraid of what others think of us, of how we are judged and when we are afraid of our own greatness, of taking ownership of our power, we are not living in the Vocal Awareness principle of sovereignty. I have been identified as a voice teacher, a vocal coach, a speech coach, as well as by other titles. In answering this question, explore the contribution I want to make to my Self, my family, society?
In it identify where, as a communicator, you feel most confident and where you feel least confident. In Vocal Awareness I am always teaching that the Journey is never outward toward accomplishment--achievement. They don’t necessarily all need to be done every day, but variety helps keep the body fit and healthy, and makes exercise interesting. Having good balance is important for many activities we do every day, such as walking and going up and down the stairs.
Balance on your left foot, engage the abs, and bend forward at the hips while reaching toward the ground with your right hand. Once you master balance moves on solid ground, try them on an unstable surface such as a BOSU platform. MelHealth Contributor at Creative BioscienceI always look forward to expressive my passions in life to others and helping people make lasting changes.
Lower back pain often results from reduced levels of activity and flexibility, strain and injury from sudden movement, and general deconditioning of the back muscles resulting from poor posture. Weak back muscles not only leave you prey to injury, they also make it more difficult to recover if you are injured. An exercise plan that carefully targets the lower back will improve your physical conditioning, with the added bonus of helping you move efficiently and learn body awareness—both keys to lumbar injury prevention. If you choose the right exercises to condition the lower back you will improve and strengthen your lower back, and reduce the risk of injury and pain, speed recovery, and prevent re-injury.
We recommend you start any back muscle building regimen with gentle strengthening exercises including stretches that target your spine, core and legs. These lower back and core exercises are taken from The Prevent Lower Back Pain App which provides a variety of targeted exercises that stretch, strengthen, and stabilize important muscles and ligaments that support your lower back. The exercises are authored by Dr Philip Striano, a certified chiropractic sports physician and strength and conditioning specialist. Our content is not intended to substitute the diagnosis and advice of a doctor, chiropractic or physician.
Eyes, being one of the most important sense organs of our body, too require a certain amount of attention and care like any other body parts. Close your eyes and cover them lightly with your cupped palms.Avoid applying pressure to your eyeballs.
You can do a variety of exercises to keep the body fit and healthy and to keep your physical activity routine exciting.

Exercises that improve balance can help prevent falls, a common problem in older adults and stroke patients.
With arms at your sides, swing your left leg forward and backward, touching the floor for balance, while keeping your torso straight. Hold on to a five- to 10-pound weight and raise your right leg behind you for counterbalance.
Point your left foot out front, just barely touching the floor for balance and push your hips back and down into this challenging one-legged squat position. Visualize a clock and point your arm straight overhead to 12, then to the side (three o’clock), and then circle low and around to nine without losing your balance. Find out more about our current featured product and information on how to purchase it by clicking the image above! That’s because 80 is the percentage of people who will experience acute back pain at some point in their life.
This is because the core and led muscles play a key role in supporting and maintaining a strong and healthy lower back. Use the knee to chest hug to increase stretch the lower back and increase flexibility in the hip extensors and hip rotators. To get the full benefit of these exercises check out the full colour illustrations and anatomical diagrams showing which muscles are working during each exercise.
With increased use of technology in workplaces and daily life, most people suffer from eye problems, big or small. Eye exercising will keep your eyes healthy and help minimize eyestrain.These steps are not meant to improve your vision, but rather to maintain your best eyesight level and prevent significant further vision deterioration. What if each repetition in the gym (or basement) added some extra punch to your overall fitness when engaging in firearms sport or training?Building a strong core is always an important foundation with any extended use of specific muscles groups as well as for endurance and balance. They can also benefit those who are obese since weight is not always carried or distributed evenly throughout the body. It’s a complete program that includes stretches, balance and posture exercises as well as warm-ups and cool-downs to get rid of your pain and regain flexibility and strength. It is possible to maintain and improve your eyesight by following some simple and easy eye exercises daily. Make sure no light rays can enter your eyes though gaps between your fingers or the edges of your palms and nose. Basic floor exercises including crunches, scissor kicks and other exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles are going to be the foundation for everything else you do in your workouts. Bend your right knee, and bring your foot to your body’s midline while clasping your hands together to hold your knee. These exercises for eye are so effective that you can practice these even if you are not wearing glasses or even if you suffer from eye problems. Often we are not fully aware that we may have weak balance until we try some balance exercises. Raise your arms parallel to the floor so that your hands are outstretched above your knees.
But there are some exercises that pay specific attention to strengthening muscles that will be used when holding firearms out at arms’ length for long periods of time.When I started taking more advanced shooting classes I started to think about how I could use my daily workouts to target the muscles used to sustain the long periods holding and maneuvering my firearms. Mostly the computer users and avid television watchers tend to blink more often than normal human beings.
Take deep breaths slowly and evenly while thinking of some happy incident, or visualize a distant scene. Again, clasping your hands together to hold your knee, bend your right knee, but this time rotate the right leg to the left, bringing the side of your leg against your chest.

Take a note of how exactly you feel after that for example feeling strained, tired etc.PalmingThis is the most common but effective exercise which you can do even while at workplace.
Lower your arm and leg to the starting position, maintaining a stretch in your limbs throughout.
This will build strength in the muscles used when holding arms outstretched for great periods of time. Extend your right arm and left leg off the floor, lengthening and lifting your head and shoulders. Add hand weights as you increase your endurance.In the next exercise, sit down and take a five pound dumbbell in one hand (or whatever weight is appropriate for you fitness level). This movement will build strength in the wrists which help hold heavy objects in outstretched arms, where disproportionate weight is being held in one hand.Balance is also as important as muscle strength when incorporating movement into training exercises.
FlexingFlexing that eye is basically a warm-up exercise that aids in stretching the ocular muscles. To improve balance, try alternate side forward leg lunges while holding five or ten pound dumbbells. The average individual spends most of their day looking only 2 to 3 feet ahead of them at a computer screen. By facing straight ahead and then looking up and down as far as possible without moving the head the ocular muscles will stretch. When returning to the center standing position after each forward lunge, include an arm curl and when doing lunges in the reverse direction include an arm raise as you return the leg to the center standing position. After looking up and down, an individual can then look to the top right and bottom left in an alternate to the top left and bottom right.ShiftingShifting is moving or rotating your eyeballs from one direction to another. Repeating lunges several times on each leg improves balance and strength.Generally, it can be helpful to train under the conditions you will find your mind and body subjected to in a particular situation. For example, law enforcement officers will train with firearms simulators to imitate situations where the mind will have to make a split second decision as to a threat and then take action. Training courses that teach shooting on the move and under stress are good ways to test how an individual will respond in an unusually difficult situation.However, the best way to prepare physically is to be in the best shape possible. The tiny eye muscles get a spurt of blood pumped in to, which makes them more active and healthy.Rotating Your EyeballsZoomingAnother effective exercise is zooming.
Now, bend your arm near to your eyes, thus making the thumb appear in a zoomed fashion.Focus on Near and far ObjectsEye exercises are ought to provide adequate movement for your eye muscles.
After a minute or so, shift your focus to the far object, thus flexing your eye muscles to a maximum.Rotating Your EyeballsThis exercise loosens your ocular eye muscles and helps to improve blood flow in surrounding areas of the eye, increasing the level of oxygen, thus improving vision.
Close your eyes and rotate your eyeballs in a clockwise and then an anti-clockwise direction.
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