From singing rhymes to prime time, Josh has come a long way from his reality show roots -- which means more screen time for us to soak in his gorgeous features.
Twenty-one years after the original melodrama-rife Dallas ended, Josh is playing John Ross Ewing III, son of legendary scurrilous oil tycoon J.R. He's also added his signature sizzling good looks to Desperate Housewives as banished bad boy Austin McCann and graced the modern rebooted classic 90210 .
Let's pretend for a second that Channing Tatum isn't married to Jenna Dewan and that instead, you two met after his Magic Mike act at the Xquisite club. Let's pretend for a second that Channing Tatum isn't married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum and that instead, you two met after his Magic Mike act at the Xquisite Club. When voting for Magic Mike's, ehm Channing Tatum's, ranking on the boyfriend material scale, you all were even less likely to consider him boyfriend material than you were fling material. In the same survey, women were twice as likely to prefer a long-lasting relationship with Looper's leading male Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Guilty as charged -- we think Joseph is prime man candy and a class act at the same time, and therefore boyfriend material, which is why he was our featured man candy way before he joined the big leagues. And just for fun, in Badoo's survey, Christian Bale ranked equally for having-a-fling quality and taking-him-home-to-the-family material. 5 Hot actors speaking FrenchMan Candy Mondays: Paul RuddWho is the hottest celeb in a uniform? Poised on the brink of super-stardom, Ian Somerhalder and his gorgeous baby blues are popping up in more places than ever . From one of his first big roles as a resurrected teen in Smallville to Boone Carlyle on Lost to a ridiculously good-looking vampire in the CW's The Vampire Diaries, Ian is making his mark on the mass media — and capturing the attention of women everywhere who know a truly gorgeous man when they see one.
This Southern boy has come a long way from his small-town Louisiana roots, taking on major roles on several major TV series — but he's still got a heart of gold. With those steely blue eyes, it's no wonder that he's a fan favorite to play the Fifty Shades of Grey title character Christian Grey in the upcoming film version of the book. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Ian's spicy full-frontal nude scenes in the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me. Yet another reason that Ian seems too good to be true: He has a soft spot for creatures great and small and a fervent appreciation for nature. Like every red-blooded, hottie-appreciating woman in the United States, we couldn't wait to see the movie Magic Mike in theaters this past summer. When we finally got there, we were blown away — by the sexy gyrating, sure, but mainly by Matt Bomer, the first-rate cutie in the role of dancer Ken .
This strapping, Texas-born, fine specimen of a man is on top of our hot list right now — and his mama raised him right, because we dig this guy's inner and outer qualities.
OK, so Bomer doesn't play for our team, so to speak, but we love that he hasn't denied his sexuality — in fact, just lately, he's fully embraced it.
Matt sprung from a largely TV-centric background fully formed onto the Magic Mike movie screen — and we are so glad he did. His sheer hotness has crossed sexuality lines again and again, with die-hard Bomer fans gunning for him to play Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Bomer has three little munchkins to chase him around: oldest son Kit and twin boys Walker and Henry.
We grilled her on her new role in American Horror Story and her beauty must-haves, but we would be remiss if we didn't ask Jenna Dewan-Tatum a few questions about married life with Channing Tatum. SheKnows: Is it hard for you guys to do that type of thing, going out in public, when you’re both so recognizable now?
JDT: It’s gotten a little bit more so lately, but still, even saying that, we have it really easy.
SheKnows: If you could go back in time and give your single self one love tip, what would it be?
SheKnows: Is that your favorite thing about being married, just the fact that it was so seamless for you? JDT: I think being on social media is my favorite way to get in touch with my fans because it’s direct. This wildly attractive British actor hides his accent well on Revenge — and with those chiseled looks, we might just believe anything he tells us. But Josh, whose personal motto is "March forth," a play on his birthday, March 4, admits he sometimes looks past Revenge and toward the future. We like what the rugby gods had to say, because now we can enjoy Josh in our living room every Sunday evening. The Southern drawl and perfect hair go a long way toward making Blake Shelton our current favorite celebrity crush, but add to that the fact that he seems like a genuinely nice and funny guy?
We all have our vices, and we happen to love that Twitter is among Blake's hard-to-kick habits. We love his Twitter game, though — he cutely calls his followers "BS'ers," reveals funny details from conversations with Miranda, retweets his fans and shares pics of himself, one of which featured an out-of-control hairdo. From allowing Chelsea Handler to lay into him on Chelsea Lately while promoting his new holiday album, Cheers, It's Christmas, to gamely chatting with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the fourth hour of the Today show about Hoda's not-so-secret crush on him, Blake is a great sport and a skilled funnyman — happy to play along, even when the topic of discussion is his much-talked-about drinking habit. Jay Leno recently quizzed him about which of his tweets he wrote drunk and which he wrote sober. We love a great love story, especially one that's built on respect, trust and hard work — all the important things in life.
Media personality Maria Menounos attends the launch of "Find Your Facemate" at STK on July 10, 2012 in New York City. TNT's revival of Dallas got a whole lot prettier when hottie Josh Henderson was cast as J.R. According to a survey by Badoo, only four out of 10 ladies would take him up on this casual fling. According to Badoo, this might mean you want a fling with Batman and a serious relationship with Bruce Wayne.
One romp in particular featured him and a very shapely Michelle Borth "reconnecting," so to speak. He's so committed to animal welfare and environmental issues that on his 32nd birthday in 2010, he unveiled the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which promotes nature conservation, green technology and humane treatment of animals .

And instead of the typical dinner and a movie, you guys are going to do something fun and outside the box.
With British breeding, one fine face and a way about him that can make even smart cookie Emily VanCamp swoon on Revenge , this guy is the new number one on our hot list. That's how we feel about Josh Bowman, even though Revenge is anything but obscure these days, and he did do a movie with Miley Cyrus . The pair has been spotted cozying up to one another in public, but he's staying mum about the relationship so far.
Excuse us, our brains have been turned to mush just imaging how we'd conduct ourselves if we ever got anywhere near the winning The Voice judge and country music star in person. If that were the case, we'd definitely pick Blake as our personal coach, if only to hear that rolling Oklahoma drawl day in and day out. Yes, it's a wonderful thing to forgive another who has hurt you and to choose love and inner peace over fear. To the six out of 10 who said no to a casual fling with CT, we think you should reconsider. Maybe drive up to a different town or a different area near your city and try out a new hotel.
Is that an easy way for you guys to interact with each other and also a mostly harmless way to interact with the fans?
But even though Blake is officially cemented in the minds of the American public as a true superstar, he's really a down-home guy who gets pleasure from the simple things in life, like his hometown and his lovely musician wife.
However, when it comes to forgiving and then returning to an abuser who has put your life in danger, it's not as simple as changing your mind and giving him another chance. You just have to be a little bit more careful about where you go and stuff like that, but I don’t want to let that rule my life.
I think people should always keep an element of play in their relationships and spontaneity. I want to have a good, fun, enriched life and I feel like if you put that out there, then that’s the life you’ll live.
I remember when I was a kid, we just didn’t have this, so it’s just bizarre to me that this is the way the world is going.
I think I was waiting for some grand thing to change but, if anything, you just get stronger and more connected. I think, as long as you look at it as a fun part of your life that you can also connect with people that you wouldn’t normally connect with.

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