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I offer a wide range of Non-Religious Meditation Services to professionals in central London using my unique Success Through Stillness Approach. I offer a simple 5 step programme for face to face sessions that ranges from beginner classes to private sessions and weekend retreats.
I have helped over 1300 people discover meditation, taking them from a place of stress to rejuvenation. If you have any questions or want to learn more about my wide range of Non-Religious meditation services you can jump over to the Meditation Services page OR Corporate Transformations page – I would love to help!! For the past few weeks I have been writing about and teaching how meditation can improve your mental focus and clarity. Success Through Stillness… Free Meditation Webinars Available Until 1 May Over the past four months, I have been hosting regular meditation webinars to help people kick-start their meditation practise. Success Through Stillness… Clearing the Clutter in Your Mind Last week I touched on the topic of Calming Your Overactive Mind and how meditation is not about forcing your mind to ‘shut off’, but rather remaining still and allowing your mind to gradually (and eventually) come to an equilibrium.

Imagine being able to release your negative emotions… Last week I wrote about the difficulty people have in releasing negative emotions.
A ‘Taster’ of the Taster Session   I hold meditation sessions in London designed specifically for meditators at the beginning of their journey.
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I am the founder of Nature meditations and the creator of Success Through Stillness and the 5 Step Programme to Mastering Meditation. I also provide meditation audio programs (including the Peaceful Sleep System) and Corporate Transformations.
Many of my clients report reduced stress levels, sharpened mental focus and living in a more fulfilled way. Simply complete the form on this page to DISCOVER your biggest obstacle to successful meditation and how to overcome it.
A clear mind was one of the first effects I noticed when I started to meditate, and many of my students and meditation colleagues have reported the same outcome.

People have been able to sample 4 different meditation techniques covering 4 very different topics.
I am happy to tell you about an upcoming lecture by Alan Wallace and Bernard Carr that will be taking place in London on Saturday 2 July.
Often, we try to rid ourselves of what we consider ‘negative’ by ignoring, concealing or repressing our emotions.
It is this inner fire that once activated can help you make decisions about your life from a place of power, commitment, and completeness.
This fire needs to be ignited and focused to strengthen and sharpen us, so we can stand by our choices.

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