About Brainwave LoveSince it’s humble beginnings, the science of brainwave entrainment has evolved to be one of the most potent and powerful ways to unlock the full potential of the human mind. Our audios have been created by brainwave entrainment engineer, Ashton Aiden, and his years of research, expertise, personal experience, and creativity. Osho, also known as Bhagwan Rajneesh was a spiritual master and enlightened being who created quite a wave in the twentieth century. If somebody is a painter and he starts meditating, his painting will have a sudden jump, it will become tremendously profound – because whatsoever you paint reflects your mind. We are confident that the audios we offer on this site are of the best quality you will ever find, anywhere. Two alone persons relate, communicate, commune, and yet they remain alone.It is a strange experience, that those who have left me have always left places for a better quality of people.
Always be concerned with yourself.It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold.
Mind is the illusion that which is not but appears, and appears so much that you think that you are the mind.Respect your uniqueness, and drop comparison.
He can become a thorn for himself and for others, he can also become a flower for himself and for others.Desire disappears as you become more and more aware. When awareness is one hundred percent, there is no desire at all.Hell is our creation, and we create hell by trying to do the impossible. It is where we always are.Real love is not an escape from loneliness, real love is an overflowing aloneness. One is so happy in being alone that one would like to share.When you are different the whole world is different. It is only a ques of creating a different you.That which makes you miserable is the only sin.
That which takes you away from yourself is the only thing to be avoided.Don?t be unnecessarily burdened by the past. And that is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture.Sharing is the most precious religious experience.
Sharing is good.You can go on changing the outer for lives and you will never be satisfied. Only false religion has rules, because false religion is a game.If you work without love, you are working like a slave.
Your work is your joy, your work is your dance.The only authentic responsibility is towards your own potential. In relationship with others, it is only you mirrored.If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Move as a total being, and accept things.When you really laugh for those few moments you are in a deep meditative state.
It is impossible to laugh and think together.Your real being only flowers with unconditional love. It is not life that is frustrating you, it is you who are not listening to life.Life is not logic, life is not philosophy. Because the past is no more, and the future is not yet.Fools are more healthy then the so-called wise. Thy live in the moment and they know that thy are fools, so thy are not worried about what others think about them.Don’t be serious about seriousness. It has nothing to do with your doing or not doing.Friendship is a relationship, friendliness is a state of your being.
Greed transformed becomes sharing.Life is a mystery, and there is nothing to explain everything is just open, it is in front of you. All worries are futile because that which is going to happen is going to happen.Love is the ultimate, the end. Real happiness is always HERE, it is always NOW.Be a drunkard, drunk with life, with the wine of existence. Those who say dont know and those who know dont say.More Osho Quotes!The real question is not whether life exists after death. And there is only one thing that is not-doing, and that is awareness, watchfulness.Love is a bird and it loves to be free. It needs the whole sky to grow.Love is true only when it does not interfere in the privacy of the other person.
In the real journey of life, your own intuition is your only teacher.The person who can be happy alone is really an individual. I myself don?t know who I am, so how can you know?Once you have tasted the juice of the present, you don’t care about dangers.

And hell is also within you, in your very mind.Love is ultimate, the highest health, because love makes one whole. My presence here will be many times greater without the burden of my tortured body.Just see how much respect God has paid to you.
Love can survive only in a continuous flowing relationship.If love can not keep you together, nothing else can keep you together. And if love cannot keep you together, than anything that can keep you together is dangerous.Lovers are mirrors to each other. It is imperfection that keeps life interesting.If you have no conditions you can enjoy life infinitely. If you have conditions, because of them you become incapable.Misery comes the moment you become clinging, attached. Easy is right means natural is right, effortlessness is right, egolessness is right.Love means the art of being with others. Only to be alive is needed — and that you are, you already are.To possess anything is to be possessed by it. Love cannot hurt and cannot be violent.Don’t pay much attention to fear, because that is dangerous. If you pay much attention to fear you are feeding it, and it will grow.Love never dies through separation, never.
Life has been given to you to create, and to rejoice, and to celebrate.Don’t expect, and there will be no frustration. Either you can love, or you cannot, but you cannot think about it.Don’t go on with borrowed knowledge. Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself, whatsoever the cost.You have to drop all your defenses, only then is intimacy possible. Even if you live for a thousand years your desires are not going to be fulfilled.A borrowed truth is the greatest lie in the world. Truth can only be true when it is based on your own experience, utterly your own experience.Only people suffering from inferiority complex want to impress others. I am absolutely for life, and life in its essence means love.These are the only two real emotions and love. He was born Chandra Mohan Jain in Kuchwada, a small village in Raisen district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Central India, on Decembr 11, 1931.
A professor of philosophy, he gave several public talks and won the hearts of many throughout India. He attained Mahasamadhi on January 19, 1990, in his ashram in Pune, in Maharashtra, India.From 1958 to 1966, Osho, who went by the name of Rajneesh, was a Master of Arts in philosophy, and served as a professor of philosophy in the University of Jabalpur in the city of Jabalpur. In 1966, he left this post and began his tour of India, giving public talks at several places as a spiritual teacher. Throughout India, he conducted several meditation camps, and it was only in the 1970s that he settled down somewhat in the Shree Rajneesh Ashram in Pune.
He had earlier been based off his apartment in Mumbai, or Bombay as it was known then.According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Religion, which analyzed Osho’s draw among seekers, “Osho’s synthesis of spirituality with personal-growth psychology attracted significant numbers of Westerners, many in midlife transition. These sannyasins were known as new or neo-sannyasins; they renounced living in either the past or the future, but emphatically did not renounce material or sexual indulgence. He developed unique meditations, many involving intense, emotionally cleansing activity preceding stillness.”Before his samadhi, Osho pointedly made a move towards getting people to take responsibility for their own cleansing. He created meditative therapies so that people could take their personal and spiritual growth into their own hands.Even today, meditation is an important part of all true Osho followers’ lives. These meditations are quite popular in schools, colleges, corporations, and wellness centers.
The Gale Encyclopedia again: “Osho’s philosophical approach blends Western and Eastern traditions, with special emphasis on Zen Buddhism. Important themes include dropping the ego and its conditioned beliefs and integrating the material and the spiritual.
The ideal human is Zorba the Buddha, a consummate being combining Buddha’s spiritual focus with Zorba’s life-embracing traits.”Osho did not offer philosophy, just methods and techniques to experience life in its fullest. Unfortunately, too much study and scholarship have labeled these phenomenal mystical processes into philosophies to be read and understood.Controversies Around OshoA major reason that Osho was controversial in India and indeed the West, was his advocacy of sexual freedom and exploration.
For example, note how Lonely Planet’s India Survival Guide from the 1980s, talks about him. One of the best known would have to be Bhagwan Rajneesh and his orange folk but he has deserted Pune for greener pastures in Oregon. Whatever the pros and cons, his followers all seem pretty convinced of his abilities, but nowadays you’ll find them in Oshoville, Oregon rather than Pune, Maharashtra.”However, the greatest international controversy developed in the United States when he settled at the Big Muddy Ranch in central Oregon.

From the summer of 1981 until the late fall of 1985, several thousand sannyasins labored to create the communal city of Oshopuram and a model agricultural collective.
Their dream disintegrated because of financial, legal, and political conflicts, and Osho embarked on a world tour before returning to Pune in 1987. Two years later he took the name Osho, which means dissolving into the totality of existence, or merging with all life.Why Osho Isn’t As “Accepted” as Other MovementsMany of these guru-disciple movements, such as those of Osho, of Transcendental Meditation and of Balayogeshvar, the boy-saint of the 1960s, have their support and recruitment bases primarily outside India.
The most important of them has been the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) whose members are commonly known as Hare Krishnas and described as the ‘only tribe permanently settled on airports’ on account of their fund-raising activities there.
Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada (1896—1977), a Calcutta bullion merchant turned Vaishnava monk, the movement gained a strong foothold in North America in the 1960s. Within fifteen years of Bhaktivedanta’s arrival in New York, the organization had spread throughout the West as well as Japan, and then reentered India to an enthusiastic welcome.
Its teachings and practice are firmly based on the Gaudiya Vaishnavism of Sri Chaitanya, a sixteenth century Bengali saint regarded as avatar of Krishna by his followers.Osho’s offerings are however very different from ISKCON. Osho is a realized master, while Prabhupada was one who delivered the message of Chaitanya. While ISCKON has refused to compromise with western lifestyles, Osho’s movement was quite unlike this. The core of devotees do not live in tightly controlled monastic communes, as with ISCKON, though they are generally totally vegetarian and teetotal, but not necessarily remain celibate until marriage. Not so with Osho.ISCKON has also built large shrines at the key sacred sites of Vaishnavism at Vrindavan, the legendary birthplace of Krishna in Uttar Pradesh, and at Navadvip, the early venue of Sri Chaitanya in West Bengal.
Though this is not the case with Osho’s movement which was not an off-shoot of any other movement. ISKCON and even until recently, Sathya Sai Baba’s movements were well-respected in India, which is not the case with other foreign-based movements like Rajneeshism, ‘3 H O’ (that is, Healthy, Happy, Holy), the Sikhism-cum-Trantrism of Yogi Bhajan in California, and even Transcendental Meditation of Mahesh Yogi.
To put all these movements in the same sentence as Osho is quite a stretch, but this was just to make point on how ISCKON has managed situations.In spite of, or perhaps because of, Osho’s high visibility, Indians do not generally acknowledge that this is a successful and imaginative transplant of a movement which had lain dormant since the Sfi traditions began in India. The initially anti-scholastic Osho leadership now actively encourages the study of Osho’s teachings.Though shared by all neo-Hindu movements, the combination of eclecticism and idiosyncratic representation of Osho is epitomized by the Radhasoami Satsang and the Meher Baba Mandali.
The first has a strong and affluent following among Punjabis and other North Indians, as well as a western audience which has been increasing recently. The self-consciously idiosyncratic spelling of soami for swami, the wearing of the Sikh turban by the members of one of its two schismatic groups, the acceptance of the writings of five out of the ten Sikh gurus, and the monotheistic, anti-iconic doctrine culled from the Sikh scriptures and informed in part by regional forms of north Indian bhakti traditions, indicate its eclecticism as does its esoteric meditational technique of shabd (sound) and nam (the inward repetition of God’s name) in surat-shabad-yoga.
The preceptors of the movement are seen as divine incarnations, through whose aid and mediation salvation can be attained.Osho taught the arousal of the kundalini, the coiled-up mystical energy imagined inside the body and blended with the divine energy (shakti) visualized as female.
He effected this awakening by shaktipat (the descent of shakti) through personal initiation of the first generation of his disciples.
In general, therefore, Hindu revivalist reform movements, which stress rural and general social uplift, better living standards, female emancipation and economic progress, de-emphasize individual, contemplative, mystical involvement are doing better.
Those, on the other hand, which stress the psycho-experimental dimension of yoga, including esoteric and at times tantric elements, and are normally found in urban settings, de-emphasize social and patriotic work and secular ideological involvement. At one extreme of this scale, we must list the Arya Samaj, and perhaps the Ramakrishna Mission, which are focused on reform and social uplift and which view individual mystical pursuit with some misgiving. At the other extreme we should note Sri Ramakrishna himself, and more recently the traditions created by Sri Aurobindo, Meher Baba, Osho, Muktananda and a large number of less-known teachers and their followings.Osho CentersMany consider Osho to be a controversial spiritual teacher.
Many thousands of these have sought to pursue the spiritual path in its fullness, and are called sannyasins, having been initiated by Osho into Sanyas. The spiritual movement is centered at the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, at 17 Koregaon Park, where it was first established in the early 1970s.There are Osho centers in more than fifty nations.
It is sad that Osho did not take the necessary time to setup the organization properly, so that more could benefit from his grace as a Guru. The ashrams do have common bonds though, such as common Osho meditations and teachings.The Osho Meditation Resort in Pune began as the Shree Rajneesh Ashram and continues as the movement’s heart, housing a multiversity offering myriad courses on spiritual growth, healing, creative arts, and intimate relationships. Osho Meditation Resort is an international center where a core staff hosts thousands of visitors annually.
Both sannyasins and other seekers visit the resort center in Pune, read some of the more than six hundred books that have been transcribed from Osho’s lectures or have been written about him, communicate on the Internet, gather to meditate throughout the world, or enroll in Osho-based counseling and personal growth training.At the beginning of the twenty-first century, there is discord within the movement between those who regard Osho’s general teachings and methods as of primary importance and those who put primary emphasis on Osho himself as an embodied charismatic individual. This is a major dispute that could lead to a segmentation in which new centers, without connection to the Pune headquarters, incorporate and spread Osho’s teachings. Such schism may result in either continued growth and spread of the system or attenuation of the movement and its teachings.

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