A new app developed by the Britain scientists was found to help in improving the memory of patients with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is one of the most degrading affections, being defined as a long term mental health condition that causes a wide range of psychological symptoms, varying from changes in behaviour through to hallucinations and delusions. Have you ever felt that, even your dog needs an enough care and healthy food, just like you need. A new study coming from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charité University Medicine St.
The researchers are saying that video games can directly affect the structural plasticity of the cerebral structures involved in many of the brain’s processes. Basically, video games can act as intensive training for some areas of the brain, which works well because the player is engaged with the mechanics of the titles and is enjoying the activity. The research team has used 23 adults with an average age of 24 who were given the task of playing Super Mario 64 for at least half an hour each day for a two-month period. Significant gray matter increase was seen in three areas of their brains: the right hippocampal formation, right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and bilateral cerebellum.

The teams at Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charité University Medicine St. The small sample of the study means that more research is needed before a clear line can be drawn between time spent with video games and significant improvements to brain function, but the initial data seems promising. Free Memory Improvement tips, how to improve memory, enhancement, exercise, techniques and lot of more. Such programs have been developed in order to let you learn different effective techniques for sharpening your memory. It is good if you have got a good social network of friends, family members and colleagues around you.
These were some of the recommended and beneficial tips for memory improvement and for boosting your memory. Memory Improvement Tips Recent Posts5 ways to memorize every single thingApril 23rd, 2016Can’t Sleep At Night? Hedwig-Krankenhaus suggests that playing video games might improve the regions of the brain linked to motor skills, memory, strategic planning and spatial navigation.

Hedwig-Krankenhaus believe that research into the effects of video games on brain activity could open up new ways of treating those who suffer from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer. You can relax your mind by using different techniques like meditation, tai chi, yoga and many more.
You must believe in your self, your efforts and appreciate yourself for the works and activities you perform. Check below some basic and useful memory improvement tips in order to enhance your memory skills and sharpen your memory.
This will help you to fresh your mind, slow respiration, slow metabolism, and release the muscle tension.

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