Ooh, rumours are roiling that the Beyonce and Jay-Z of the Mandopop scene are getting hitched on the sly. Even better (or worse, if you’re poor Cecilia), the gossip mill’s gone into overdrive with leaked intel coming in dribs and drabs that Faye and her #bae are doing a “Beyonce” and plotting some sort of secret wedding come January next year.
And lo and behold, it transpires that both Nicholas and Faye have been spotted out and about in Dali in the last couple of months; Faye even owns a scenic seaside villa in the outskirts of said city.
In any case, there’s even photographic “proof” courtesy of eagle-eyed fans, who have been sharing shots of the couple canoodling in the city on instant messaging app Wei Xin.

Mandopop matriarch Faye Wong is definitely dating the dude – that dude being Nicholas Tse of well, Cecilia Cheung infamy. If celebrity chronicle Asian E-News is to be believed, a (presumably well-meaning) employee at a Chinese marriage consultancy firm prattled to the press that Faye was planning a secretive sojourn to Dali in Yunnan, China.
Nicholas’s manager Mani Fok have dismissed the chatter as “groundless rumours”, but we’re not buying the official position on this matrimonial matter. Congrats in advance, Nic and Faye – and Cecilia, there’s always Adele’s new album to alleviate your achy breaky heart!

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