Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd, and we’ll be gathering to celebrate it in a very special Music, Mantra and Meditation night. Smudging and Sacred Space: There will be an opportunity for you to be smudged in the cleansing powers of Sage when you arrive, and we will be opening Sacred Space in the tradition of Peruvian Incan Shamanism. Crystals: I will also be bringing out the BIG Crystals to lend their grounding and loving healing energies, so please feel free to bring your own crystals if you have any that would like to come out to play.
The feedback and glowing smiles from participants of the last two Gatherings have been warm and so special.
Remember, your contribution during these meditations and mantra nights makes a big difference as our energies ripple out to the world. This may be the last Music, Mantra and Meditation gathering for a while, so it would be wonderful to have you be a part of it! The Vibrational Success System, The Health & Vitality Series, and these two great options put together for The Vibrational Success and the Health & Vitality Series. Discover the secret to playing beautiful music throughout your life with Mark Romero’s transformational musical series. It doesn’t matter how great you play through the facets and aspects of your life, if your strings aren’t in tune, you will never reach your full potential! With over 80,000 man-made chemicals in our air, food and water, and the electromagnetic fields by our technology, we have impeded our connection to the quantum field, putting ourselves into a perpetual state of stress, compromised physical health and lower levels of consciousness.
A former top-ranking consultant to NASA discovered frequencies in my music that null-and-void the negative effects of energy interrupters in our environment; therefore opening the door for dramatic reductions in stress, higher levels of consciousness, improved memory & focus, and enhance ability for the body to heal itself.

BONUS (available for Option 1)To Shine the Light MP3 Download (Retail Value $25.00) Experience Mark’s very first music project. Everyday millions of people struggle with their well-being and obtaining their ideal weight for optimal health.
The simple fact is this, until we change inside, we will forever struggle to create true change on the outside! Scientists are realizing more and more everyday that our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions we hold shape and shift the very building blocks of physical body impacting our health, weight andvitality.Through the music mantras, guided imagery, mindsets and guidebook you will begin the process of reclaiming your power and realize that you do have the ability to shape and shift your physical health and body into any way you desire. ADDED BONUS!  For this 3rd package, we are adding a Follow-Up Call with Mark (a $50 value). Take advantage of these amazing offers today and become the composer and conductor of your life experience and play beautiful music throughout every aspect of your life!
Enjoy this transformational musical video featuring the words and healing music of Mark Romero that will empower you to open up to more success and true joy in life.
Not only does it feel amazing to be a part of these gatherings, but you are also doing a great service for the Earth! This sit down recorded live musical performance will help to reduce stress and create the atmosphere of love, passion and romance!
For many, there is a constant challenge in creating lasting change that can be draining and demoralizing.Why is it such a challenge to create true and lasting results? MP3 Download (Retail Value $47.00) Many of us have trouble sleeping and suffer from anxiety, stress and over stimulation.

This sit down recorded live musical performance will help to reduce stress and create the atmosphere of love, passion and romance!Sleep Better Now!
This will be a group teleseminar where you can get your questions about the package and how to us it answered by Mark so you can be sure to get the most from the content. By simply watching this video you can open yourself up to a much more enlightened expression of success. The simple fact is this; we have all come to believe that the way to improve our health and achieve our ideal weight is by taking action outside ourselves. Vibrational Success, The Health & Vitality Series, and bonus MP3s in one further discounted price.
An MP3 Download of this call will be made available to all purchasers of the 3rd package option ($147) so you don't have to be bound by call time and can listen at your convenience.
It will help you dissipate fear, worry, balance hormones and effectively eliminate built up energy and stress.

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