We are a small community dedicated to helping people navigate joy and sorrow in their lives. We offer weekly Tuesday night meditation sessions that run for around 60 minutes, which includes an introduction to the forms, alternating periods of sitting meditation (zazen) and walking meditation (kinhin), and a short discussion.
All meetings are free (as in no-cost) and open (as in you can attend any one of the meetings or all of them). Interested individuals are encouraged to come to our Introduction to Meditation sessions that are held regularly (often in one of the rooms upstairs at the Strathcona Public Library, 8331 – 104 Street).
Once you have been to an introductory class you are encouraged to join our regular services. The Introduction to Meditation sessions consist of orientation to our practice, the basics of Buddhism, meditation instruction, and a brief meditation period. This is a weekly drop in meditation group for people living with or affected by HIV commencing on Tuesday 12th January 2016.
Meditation promotes a feeling of well-being and calmness regardless of external circumstances. Please get in touch if you are interested - prompting can often move things along or people take a while to create a group and are waiting to hear if anyone else might join in. You want to reduce inflammation and free radical damage to reduce the “environmental  damage” to the telomeres. In Activating the truth of who you are : the purity of the light source energy eminates throughout your body and it transmutes energy that is no longer needed. RE above 1-2 points in the past 2 weeks Approximately how much time did you spend thinking about these?
What 1-2 things have you been critical or judgemental of about something within  your self in the past 2 weeks that has brought your energy down? 1_____________________________________________________________________________how much time did you spend thinking about this in the past 2 weeks?
2_____________________________________________________________________________how much time did you spend thinking about this in the past 2 weeks?
We are an expression of creation, the veil (or being in your ego) separates us from this.  The universe is on your side always. Name 2-3 things                                                                                                                                  Did you feel a shift or did you feel as if you were in the flow of creation?

I've opened a€?AV Meditation Group & Circle of Angelsa€? to bring like minded people together to meet for Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Growth in a safe and loving environment. Through Meditation you can open up your Intuitive and Psychic channels helping you connect with everyone and everything, so that Life can be easier in so many levels and so you can find happiness. Every meet-up will consist of an open guided meditation, Chakra Clearing, Grounding, Connecting with our lovely Spiritual Team & Angels as we set our intentions to the Universe.
There are many different approaches to and styles of meditation.This particular Meetup group is focused on practicing Zen (Zazen) meditation.What does Zen meditation involve?
Many of our members believe that the practice of meditation is enhanced when done in a group setting. Meditation is also known to have many health benefits. We generally try to stay away from wearing shorts, or really bright or distracting clothing (i.e. It’s a state of relaxed awareness, calm awakeness, being fully in your body, connected to yourself and at the same time connected to everything.
We all have glimpses of this state many times in our daily lives, and by practising meditation we cultivate this state so that, with time, it becomes our default. There will also be space for discussion and the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences (if you choose to do so). All proceeds go to help support Odiyana Center, a local non-profit dedicated to bringing inner peace to the New England community through the practice of meditation and Buddha's teachings. All chromosomes are capped by a protective end of non-coding repetitive DNA, termed the telomere. This group is intended for all leveled individuals no matter if you are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
Using meditation, chanting, and study, we offer practical ways for people to skillfully negotiate the challenges they face and more clearly engage with the world. A trademark of the meditations we emphasize is the ease in which they can be used both a€?on the cushiona€? and in our daily lives. Although the basis of this group is Meditation I will be offering other classes and group circles that will be a great source for support, healing and personal growth. Each meeting will include practical, guided meditation, and a talk on how to reduce stress and other problems encountered in daily life and how to increase mental and physical well-being.
In this group we will use "tools" that make it as easy as breathing since you will learn different ways of meditations so you can incorporate which ever one of the modalities fits in your life.

Dana can be made in any amount at any time but it is not a requirement, so there is no pressure at all to give.
To slow or stop this process you must add length and reduce the percentage of short telomeres*.
Meditation should be for life since it's great for stress, anxiety, balance, for your overall well-being and spiritual awareness. The three important factors to remember when sitting are (1) good posture (your back should be upright and straight, but not to the point of discomfort - an extra pillow to help lift your lower back will provide lumbar support), (2) keep eyes open, with gaze low to the ground, about 2-3 feet in front of you, and (3) remember, it's only sitting!#2. Once an orientation has been attended, you are welcome to join us for any of our regular scheduled gatherings. Although the meditations and talks are based on Kadampa Buddhist philosophy, you don't need to be a Buddhist to enjoy this group.
Kadampa Buddhism stresses a spiritual path of individual transformation and to look within ourselves for the inner peace and happiness we seek. The other thing I want you to keep in mind is that telomere health and length is a two-fold thing.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Zen meditation is done in silence, but we'll still be there to help you through the steps!#4. Don't worry about achieving a goal, or beat yourself up if your mind turned to your grocery list or what a friend said to you last week. We meditate in three short sessions: seated meditation (10-15 minutes), walking meditation (5-10 minutes), and another session of seated meditation (10 minutes). A group member will ring the singing bell a second time, and we will all bow to each other each other.
This is to thank each other (the sangha, or group) for sharing in this meditation together.a€? Once we've bowed to each other, take your sitting position facing the wall. The bell will ring again and you'll begin to meditate.a€? The first meditation session ends when the singing bowl is rung.

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