Calm your mind and calm your body so you can naturally and easily drift into deep and healing restful sleep. Using mental images, suggestions and metaphors it will help your mind re-learn how to let go and find comfort again. To ensure success, this recording utilizes many safe, effective and healing modalities such as Guided Imagery, Visualization and Self-Hypnosis. By drawing your attention to a specific an enticing mental vision, spectrum of sounds and rhythms Guided Imagery offers transcendence away from worry and fear.
About Avinoam LernerAvinoam Lerner is a Wellness leader specializing in Cancer care and the author of The New Cancer Paradigm. It worked, that is the only thing you really need  to know, it worked like a charm for me.".

This  audio program offer those facing cancer a pathway to well being and  quality of life. In doing so it not only allows you to sleep deeply and peacefully but it also enhances the quality of your sleep so you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized. Each technique has proven effective in itself to help my clients fall asleep but their efficacy increases when they are fused together. Therefore by giving yourself the gift of sleep you support your own body and improve your health.
Practicing this transcendence offers you a much needed sense of mastery and control over your thoughts, feelings and ultimately your body and illness. It will help you calm your mind and calm your body so you can naturally develop healthy sleep patterns for lasting restful sleep.

Their synergy allows you to benefit and find relief regardless of why sleep may be fugitive. Using music for cancer, it is structured in accordance with the latest mind-body and wellness research.

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