To download this image as a desktop wallpaperright click the image and pick "set as background".Otherwise, use "save picture as" and place itas a desktop background via your desktop properties. Meditation is a concentration technique that has been practiced for millennia by various cultures and religious traditions.
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The instructions below are intended for your own use, with a child’s body scan available separately below.
When doing this meditation, remember that, as always, there’s no need to strive to make anything happen. Expect your mind to wander, and when it does, return your attention to your feet without judging yourself or giving yourself a hard time. Continue turning attention to the rest of your body in the some way, spending several minutes each on your bock, then your hands, then your arms. Finally, bring attention to your face and head, noticing expressions and reflections of emotions that occur around your mouth and eyes in particular. So often, we lose track of the fact that we would give someone else the benefit of the doubt in a particular situation but not ourselves. You love your child, but sometimes it may seem like he chooses to be a pain—resisting bedtime, forgetting his backpack, or whatever else gets under your skin.
You may wonder how you can make strong decisions, protect yourself, and still acknowledge others’ perspectives in this way. Find a comfortable, stable position, either seated or lying down, and observe several breaths. After several minutes, imagine a close friend or someone unconditionally supportive, a person for whom you have almost entirely positive feelings. After a few minutes have passed, move on to a neutral person, a stranger, someone you see around but don’t really know—maybe someone at a local store or gas station, or who works nearby. Now think of a difficult person—not the most difficult, but someone you’ve disagreed with in a smaller way. This practice will help you guide your attention more often to what’s going on in the present, rather than being caught up elsewhere in your mind. Sit comfortably, finding a stable position you can maintain for a while, either on the floor or in a chair.
Draw attention to the physical sensation of breathing, perhaps noticing the always-present rising and falling of your abdomen or chest, or perhaps the air moving in and out through your nose or mouth. Practice pausing before making any physical adjustments, such as moving your body or scratching an itch. Breathing in and breathing out, return your attention to the breath each time it wanders elsewhere. A common depiction of the passing of one year and the coming of another is that of a bearded old man exiting the stage, making way for a smiling, bouncing baby.
This is what makes each New Year appealing; the ability to make the upcoming year can whatever you wish.
Here is a guided meditation for a prosperous New Year that will help you dream, plan, and prepare for action. The goal of this guided meditation is to deeply explore the next step your soul wishes to take in the incredible adventure which is your life. So get quiet, relax, and allow the following meditation to connect you to your heartfelt dreams for the upcoming year. This relaxing, warm sensation now moves down into your four head, relaxing all tension, and letting go of any tightness. Allowing this relaxing sensation of warmth to move into your cheekbones and down into your jaw, soothing away all tension, just letting it all go, now.
The trees are heavy with snow, their boughs hanging down around you; the warm January sun melting it a little around the edges, causing cool water to drip down into the earth around you.
You make your way down a path that only you can see- a path that is for you alone, and as you walk you notice that it simply opens before you, and closes behind you as you go, knowing that on your return, it will again open before you and close behind you, bringing you back exactly where you need to be. As you walk, you can feel yourself being drawn toward something, someone who lives deep in the forest, someone who has invited you for a special visit, who has unique and special gifts just for you. You sit down by the fire, having a warm drink, feeling like a treasure yourself, for you know that your Guide is here to help heal you from any wounds of the past year, and to guide you into a fresh and new opportunities.
When this is complete, Thank your Guide for their love and the gift of this New Year- for the gift of feeling your Dream deeply, for the gift of the Tools you need to make it reality, and for the gift of the Plan with which you will put it all into place. And now, bid your Guide goodbye for now, carrying your gifts with you as you make your way back through the forest, into the New Year. In the United States we understand the reference but it’s rare to see a sheep other than in a petting zoo! Traveling from Manchester, England to Edinburgh, Scotland by motor coach, our tour guide pointed out a flock of sheep that started moving very suddenly.
How often do we lose sight of our inner knowing and being guided by God and take off in another direction lead by another voice? Listening to the voice of our true Leader and Shepherd means being still and getting quiet. My relaxing Music for Meditation series of 4 tracks includes relaxing music, relaxing sounds and a very relaxing brainwave entrainment track.
The key element at work in my relaxing Music for Meditation series is the relaxing brainwave entrainment track. The relaxing music is designed to evoke the emotions of a particular element; earth, air, water or fire. And for those who are interested in the other 3 tracks in this relaxing music for meditation series, you’ll have to purchase those from my e-shop at $5 per track!

It was originally used to develop spiritual awareness and reach the state of higher consciousness. Poser is the 3D figure design tool for artists, illustrators and animators that enables you to create easily 3D figures.
If lying down, let your arms and legs relax and fall to the sides; if seated, find a balanced and stable position.
Notice the pressure of your feet against the floor or bed, the temperature, comfort or discomfort, itches, or anything else. Notice physical sensations, such as breathing, internal feelings like hunger or fullness, and the resonance of any emotions—physical manifestations of happiness, sadness, tension, anger, feeling open or closed, and so on.
Then bring attention to your neck and shoulders, releasing tension when you’re able without fighting what remains. Take a moment of stillness, and then, with intention, choose when to move on with your day.
Whether we’re on autopilot or even when giving a situation our full attention, we can make mistakes. When you’re caught up in the struggle of trying to keep him on track, frustration may sometimes mask your larger wish for his well-being.
You may feel vulnerable when extending compassion to both yourself and others, as if you are in some way condoning their perhaps inappropriate actions. You can take care of yourself, or take firm action to protect yourself from someone, and yet still maintain this larger perspective.
This person also desires happiness, whether going through a stretch of relative ease or more acutely in need of your emotional support.
Extend the some wishes to this neutral person without judging whatever you actually feel or aiming to push yourself. Your perspectives differ and you must firmly take care of yourself, yet this difficult person’s actions are also driven by a wish for happiness. In an unforced way, send this compassionate wish for well-being to anyone you imagine, anywhere. If you feel unmoored, lost, or pulled in different directions, take a moment to wish yourself peace, just as you’d comfort a friend. The sensation of breathing is often used only because you­­­r breath is with you all the time.
With intention, shift at a moment you choose, allowing space between what you experience and what you choose to do. For these few minutes, create an opportunity to not plan or fix or whatever else is your habit. Maybe notice if you can find a moment of stillness inside you, like the pause at the end of each breath.
There is excitement and fresh hope embodied in this metaphor; the suggestion that something fresh is replacing something worn-out in used up. Whatever good there may have been in the year gone by, are also likely to be disappointments.
All it takes is a bit of reflection, connection to your heart dreams, as well as some good old-fashioned practical planning, sprinkled with inspired action. This warm sensation now moves into and behind your eyes, relaxing, and letting go of all tension.
The rich fragrance of earth, fills your nostrils with its freshness, alerting you to the life growing secretly underground…you are warm with the sun, your nose chilly, your body warm, and your heart glowing in reverie. Your excitement and anticipation grows as you can feel this person more clearly as you approach.
In the center of the clearing is a cottage, surrounded by beds of early spring flowers, snowdrops, crocuses, narcissus hugging the home in abundant, delicate rainbow display.
You feel an excited anticipation about seeing what this New Year holds for you, and excited to be receiving the wisdom, the capabilities, the nurturing with which you will create the year to come. Hold each one, bring it into your heart, and understand that this is yours; it has been given to you. Know that you can return to your Guide in the Forest whenever you wish for clarification, support and assistance as you create this New Year.
I am just here to help you discover just how psychically gifted you are as well as to share with you epic tips, strategies, and techniques on how to tap into your intuitive gifts, and how you can communicate with your Angels and Guides.
On a recent choir trip to Scotland and England, the Bible verses literally came to life along the roadside, pastures and hills. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Each one is allied to one of the elements in terms of the sounds you will hear; Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each session has an embedded brainwave entrainment track which is designed to cycle you down to a very relaxed state of consciousness.
All the tracks also have specific background sounds at different points in the track which highlight parts of the element you are working with in your meditation. After purchase, you will get a download link to download the hi-quality meditation music MP3 immediately. These days it has become very popular as an energizing practice that strengthens the body and improves concentration abilities, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. When something uncomfortable grabs your attention, like pain or an itch, observe it first and see if it changes. Yet our desire is for happiness, and we’re trying to find our way there—we don’t intentionally make a misstep. With effort and repetition, it’s possible to hardwire new neural pathways that reinforce compassion in interactions with yourself, your child, and the world.
Rather, the practice is simply to remind yourself that you deserve happiness and ease—no more and no less than anyone else—and that the same goes for your child, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and everyone else in the world.
If this person found relief from his own suffering, it’s likely that his behavior would change.

If your child frustrates you and you lose your temper, briefly practice this meditation for his sake and your own. Some days meditation allows you a few moments of peace; other days your mind will remain busy. No one can pay attention all the time. Just keep returning to noticing your body whenever you find yourself thinking of something else. If it’s time for sleep, let that happen, remaining still and continuing to pay attention to your breath or feelings in your body. Turn your attention now to your scalp, notice a warming sensation spreading across your scalp, soothing, and relaxing you. Smoke curls from the chimney, and even as you approach the door, it swings open, and you are greeted by your special Spirit Guide. Take as much time as you need, to take it in, to feel it, to ask whatever questions you wish of your Guide, to feel it and understand it fully. Within this package lie all of the tools, emotional, mental, and spiritual- which you will need to make your Dream a reality this year. Feel and know that whenever you need this tool, you can simply feel inside yourself to find it.
He explained to us that when one sheep started to move, that first sheep became the leader and the other sheep would follow. Our talented and experienced massage therapists can take away your aches and pains by performing treatments that blend aromatherapy, trigger point science, and clinical and relaxation techniques. And behind it, underneath it, through it, all, is the extremely effective brainwave entrainment track designed to relax you.
Meditation can be used at any time and place to quieten the mind, increase awareness of the present moment, and restore peace and harmony within ourselves.
But if you fall back on these kinds of reactions repeatedly, it may affect both you and those around you. Remind yourself of your child’s desire for happiness and your own wishes for the same, whatever he may have done. Seek balance in this way; if you find yourself mostly daydreaming and off in fantasy, devote a little extra effort to maintaining your focus. You might feel a blanket or socks on your feet, or you might feel them pressing against the bed or the floor. Relax them if you can, and if not, simply paying attention to your hands for another moment.
When your mind gets busy or angry or scared, you can always come back to how your body feels in this way for a moment.
And if it’s time to wake up, open your eyes and sit for a few moments before deciding when to move again. But as you look ahead to a new cycle of seasons, you can also look ahead to new opportunities with a heartfelt decision to make the best of them; and to create something new. You feel lucky, you feel loved…and you can feel that what you will gain from this meeting will change your life forever .
It lays out the events and accomplishments to come, which create your Soul’s desires for you in reality, in your life. You are not even aware of the entrainment tones in the music, you won’t hear them but your brain will. This is why this series is some of the most relaxing music for meditation that you will find on the internet today.
But, if you do register and login, then you can download the hi-quality meditation MP3 file. Even when we completely disagree with others or how they’re acting, their intent is still happiness. And if you practice, you’ll find yourself focusing more often on life with less effort. Without giving yourself a hard time or expecting anything different, when you discover that your attention has wandered, notice whatever has distracted you and then come back to the breath.
Your Guide welcomes you with open arms, excited to see you, having prepared gifts of wisdom and love and packages which hold exactly what you will need to flourish in the coming year. Take as much time as you need to experience each tool, to ask any questions you wish about why it was given, how it is to be used, until you understand these fully and know them to be yours. You’ll find that this relaxing meditation music cuts straight through your usual mental chatter and gently guides you into the most relaxing meditation space you can imagine. On the contrary, it is meant to help producing order in the midst of confusion and to enhance our personal and spiritual growth.
There is nothing within this plan which you need fear is impossible- your Soul has planned perfectly, and all that you need to set it into motion has been given to you already. By relaxing our mind through meditation, we can temporarily clear up the chatter and clutter in our heads and experience a renewed sense of energy. Then, see the next goal, and so on, until your year’s plan is seen and understood in its entirety, from the beginning to the end of the year. Thus we are able to remain in the present and feel no regrets for the past and anxiety for the future.
A simple guided meditation will help you to achieve deep relaxation and release negative emotions that prevent you from reaching your mental and spiritual potential. Researchers claim meditation to be highly effective for people with depression and anxiety as it activates a part of the brain that otherwise remains underused during depression.

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