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Modern life has ensured we no longer need to worry about wild animals, starvation, and that lunatic tribe two caves down, but it's also unloaded a metric butt-ton of new stresses on us. Scientists believe that the harsh light of tablets, smartphones, PCs, and TVs prevents the brain from secreting melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. The benefits of flossing are clear: you'll guard against gum disease, keep your breath fresh, and never have to listen to another uncomfortably judgmental lecture from your dentist again. If your office or apartment is a few floors up, committing to taking the stairs will add some exercise to your daily routine without taking up any major real estate in your crammed schedule.
To create this fact sheet, I’ve culled information from several bloggers, book authors, and websites. Meditation also might be useful if you have a medical condition, especially one that may be worsened by stress.
In his extensive article for io9, The Science Behind Meditation and Why it Makes You Feel Better, George Dvorsky reviews how meditation changes the brain and subsequently results in several health benefits.
Decreased activity in default mode network activity and connectivity — those undesirable brain functions responsible for lapses of attention and disorders such as anxiety, ADHD — and even the buildup of beta amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease.
Dramatic changes in electrical brain activity, namely increased Theta and Alpha EEG activity, which is associated with wakeful and relaxed attention. Significant improvements in mindfulness and contemplative thoughts, the alleviation of depressive symptoms, and boosts to working memory and sustained attention.
Finally, an article at the Medical News Today website titled Yoga And Meditation Change Gene Response To Stress reviews the recent work of Dr. The bottom line:  1) Meditation provides many scientifically-proven benefits and is capable of bringing about tangible, measurable physiological changes.
Many of the articles referenced above include information on how to start your meditation practice.

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Goddess Gift - 'a site to celebrate, to nurture and to share understandings of the goddess in every woman. Drew will interview fascinating guests who are on the cutting edge of consciousness, human potential, healing, creativity and technology.
Stresses much more complicated than just "don't die." Our basic needs are all set, but now we're expected to be fitter, happier, and strive to be more productive than ever.
The problem with most self-improvement advice is that it's either too vague to understand or too impractical to apply. It's essentially a workout for the brain, building up gray matter in the areas that help you concentrate, handle stress, and not be a jerk. Reading under low light for that last hour before bed is a much smarter idea if you want to get the most out of your rest.
If you can't be bothered to add this extra step to your morning and evening regimens, flossing is something you can do to kill time during TV commercials.
Little habits like this will lay the foundation for major change, and rescue you from awkward elevator banter. I’ve included links to all these so you can easily go to the original source for further details.
And its conclusions and recommendations are typically peer reviewed and use carefully chosen, scientifically-defensible descriptions.
Thankfully, stocking up on all the knowledge that wasn't covered in school is a lot easier with podcasts. The largest spiritual website on the net, with a mission to help people find and walk a spiritual path that will bring comfort, hope, clarity, strength and happiness. Every single item on here will dramatically change your life, is backed by real evidence, and is incredibly easy to accomplish. Your practice can be as simple as quietly sitting and focusing on your breathing, while witnessing thoughts that arise and gently dismissing them to re-focus on your breathing.

That said, if you're willing to sit still for a full 20 minutes, studies show you'll start to get smarter in as little as four days.
Mindfulness is simple, but if you're intimidated, try an app or a guided meditation video to start. Bringing the most important news 'n' views to you that are available throughout this world and other worlds too. Learn how to speak with a voice of light in preparation for & beyond 2012, when the light frequency of Earth will be raised.
Doctor of Medicine and respected authority on esoteric astrology & esoteric psychology.
Whether you drive to work, take public transit, or walk, use this time to tune in to some mind-expanding media.
His investigations into historical events, using conventional as well as esoteric methods of research, have produced compelling answers to such mysteries as the sinking of the Mary Rose, the disappearance of the crew of the Marie Celeste, and the true authorship of the works of Shakespeare' Brandon Bays - NEW!Internationally acclaimed, best-selling author, speaker and mind-body-healing expert. It's for anyone who wants a break from surfing the surface of culture to contemplate the deeper things of life. We provide information ranging from Goal Setting and Stress Management to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine.
With every issue, you'll connect with Goddess-loving women from around the world, rejoicing in our gifts, sharing our wisdom, reaching out to our sisters. In our pages, you'll be supported, uplifted, and challenged to envision the Goddess in all women, especially, in yourself. We share this beautiful planet - maybe the only one that has our unique life-form in the billions of star clusters. We have a purpose, to explore humanity's rich gift of life, to take a meaningful journey beyond earthly consciousness - to reveal a deeper, more spiritual understanding of the Divine.

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