In this interview which took place in September of 2013, Mindy shares her uplifting story of transformation as she moves through brain cancer tumors in this personal and poignant story. She shares frustrations about receiving incorrect information from her Neuro-Oncologist, who told her to eat cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes to help her gain weight.
Several months ago Mindy had a biopsy on one brain tumor which was never removed because of its inoperable location. If we take anything from this beautiful and empowering story, may we learn that illness gives us a chance to gain control of our life and create happiness and joy no matter the situation we find ourselves in. Cancer Cure and Survivor StoriesOur first collaborative book with ten amazing healing stories of sweet success over cancer! How I Cured My Tumor NaturallyA wonderful and very personal story of triumph over a massive, debilitating spinal tumor, by Dr. This unique project is an innovative collaboration between the Art of Life Cancer Foundation, the City of Fresno, the medical and art communities, local philanthropists and a large band of eager volunteers. The Art of Life Healing Garden at Woodward Park is being developed to ignite healing and growth in all who visit. We invite you to help bring this garden to life and create a space for our entire community to go for sanctuary, celebration and healing.

The Art of Life Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. The Garden will be an opportunity for cancer survivors and families affected by cancer to partner with local landscapers and artists to reflect their own cancer experiences on a 3-acre “canvas.”  The garden will incorporate artistic expression that creates a space for sanctuary, celebration and experiencing healing for the Fresno community.
With each dollar donated we are able to turn vision into reality.  Your monthly commitment will help sustain the development of the garden and the ongoing maintenance from year-to-year. We know strong partnerships are vital to our success.  When we work together, our community, cancer survivors and families affected by cancer benefit. Without the dedication and hard work of volunteers we would not be able to make a difference in so many lives.  Sign up to volunteer yourself, group, or organization.
Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to share special events, opportunities, and stories.  Spread the word about this exciting new project and invite family and friends to come together and support those affected by cancer. She glows with health and vitality despite a diagnosis of brain cancer and unbelievably as a result of her reaction to that diagnosis. MRI’s show that the original tumor has not grown in size and one test could not even find the tumor.
It looks like I will be visiting some decisions on medications, treatments and possibly more radiation.

In no way is it meant to replace the care of your physician or to prevent or treat disease. The Garden will be developed in 3 phases and on September 27, 2015 we celebrated the completion of Phase I and Groundbreaking for Phase II.
The garden will be an opportunity for cancer survivors and families affected by cancer to partner with local landscapers and artists to reflect their own cancer experiences on a 3-acre “canvas.” Each piece of the garden exists because of the generosity of people like you. While Healing Gardens have been around for centuries, the vision for this local project was that of Mark Somma, PhD, Cancer Survivor and a founding Board Member of the Art of Life Cancer Foundation. Today, March 31, 2014, she emailed to say that her recovery is going steadily with a few ups and downs. I continue to turn toward all the healthy alternatives before conventional treatments and my mind-body nutritional practices are all wrapped up into one.

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