We will work with breath, asana, meditation and sound current to drop down and listen to the full power of this sacred inner guidance system.
The winter holidays are coming up, and we are all looking forwards to eating a bit more than usual with our families and friends.
One of the best yoga poses for beginners, the Revolved Chair Pose is extremely simple to carry out but has a lot of benefits.
One of the best detox yoga poses, the Wide-Legged Forward Bend encourages blood circulation and squeezes the belly, moving things along for digestion.
Take in a deep breath, slowly fold your waist forward, lowering your hands as you move along.
One of the best Kundalini yoga poses to improve your respiration, the Seated Heart Opener encourages your body to eliminate carbon dioxide and other wastes. Kundalini Yoga is a very old system that comprises of large selection of meditation techniques. Even though the yoga form is physical, its major benefit is obtained through inner experience. Kundalini energy is an energy that is latent in all human beings beneath the organic and inorganic matter.
Discover the beaches of Nicaragua with Rose and Aili. Join us for an epic adventure to the stunning grounds of El Coco Loco Resort to curiously and fearlessly dive deeper into your practice and expand your adventurous heart. Heart Energy is 64 times greater (1280 watts output) than that of the Brain Energy (20 watts output).

In preparation for all the excessive (but oh so wonderful) eating we are probably going to undergo within the next few days, I wanted to share with you a routine of the best detox yoga poses. It once again encourages blood circulation, and helps you release stress, fear and sadness. This detox yoga pose is extremely simple: begin seated on your shins, interlace your hands behind you and then move them towards the floor. The yoga form is a brilliant and wonderful combination of poses, breathing exercises and incantations. The yoga technique under this form engages the mind, senses and body so that the union of body and mind is established.
The yoga form is very tough and elaborate, consisting of asanas, expressive movements and incantations, pranayamas and meditation. The practice of Kundalini is to awaken this dormant energy and send them through the six centres of spiritual energy called the chakras.  One can attain liberation through the practice of Kundalini yoga, which is said to give both joy and emancipation. Kneel down on the floor and keep your knees as wide apart as possible, without straining your hips and knees. You must now flex your feet strong enough to let the inner edges of your feet to touch the ground.
If you are truly prepared to shed your old ways, parting with that dusty negative habit-driven small self, these meditations slice mercilessly through all the ego bullshit we cling to.
If you have problems digesting on a daily basis, try and integrate them in your normal yoga routine.

The poses under Kundalini yoga are specifically targeted at the strengthening the nerves and glands, the lymphatic system and circulatory system. Besides making a person mature, the major focus of Kundalini yoga is psycho-spiritual growth.
It can be new and scary, but the grand leap and working closer to the real Self is infinitely worth it.
You can do these exercises right before eating in order to prepare your body for digestion, or about 2 hours after. Pranayama is an essential part of Kundalini yoga as it helps to change the brain chemistry for good, in order to develop peace and harmony.
The spine and the endocrine system are given utmost importance so that the Kundalini may be awakened. WARNING: do not do these detox yoga poses right after eating, as they should never be carried out with a full stomach.
Hold it there for five deep breaths, lower it slowly and repeat the movement for the other leg. All the techniques under this yoga help to rejuvenate the meridian points and chakras throughout the body.

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