If, like me, you’re looking for a little extra motivation to just go for it already, check out the Game Changer Contest. The Game Changer Contest is currently featuring the founders of DANNIJO. As you may have seen in your September Issue, the ladies behind the mega-hit jewelry line are two entrepreneurial sisters who have built a major business at a very young age.
I totally understand you as I’m also in the middle thirties and a few months ago I felt this weird thing inside of me, just like if something was about or had to change in my life… I finally moved! This post was so perfect to come home and read today – you are always an inspiration and I hope you got that boost of motivation you needed! That means the world coming from you Jessica – I hope you’re doing fabulously this week! What you do in your free time determines what you’ll be doing when you don’t have a choice.
Get the free Zero Dean mobile app and gain streamlined access to the original content you love -- from Zerosophy personal development & motivation, to the Zero Talking webcomic, to Zero Dean photography -- in a convenient, easy to use, AD-FREE app. This entry was posted in Motivational Images, Quotes and tagged Inspirational Quotes by Zero Dean. My oldest daughter has come such a long way in such a little time, it almost doesn’t seem possible.
It took a while, and it was worth every last bit of effort from her father and I, because she holds her head high, gets better grades, chooses better friends, but she’s still the girl who befriends someone who is being picked on. I’m not really sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way we became very close.
We are all different, our children respond to different things some of the things I listed below might not work with your child, but do with mine. Let them make mistakes – I try to let my kids experience things, because I want them to leave home knowing as much about the world, and how it works as possible. When I started teaching Catie about hair, we started with experimenting with all the best hair care products for her hair.
When I think of the Dove brand, I think of all the amazing things they have done to help women of all ages realize just how beautiful they are.

Catie and I have used Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hair care products, and it’s loaded with benefits, but the one I am most excited about – It works great on all hair types!  It also does an amazing job making my hair fell smooth and silky, and it’s easier for me to manage when it feel healthy and happy. Whether you’re a mom, or a teen hair matters!  When our hair looks great, and feels silky smooth it’s an instant confidence booster! Dove Pure Care Dry Oil collection nourishes your hair, without leaving it feeling yucky and greasy, it’s proven to absorb quickly, thanks to the featured blend of Coconut oil and Macadamia oil it absorbs quickly, and Dove wants you to try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hair care products.  Oh, WAIT! My daughter and I can’t share shampoo, conditioner, or many other hair care products because our hair type is extremely different. If for some crazy reason you are not completely satisfied with Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil system, the lovely people at Dove will refund your purchase. For more information about the Dove Silky Hair Dare Sweepstakes be sure to swing by the Dove website here. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Due to the economy many of us seem to have seeped into the deep, dark depression of worries. Maybe it’s the new season, the full moon – who knows, but something has me feeling like the future is right here, right now so I better be ready!
Thankfully, there is a huge world of women out there who have already taken major leaps of their own.
It may not help you make a major life change, but it could help you pretty up the life you currently lead. I’ve spent the last six years working my way through school to earn my business degree.
I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more. If we continue to focus on outside circumstances (such as the economy) they will continue to get worse. So many of my friends are going through major life transitions at moment {cross country moves, switching careers, becoming moms}, and never one to let myself get comfortable, I’m plagued by the where do I go next question?

I appreciate the opportunity to remind everyone that a woman’s success is not defined by how many wrinkles she fends off.
I’ve taken that major leap and have started an online clothing store for smart professional women. I don’t know about you, but when I see that it just makes me want to work that much harder!} As part of the contest you could win a trip to New York City, a $1,000 shopping spree and a tour of the DANNIJO showroom! I’m definitely into that!
I love where I am with my life and business but as soon as I realized I was in my mid thirties- yikes!- I realized that I better be ready for whatever comes next. When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun.
Remember, the more people you help the better you will feel about yourself Helping other is not always monetary. Immediately followed by how am I ever really going to make this all {wife, business woman, friend, daughter, sister, someday-mom} work?! I feel a case of the mid-thirties coming on.
Seek positive friend, self help books, tapes or whatever it takes to redirect your focus in order to attract positive energy. Many of the ailments that occur in our bodies are due to the harboring anger, resentment, frustration, malice, complaining and many other negative emotions. When you become aware of your surrounding you will be amazed at the things you can change now that you are taking notice.
These are just a few suggestions that will give you Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow.

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