Diesel Sweeties is a pixelated webcomic by Richard Stevens 3 that has been continuously updated since April 2000. Hansel and Gretel are first encountered by Nier in the Lost Shrine, guarding Grimoire Weiss. After Hansel was destroyed by Nier, Gretel sunk into a period of madness, and for a long time appeared to have lost its heart.
I’m also taping my Comedy Central CD this Sunday which is basically the same material. However, it was touched by the gentleness of the small Shades, whom it once looked down upon due to its arrogance, and began to feel shame at how prideful they used to be. The first time I was hoping I got mangled somehow beforehand so I wouldn’t have to do it. I would rather play in front of a thousand strangers then play in front of a couple of people I know in the audience. My mom had to find him some friends because she was the social one and he was a weird internal musician.
And they do a little Beach Boys and some Sonny Boy Williamson, but at the end of the performance they all howl.
I go out of my way trying to find female comics so all my line-ups aren’t sausage fests. The room is rocking, but that one person in the front, not laughing becomes your sole focus.
And as a comic, and as the sarcastic dicks we all are, we stand there and slay them in our minds. Getting inside your own psyche is rough, and its a crazy thing to do to yourself, its harmful and jarring.

They hold great trust in each other, have very high self-esteem, and take pride in their time spent guarding Grimoire Weiss. With the help of the Magic supplied by Weiss, Nier destroyed Hansel and disabled Gretel temporarily. In the end, it acknowledged the small Shades as its comrades, and wished to become stronger to protect them.
I’m more comfortable trying out new things at home and my home rooms around the city. My dad is such a crazy San Francisco fan that he has compiled a 300 page scrapbook about the Giants. She was asking around the neighborhood who liked the San Francisco Giants and she finally found someone. For me the hard part was finding the punchline, so it wasn’t just a never-ending story. Thinking about the way they look or dress, at the same time feeling deeply hurt because they don’t like us. However, it was defeated along with the small Shades it was supposed to protect by Nier yet again, who was looking for clues to the Shadowlord’s castle. Or, maybe you saw her first Comedy Central special, appearances on Chelsea Lately or as a finalist on Last Comic Standing.
I do a lot of radio where I mostly tell stories, then I go back and listen to that tape–a lot of things come from conversations.
Feinstein is part of the new wave of female comics who are strong, unbridled and hilarious.
He will embarrass my mom if they are out on a date and the men are arguing about their manliness.

There are times though, when I’m on the road and I can see that somebody in the audience is totally disgusted by what I said, I do take it personally. SUSC talks to Feinstein about low self-esteem and what “making it” means, and guess what? The joke is about my own discomfort and wanting to hang out and cuddle instead of having sex. He hasn’t really grappled with how to print things off the internet so he will drive to the public library and print various San Francisco Giants documents, brings them home and gets to scrapbooking. That play made me think that perhaps I could weave together something where I wouldn’t have to be constantly fired. It used to be there were only a couple of women who got their thing, but they chose them one at a time.
I do shows where the promoter says, we just had a women onstage, we cannot have another one. But guys could get onstage and talk about their life, and their sex life and it just a man talking about life and dating and whatever. Now I look back and think how at every club I played at if a female said something dirty, they would be scolded when they got off stage.

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