This is a huge problem in my field of mental health—equating arrogance and self-destructive behaviors with high self-esteem. A person with high self-esteem greatly respects him or herself (that’s what “esteem” means). The primary error with narcissists or arrogant people is they feel they must be right all the time or there’s something wrong with them.
The arrogant person, criminal, and racist do not esteem themselves (at any level), which is why they evade, deny, lie, reject, and twist facts—to avoid this realization. An “example of Bob Smith’s arrogance came when he took his 12-year-old grandson and another adult up in his plane for a late afternoon flight over the Rockies. This example is certainly illustrative of arrogance; however, it’s not an example of high self-esteem (or any self-esteem). In the example, Bob Smith rejects the air traffic controller’s warning, without reason, and crashes the plane as a result. A person with high self-esteem (let’s call her Amelia) would’ve handled this situation much differently. This 77-page essential guide to overcoming insomnia is jam-packed with scientifically proven techniques, tools, and skills for improving sleep, managing worrisome thoughts, and putting insomnia to bed for good. Low self-esteem ALWAYS forms in childhood when the individual is developing an initial view of how he or she, as a person, fits into the world.
Signs of low self-esteem: social withdrawal, sensitivity to criticism, hostility, excessive pre-occupation with personal problems, physical symptoms like head aches, fatigue and insomnia (sleep disorders). 3. Some people may require talking to a counselor or an expert, especially those who went through a more challenging past. A person should not allow the low self-esteem to hinder him or her from realizing the true potentials.
If you think you are suffering from a low self-esteem, you can chat anonymously to a facilitator on the MobieG LIVE CHAT. God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. How we evaluate ourselves refers to how we think about ourselves, our abilities, skills, and knowledge necessary to solve specific tasks or face certain situations. How we feel about ourselves refers to the feelings of personal worth, also known as self respect.
We have high self esteem and confidence when we think that we are competent and we feel good about ourselves. We may start to have low self esteem and low self confidence when we think that we are not competent and we feel bad about ourselves.
Everyone is uncertain about themselves, doubts their abilities, and lacks self confidence, especially at times of high stress. People with low self esteem think, more often than not, that they are inferior to other people, useless, worthless, a loser or a failure.
People can have the unpleasant experience of being told, sometimes repeatedly, how bad, unprepared, unskilled, incapable they are. This process is especially powerful if the persons making the negative judgements are in a position of power or authority.

In my practice I have worked with clients crippled by low self esteem which got even lower in spite of them having very supportive and caring parents, spouses or friends.
These clients also talk about how they begin to doubt themselves severely, as they felt highly emotional about every unsuccessful attempt to overcome those situations.
Understanding how low self esteem could get even lower is paramount for improving self esteem and self confidence.
Also, continuing to live with low self esteem associated with Panic attacks, Panic disorders, different fears and phobias, or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) may make the symptoms of these disorders more difficult to manage, which in return will lower the self esteem even more.
Please note that the information on this page should not be used for self-diagnosis or to diagnose others. If you feel that your self esteem is low or if you want to build your self confidence, contact me now to make an appointment for a confidential discussion.
Victoria Beckham always looks great, impeccable, as if she has just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. That much attention to always looking perfect on the outside can only mean something is terribly wrong on the inside, Ms. Sadly, it is being underlined, for her three boys, taking a regular walk with their mom is like having to walk side by side with a perfectly made wax figure. Self-esteem, essentially, is confidence in one’s ability to think, make choices, and act on those choices, as well as feeling deserving of happiness and benefiting from one’s hard work and accomplishments.  Above all, it means valuing the facts of reality and reason to guide one’s life over the course of many years. Arrogant people act as if they know everything, and anything that contradicts what they believe is either evaded or rejected out of hand. This is a huge error, as no matter how smart we are, we can make mistakes in our thinking or actions.
Criminals (falsely) believe they can obtain self-esteem by exploiting, deceiving, assaulting, or taking advantage of others. They try to make themselves feel better than others based on non-essential physical characteristics— such as skin color or nationality. People with high-self esteem rarely (if ever) evade facts or rational advice because they know reality is their survival tool and means of achieving and maintaining happiness. Coming back into a small airport south of Denver just after dark, Smith was told by the tower operator that he was coming in too low and needed to increase his altitude. Unfortunately, professionals in my field often equate high-self esteem with things like arrogance or narcissism, when these concepts are completely antithetical. What makes this arrogant (or just plain stupid) is Bob doesn’t consider the advice of a professional whose expertise is guiding pilots safely to the ground. Amelia would have gathered all the data she needed to make a safe landing, including checking her instruments, using her vision, and checking in with the air traffic controller for guidance. A person can’t have too much reason, knowledge, logic, acceptance of reality and of one’s limitations, or self-respect.
Steve Orma is a CBT clinical psychologist, recognized mental health expert, and specialist in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and insomnia.
This is to reassure the self of the many capabilities and potentials that may be developed.
Hugging may be a very simple act, but this could very well give warmth to a dampened spirit.

Also, they usually think that they are weak, flawed in some way, stupid, not good enough, and feel dissatisfied and unhappy with themselves on the whole. Parents, teachers, spouses, friends, employers, and leaders of the groups we want to belong to, all can have a dramatic influence on our self esteem. In working with them I was told, time and again, how they felt deeply overwhelmed with negative emotions which were equal in intensity with the negative emotions they had when they first experienced Panic attacks, different fears and phobias, or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They also describe how they generalise those doubts to other areas of their lives, despite the great efforts made to challenge and change those doubts and negative beliefs made by those who love and support them. Jenkins adds, denoting a lack of confidence and an extremely low self-esteem in the woman who likes to consider herself the perfect everything, from fashion designer to wife and mother.
If it’s not the media attention that is marring their childhood, having no mother to chase around or play ball with or get on fun rides will certainly do it for them, the same source points out. Isn’t it a little undignified to be so thoroughly and absurdly concerned with your appearance at her age – even if you are a celebrity and even if you are launching yourself as a fledgling fashion designer? Like when she wears the shoes a size too big (for comfort, apparently) so she looks like a little girl in something she borrowed from her mother’s wardrobe.
They’re not interested in facts that contradict what they feel or want to be true, because that would be admitting (in their minds) they aren’t as good or worthy as the person who knows something they don’t. The healthy person knows this and doesn’t let a lapse in knowledge or a mistake threaten his self-esteem. When they get away with it, they feel “good” about themselves because they’ve put something over on others, and they feel “superior” as a result.
They will also start to generalise the opinions of others to many other areas of their own life. Victoria should be spending time with her children and enjoying their company as much as possible and not waste precious moments getting ready to go out – because, obviously, looking that great does require a lot of preparation time.
Add to that the time Victoria is not spending at home with them, because she has to get ready to get out, and it’s very likely that her boys rarely get to pass any quality mom-child minutes with Posh.
Think of all the stylish women who wear remarkable clothes and still look as if they have a brain.
In fact, he embraces facts, whether those facts come from himself or someone else, because he knows that knowledge will help him in his life.
He evades vital information that would have helped him land safely, and instead, he crashes the plane and kills himself and two passengers. Amelia, being a person who respects herself and the lives of her passengers, would never ignore advice from a controller, because she knows it could lead to a serious accident. The danger with equating arrogance, criminality, and racism with “high” self-esteem, is to corrupt the concept of self-esteem. They will start to feel highly uncertain about themselves, greatly doubting their abilities, and deeply lacking self confidence. Jenkins shares, pinpointing that the last thing Posh manages to do with her outfits is to show that she is any better than the rest of the mothers out there.

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