Cydney has had an extraordinary career path in getting to her current position with the State Bar.  And, in handling lawyers with professional discipline issues, she brings with her compassion and an attention to the systemic issues in the practice of law which facilitate poor lawyer behavior.
Applying these traits to yourself, do any resonate with you?  If so, how would you propose going about changing your behavior? Consider what we previously have discussed about body awareness, meditation, listening and support.  Can you look to those discussions for additional resources in creating better outcomes for yourself and others?

Self esteem is formed by an individual’s opinion about themselves, which describes their overall sense of self worth or personal value.
Because their behavior previously has proven successful, they deflect criticism, rarely change their opinions, resist feedback and fixate on the fault of others. Successful people also often default to intimidation, blame, criticism and interrupting- believing that somehow this leads to more effective problem solving.

Self esteem can involve an assortment of beliefs about the self, such as the assessment of one’s own outlook, value system, emotions and conduct.

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