In May of 2005, the Grand Master appointed his disciple, Master Jian Deng, as the new abbot of Chung Tai. Master Jian Deng continues to uphold the Grand Master's vows and teaching in leading the monastic and lay disciples of Chung Tai. By building and expanding on the firm foundation already in place, Chung Tai will continue to spread the Bodhisattva Way, that is, the practice of bringing infinite compassion and enlightenment to all beings. In order to preserve the teaching for future generations, he emphasizes education for Buddhist monks and nuns and established the Chung Tai Buddhist Institute to nurture knowledgeable and qualified teachers of the Dharma. Beginning from Lin Quan and now at Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Grand Master Wei Chueh has provided vision, inspiration and guidance to tens of thousands of followers, monastic teachers and lay people alike. Integration of three disciplines—cultivation of merit, scriptural understanding, and meditation—is Chung Tai's guiding principle for a well-rounded Buddhist practice, each being an inseparable link that complements and reinforces the other two.

Buddhism can adapt and respond well to the environment and modern societies while preserving its essence. He also founded the Pu Tai Schools (from elementary through high school) which place value in respect, compassion, and moral integrity in the education of youth. Because of his leadership, the essence of Chan teachings has been deeply and widely planted and will bring fruits of serenity and wisdom to the world. Cultivating merits involves performing good deeds and service to the monastery and to the public.
These are the guiding principles in the regulation and organization of a harmonious Sangha (of ordained Dharma Masters and lay disciples). We do everything from going out at night, karaoke bars, dancing, fine foods, food trucks, kayaking, beach trips, road trips, and more more.

Here's a great chance to meet lots of great new friends that don't judge and will welcome you to Houston and show you what amazing things Houston really has to offer.
Soon we will organize a minimum of one meetup a week to allow people the chance to get together and try new venues.

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