Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. But I would like to change this to "see all event details", and change all of the existing events from "Default" privacy to "Private" - so that all new events I create will be public - but existing events are private. How can I change the privacy setting for all existing events to Private without having to change them one at a time? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged google google-calendar ical or ask your own question. At GroupCamp, we use Cookies to gather information that will help us provide the best possible service.

To update your Identity information, use the Preferences App by clicking on your name in the top navigation bar.
Then enter your current password (this is a security measure to authenticate the user making this update). You can link a Google ID (regular Gmail address or a Google Apps for Business ID) for your GroupCamp account.
Only authorized users can change users type, company or organization information of a user.
To change the language (language in which applications are displayed), select a new language in the language selection menu.

When you reply to a comment received by email or if you are using Tasks or Files dropbox address feature, you can use multiple email addresses as long as they have been added as additional email addresses in your Identity information.
I have looked at the Google Calendar webpage and also in iCal and have not found an option in either, and actually in iCal I don't think there are any privacy settings that show up at all.
To learn more please refer to  How can I use my Google or Google Apps ID to sign into my GroupCamp account.

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