Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an IP standard designed to reduce the complexity of administering IP address configurations. The DHCP server assigns a client an IP address taken from a predefined scope for a given amount of time. The above diagram diplays a simple structure consisting of a DHCP server and a number of client computers on a network. The DHCP Server itself contains an IP Address Database which holds all the IP addresses available for distribution. The next window will ask you to define the range of addresses that the scope will distribute across the network and the subnet mask for the IP address. You are shown a window in which you must add any exclusions to the range of IP addresses you specified in the previous window. It is now time to set the lease duration for how long a client can use an IP address assigned to it from this scope.
You are given a choice of whether or not you wish to configure the DHCP options for the scope now or later. The address pool displays a list of IP ranges assigned for distribution and IP address exclusions. If you right click scope options and press "configure options" you will be taken to a window in which you can configure more servers and their parameters. Join us as we kick off our new series of expert interviews with IT insiders and tech gurus conducted by MVP Mitch Tulloch. Our first interview series is with Johan Arwidmark Microsoft MVP Cloud and Data Center Management, and Mikael Nystrom Microsoft MVP Cloud and Data Center Management.
What changes will you need to make to your deployment infrastructure as new versions of Windows 10 are released by Microsoft? As companies begin relying more on Skype for Business for their communications and application delivery, performance and reliability become paramount.
How hardware load balancing can provide better monitoring and availability of front-end and edge server pools.
The new Citrix SD-WAN solution that can ensure quality through unique QoS and path selection technologies for MPLS, DSL and Internet. How performance for audio and video can be enhanced for virtually deployed desktop Skype clients. TechGenix Ltd is an online media company which sets the standard for providing free high quality technical content to IT professionals. First and foremost, be prepared to have some patience when trying to get a USB cam to work under Linux. You could actually set up a Web cam server anywhere you wanted to remotely keep an eye on things. Remember that you can use your Debian CD set to set up as many different systems as you want.

With a multiple cam setup, you'd have to specify a different file name for the image files coming from the different servers (which we cover in the configuration instructions below). Remember also that Debian doesn't need much in the way of horsepower so while the above may look like quite a hardware investment, you can use old Pentium or Pentium-II systems, even notebooks if you're feeling adventurous, provided they support your cam's connectivity requirements, i.e. Referring to the first diagram above, because this is a Web cam server you have to have the Apache application installed and running (we set that up on the Internet Servers page). With setups where the cams are on systems different from the Web server, you would just need to set up Apache and WU-FTP on that server. With the 2.4 kernel in Sarge I didn't have to do much of anything to get the cam recognized by the OS. If your camera driver doesn't load automatically there's a good chance you'll need to download and compile a driver for it. You likewise don't need to enter anything when prompted for parameters when installing these modules so just Tab to OK and press Enter. If you have a cam that doesn't have a driver listed, you'll have to search the Web for the appropriate driver source code and follow the instructions for using it to create a kernel module file. Entering startx at the shell prompt will start the GUI and give us the gray background and 'X' mouse pointer.
You'll likely see error messages and then your mouse pointer will have another window attached.
If you used the Shift-PageUp procedure given earlier in this page to check your boot up messages, you may want to look at them again to make sure everything is initializing properly from a USB perspective.
If the above settings give you a cam image file that looks like it has no vertical sync (i.e. If you installed Mozilla on the Debian system you could also just fire up the GUI and use it, replacing the IP address with 'localhost'.
We want a Web page that will automatically re-read the file so the displayed cam image gets updated. All we need to do is create a simple page in which we specify the same image file that we specified in the webcam.conf file.
In order to browse to the camera from the Internet you'll either need to know the external IP address of your router (the IP address assigned to you by your broadband provider) or you'll want to use your own domain name with a dynamic DNS service (see our DNS page for information on how to set that up). If you want to set up multiple cameras, you'd just set each camera to use a different port, and put a corresponding entry in the router for each camera. If an IP address is required for longer than the lease has been set for, the client must request an extension before the lease expires. By using the "Manage your server" wizard, you are able to enter the details you require and have the wizard set the basics for you. It is recommended to add longer leases for a fixed network (in the office for example) and shorter leases for remote connections or laptop computers. You can just input the server name into the appropriate box and press "Resolve" to allow it to find the IP address itself.

You are able to add an exclusion by right clicking the address pool text on the left hand side of the mmc window and selecting "new exclusion range". This means that the specific network client will have the same IP for as long as you wanted it to. It has been improved from the Windows 2000 version and is classified as essential for large networks. Tabona, BSc (Hons) Computing, MBCS, MCSE, Network+, Security+, etc has over 7 years industry experience in a variety of technical and mid-management positions.
These are under the misc category instead of the usb category and some cameras (Creative WebCam II for example) will work with these. Correct USB messages typically indicate that the motherboard driver (usb-uhci) is correct and operating properly. If the client has not requested an extension on the lease time, the IP address will be considered free and can be assigned to another client.
In this example I have set a lease duration of twelve hours since the network clients would be a fixed desktop computer in a local office and the usual working time is eight hours. This will bring up a window (as seen below) which will allow you to enter an address range to be added. Imagine having to configure each and every client manually - it would take up a lot of time and require far more troubleshooting if a problem was to arise. Such settings would include a set of fundamental parameters such as the gateway, DNS, subnet masks, and a range of IP addresses.
In this case, eleven IP's will be reserved and not distributed amongst the network clients. Enter the reservation name, desired IP address, MAC address and description - choose whether you want to support DHCP or BOOTP and press add.
Before touching any settings related to DHCP, it is best to make a plan of your network and think about the range of IPs to use for the computers.
Using DHCP on a network means administrators don't need to configure these settings individually for each client on the network. Reservations can be defined on the DHCP server to allow certain clients to have their own IP address (this will be discussed a little later on).
Addresses can be reserved for a MAC address or a host name so these clients will have a fixed IP address that is configured automatically. Most Internet Service Providers use DHCP to assign new IP addresses to client computers when a customer connects to the internet - this simplifies things at user level.

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