The Office of Instruction and Assessment (Map)in the Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center1500 E. If you need to make a change from your maiden to married name, or for any other reason please contact the Human Resources Department at ext 2151 or with the updated details.
How Do I change my Name on Facebook – Before sometimes back it was not possible to change name on Facebook once you have created while registration but now Facebook has made big changes to user account settings and allow their users to change name on Facebook with their nickname or whatever. I personally created a Facebook page at the end or last year and created a name with my blog name but after sometimes I realize that it was tough to be connected with visitors with blog name or the name which was not for human i mean Howtoblogz but at that time changing your name on Facebook was not possible.

Normally people knows each other with their real name or nick name but sometimes we accidentally update wrong name while registration on such websites.
If you would like to change how your name appears in D2L, you will have to update it in UAccess first. For example, if you set a date sometime in the future, D2L will not update the change until approximately 48 hours after that future date.
Once the change has been made, please allow up to 48 hours for D2L to update your information.

So if you have not changed your name then change it now and update your Facebook account settings.

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