You have text chatceciliar3717: Loljadon figueroa: olivia how come when you type words they turn yellow and they show even if there bad words but when i do it they turn red and they never show up? So, I have been trying to do PVP on my Promethean level 95 Storm Wizard in an effort to help my Ice friend with his rankings in PVP because he needs a partner. Likewise, I also run the Blackthunder Armor, which gives 28 universal block, 97 criticical, and 12% Universal Resist, in addition to other attributes such as damage, pierce, power pip chance, and incoming healing boost. I run a Myth Mastery Amulet, which I find useful for spells such as Shatter, Blinding Light, Earthquake, and other decent Myth spells.
My final stats are: 79% Storm Damage, 40% Universal Resist, 8% Storm Accuracy (I fizzle a lot), 72% Storm Critical or in numerical values, 399 critical. If you have any tips on strategy, gear setup, deck setup, or anything else that could help me, please tell me in the Comments below. I did play Toontown avidly for at least 2-3 years before its unfortunate closure on September 14, 2014.
The trivia question for this week is… Which pet has the ability May Cast Myth Trap and Spritely in their 1st Generation Abilities?
Since I just recently completed Khrysailis on my Promethean Storm, I decided to task him with the role of Pet Trainer, and my Life with the role of Gardener. A while back, maybe about a month or so, I decided I would try to get a battle arena house for Luis.
Well, after a few days of leveling, I leveled up my Death Minotaur to Epic, hoping against hope that she would be getting Fairy Friend, or a resist talent. The last quest in Khrsalis, and the long awaited end of the Morganthe Arc bids you to come here and defeat the Lady of Shadows herself, Morganthe.

She says very arrogant things, such as determining herself to be a Queen, and arrogantly letting her Shadows attack instead of her true self. After the quick chat, you will find yourself facing 4 Morganthe bosses, with the schools Balance, Death, Storm, and Ice. While they don’t quite critical as much as Hades and his team, they still pack a punch and can easily take out a single person with critical attacks.
Universal resist is recommended, at least a little bit, for the same reason pointed out above.
Every four rounds, Ice Morganthe will cast a Shadow Attack where Shadow Morganthe jumps off her web and attacks everyone with 600 points of Shadow Damage. She drops level 98+ no auction gear, level 99+ school amulets (like Hades’ amulet), school specific athames that are better than the Blade of the Felled Titan, the level 95+ one pip decks. Instead of the Blackthunder Walkers, I use the Walkers of the Hungry Dead, the Storm Azteca crafted boots. Now, please note, that I do not have crowns and therefore cannot get the Frosty Stare Tiki Torch (Though I would like to). This is going to be my first real article in a long time, so I’m sort of excited about that. Toontown developers did not have time to make a new update and so decided to start updating Club Penguin instead, another Disney game with more players. At this time, even if the Toontown developers wanted to come back and update Toontown, they had already given Club Penguin a lot of updates and risked losing lots of customers by refocusing onto Toontown again. To have this quest, you must have completed a prior series of tough quests, including the Galleries. Even if you kill the Ice Morganthe, the next Morganthe in order will continue the cheat until they are all defeated.

Morganthe is not happy that you have destroyed her Warlords, and she will have a couple of tricks up her sleeve. And when you cast an all enemies attack with an effect, a one round DOT appears on the Ice.
The outside setting is great, with two little towers for you to place things, and an arena. You can respawn one of the morganthes if you only kill one and then someone flees and comes back.
It appears to be a Death DOT, but doesn’t trigger Death Resist,  so it is possibly an unknown School or Shadow School. It does trigger Feints and other universal traps, as well as triggering Shadow Effects to reduce Backlash!
If you wait too long your team will be severely drained, and the Storm Morganthe knows Sirens to take off your blades.
However, if you attack hastily, you will not kill them all in one shot, and your team will be forced to wait even longer to charge up another attack.
After the Morganthes loses their pips, it is up to your healers to recuperate wounds quickly. Note: You want to bring as many people as you can so you get extra Frost Bones, they drop good stuff too.

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