This very moment He wants to lead us out deeper into the waters of surrender and consecration. But is there some secret meaning or perhaps some hidden reservation that might not apply literally to us in these promises? Many people are also afraid of that word a€?perfect.a€? They are fearful that God will ask them to do something that they are not willing to do.
Once we have settled the score with that old man of the flesh who seeks to rule over us (Romans 6:6), all the other victories will come in their course. The will is our only natural reserve weapon, and absolutely everything depends on the right action of this resource. It is not your feelings, your emotions, that make you a child of God, but the doing of Goda€™s will. They tell me it is because of Sabbath work, or doubts about the Bible, or opposition of relatives.
Thousands are in the church and are perfectly miserable because something in their life has been fighting the will of God for years.
Because sinful propensities are deeply embedded in the very nature of every baby born into the world. As a result of his Himalayan pilgrimage, this sadhu professed to hold the secret for making gold. Only when the mind has been regenerated through the process of conversion can the individual subjugate the lower, physical powers and bring them under the effective control of the Holy Spirit.
Whereupon I invited him to walk down the street a block or two where a new temple was being constructed. Well-disciplined people can force themselves to act correctly on the outside, even when the inward desires are at war with the outward conduct.
They appear so submissive and law-abiding as they creep along in front of the uniformed traffic patrol lady.
Some people are obedient without being willing, and their fruit is soon exposed as artificial.
Therefore, it is a dangerous, judgmental attitude to deprecate the apparent caring concern that a fellow Christian has for keeping the commandments. The secret is trusting instead of trying, and time will only make a young sinner into an old sinner. John declares, a€?this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faitha€? (1 John 5:4). Suppose the farmer walks along his garden path and looks down at the soil beneath his feet.
Then the gentle rains slowly moistened the ground, and the warming rays of the sun began to exercise their particular magic on the tiny seeds.
As they consume the succulent young cabbage a truly remarkable thing happens within their bodies. The entire being is made captive to the Spirit of God, and we are able to think His thoughts after Him. He said, a€?I am crucified with Christa€? and a€?I die daily.a€? This constant subjection of the will is not achieved by any decision or effort that we can manufacture from within ourselves.
Self makes the Christian path seem dark and fearsome, but when self is surrendered and crucified the narrow road is filled with joy unspeakable. He wrote, a€?They lavish gold out of the bag a€¦ and he maketh it a god: they fall down, yea, they worship. The truth is that the egocentric nature of every baby, child, and adult causes each to want their own way. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.
There are still victories to be won, there are sins to be put away, and there is a drawing together that needs to be accomplished by the Holy Spirit. We are tempted to believe so because of the almost fanatical element of certainty in every verse and line. He never coerces the will or pressures us into any actions to which we have not given consent.
There is a certain shallow, short-lived pleasure in sin that dances over the emotions and seeks to capture the mind through the sensory pathway of the flesh. The ultimate sin in the eyes of God, the final factor that will cause a soul to be lost, is to deliberately say no to the will of God.
Perhaps you had a headache or arthritis pain when you woke up this morning, but does that change the fact that God loves you? And when it happens, most people are not willing to admit the true cause behind the raging conflict. What I am trying to say is this: To be a true Christian requires surrender above everything else. The old self-nature hardened itself and resisted every impulse to turn away from rebellion and sin.
In the weakness of the flesh we find ourselves bound in mind and body by the superior strength of our spiritual enemy.
Ia€™ve watched the wretched penitents prostrating in the hot dust, painfully measuring their length, mile after mile, as they inch toward some sacred river rendezvous. Yet, I have never met a single Hindu seeker who has found any assurance or peace of minda€”not even among the Brahmin brotherhood of the highest caste. We are brought into this life with inherent weaknesses that predispose us toward disobedience.
We have desperately tried to blot out scenes of unfaithfulness from our minds, but every such effort has ended in utter defeat.

He would fill a large caldron with water and then stir the contents vigorously while uttering his sacred incantations. Only in this way may the very intents of the heart be sanctified and brought into harmony with Christ. Only after many months of classroom camaraderie did I feel clear in asking my teacher about one puzzling feature of his ancestral religion. I had watched the builders placing the obscenities by the front entrance door, so the teacher could not deny they were there. Yet those drivers are usually seething with internal anger and rebellion because of missing an appointment. If his works indeed are based upon principles of self-effort and do-it-yourself salvation, the truth will be exposed soon enough. Finally, we must admit that we are not as strong as our adversary, and as we surrender our dependence upon human strength and effort, God provides the glorious gift of victory.
By submitting to that higher power which reaches down from above, the soul is able to bring every thought into captivity to Christ. Aloud he wonders whether the minerals in that dirt could ever be transformed into vegetables. They began to germinate and grow, and under those favorable influences from above, the root system began to draw the actual mineral elements into the leaves of the cabbage.
The vegetable leaves are assimilated into the organs of digestion, and in very short order the vegetable has literally been turned into animal. That is another sphere and could never happen in this world.a€? But I submit to you that this kind of transformation is not only possible, but it has actually happened to everyone who has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. They have a religion that seems to do nothing for them but to make them weary and disgruntled. I have often imagined that our great enemy has a computer list of self-related indulgences that he constantly holds out to the fallen human race. But that objective recognition is entirely distinct from the basic self-centeredness of the fallen human race.
This nature must be crucified, and under the mastery of the new spiritual nature, the affections are set upon Jesus.
To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others. I spent 90% of that year in a relationship with one of the most amazing people I have ever met.
So we can totally disabuse our minds of being forced into any life choices that are not free and sovereign. In every case there must be a decision of the will to forfeit those temporary physical a€?pleasures of sin for a season.a€? Until that choice is made and acted upon, there can be no real victory over sin in the life.
Under deep conviction you wrestled and agonized against the powers of the flesh, but to no avail. Your battle was with self, and when you became willing, God gave you the victory over that carnal enemy.
We resolutely struggle to extricate ourselves from the bondage, but the harder we try the deeper we sink into the mire.
There they will dip under the filthy water, look up at the blazing sun, and praya€”then repeat the process again, and again, and again.
But in the process of stirring he also slyly slipped some gold nuggets into the water without being detected.
But once again he professed surprise and stated categorically that he had never seen anything like it before.
The renewed mind holds the answer to both the inside and outside factors that lead to transgression.
Self is behind that angry battle, and the stubborn will has simply not yielded to the idea of obedience. It teaches us that two mistakes can be made concerning those who keep Goda€™s law carefully. But if he has a genuine love relationship with Christ that constrains him to be meticulous in obedience, then he deserves commendation instead of criticism. By some mysterious process still not fully comprehended by science, the iron, phosphorus, and magnesium were incorporated into the plant and transformed into the vegetable form of the cabbage. Again and again, the process is described as a surrendering of the will and a giving up of our own way. Only the Holy Spirit can create the desire to escape from the domination of a sin-loving nature. There are no more secrets from God, no longer anything to hide or to be ashamed of, no more defeatism as a way of life.
Those who have not submitted to be crucified with Christ still carry their religion like a heavy burden.
When you unreservedly surrender that spoiled, greedy, indulgent self to be put to death, you may reckon yourself dead to the sins which self promotes.
Each category has been honed and adapted to exploit the particular weakness of the self-nature that Satan recognizes so easily in every member of Adama€™s family.
God can love us in spite of our genetic weaknesses and indulged carnal appetites, but the closer we come to Jesus, the less charmed we should be by our own perverse ways. Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion! But, about two months ago, just days before our 6-month, he broke up with me because he didn’t see himself ever falling in love with me. Each moment should find us moving up in our experience with a deeper, sweeter faith than we had the moment before.

We are not what we feel, or what we might do or say in a single impulsive moment of our life. At last, when we are totally exhausted from the effort, a well-meaning friend comes by and says, a€?I know what the problem is. Jesus, born with the same fallen nature, is the only One who never gave way to those weaknesses. Perhaps we can over a period of time, but pretenders are able to deceive most of us for a good while. We might wrongly assume they are legalists because they look so seriously upon the slightest disobedience, or we might wrongly assume they are true Christians just because they show zeal for conforming to the law.
And as we begin to act against the sin in our life, God provides the power to actually break with the sin.
Only He can bring us to the point of being willing to give up every indulgence of that corrupt, fallen nature. Joyfully we put aside the ornaments of self and the world to allow more capacity for the loving character of Christ to be revealed. They remind me of the Hindu processions I observed, again and again, on the crowded streets of India.
Trying to live a Christian life without dying to self is just as miserable as struggling to carry a pagan god. Perhaps some of the most appealing subtitles in his list would include self-righteousness, self-dependence, self-seeking, self-pleasing, self-will, self-defense, and self-glory. In fact, as we enter into the converted life through the Holy Spirit, the confidence we placed in the flesh will be wholly shifted to the Savior.
After explaining the stirring and the prayers to be repeated, the priest took his 500 rupees and started to leave. Almost anyone with minimum acting skills can force conformity to the rules (especially if they think someone is watching) but almost no one can force himself to be sweet about it.
Eventually the nature behind the good works begins to appear, and the charade is seen for what it really is.
It merely yielded to the higher power that reached down from above, and the miraculous change was effected. In fact, when self has not been given up to the death of the cross, it comes between you and the Savior, becoming a real god. I had spent all of high school being afraid of commitment; my only two boyfriends before him had both cheated on me, and it left me with just about no self-confidence.
No other chapter of the Bible is so lavishly excessive in giving assurance to a struggling Christian. We can try till our dying breath, and we will never be able to alter the unconverted disposition by dint of determination. Occasionally they stopped to rest, and it was an obvious relief to put down their god momentarily to relieve themselves of the burden.
The constant strain of trying to subdue that self-god by human effort can wear out the most determined saint. Evan was the first person I ever loved, and the first person I can remember to ever really make me feel beautiful. I am convinced that there are only two possible reasons for a person holding back and failing to gain the victory over sin. Even ministers preach sermons around their interpretation of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.
Either he is not willing to give up the enjoyment of the sin or else he does not believe that God will give him deliverance from it. Not even crippling disease, financial failure, desertion of friends, death of dear ones, or injustices of life. Are these perversions of the biblical admonitions to a€?crucify selfa€? and a€?deny selfa€??
If the one person I thought would be there no matter what didn’t think I was good enough, what hope did I have?
Let us now look at these two great mental blocks that have stolen the victory from so many of Goda€™s people. One night, I was really drunk and while I was walking back to campus, a guy I recognized as being in my class asked me if I wanted to hang out. I went back to his dorm, where we made out, until he pretty violently forced me to give him a blow job. Like I said, I was really drunk, and just couldn’t contemplate how to get myself out of there, so I just sat there and let him do whatever he wanted.
We didn’t have sex, thank God, but it was not consentual, and I was shook up about it for awhile- still am, to be honest. My ex had been my best friend, and after something as traumatizing as that night, I didn’t even have him to lean on. I opened up to some people who I had thought just wouldn’t want to hear about my problems, but I learned it really is okay to let myself lean on others sometimes. I have total control over it, and nobody has the right to touch it if I don’t want them to.
I am beautiful, and even though these past couple months have sucked, they have made me so much stronger than I was before, and nobody has the right to take that from me.

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