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Website Design That’s EmotionalIn the book Emotional Design, Don Norman emphasis that all good design helps users on their journeys to solve problems.
Just like recipe books for dinner, and cement mixes for sky scrapers, there are certain ingredients that make marriages stronger.
I have been blessed to have many teachers and mentors in my life and one of the greatest blessings of all has been all of the wisdom I have gained from books. Many of my favorite marriage books have been written by the same team at the Gottman Institute. This week over on ModernMarried’s Facebook Page, we are celebrating Gottman Week with a different inspirational quote or mini-lab assignment every day. One of my favorite of all Gottman’s findings is that, “In a strong relationship, couples have feelings of appreciation and respect for each other even when they argue or feel unhappy with the way that things are going.” [Gottman Blog]. Along with this finding, Gottman provides a list of positive thoughts from his excellent book, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work,” along with a little “love-work” assignment to accompany each thought. The idea is to use each thought and task to find something good about your partner or your relationship and focus on it, celebrate it and add it as a deposit in your emotional bank account. Our emotional bank accounts are just like our monetary ones – they need constant deposits or they will get overdrawn. To build a love account filled with fondness and admiration, we all need to learn how to make deposits.
Suggestion from me: Add one benefit that your partner receives from being in a relationship with you. The Latin root of the word "emotion" means "to move." Emotions are vehicles for transforming or moving your life. If our emotions revert back to childhood in the desert, it's not surprising that we play fanciful games of dress-up as well (we do this back at home in all kinds of more subtle ways). When your "happy bubble" gets popped -- and it likely will -- there's a place for catharsis and connection. I love the Burning Man guide to all the parties, classes, and events of the week that you receive upon entering Black Rock City.
Psychologist Abe Maslow would have had a field day studying Burning Man (my 2010 camp was called "Maslowtopia," a self-actualizing community). Your Burning Man home -- whether it's a tent, the back-end of an SUV, a yurt, or an RV (I've done them all) -- should feel like a sanctuary.
Practicing gratitude is the world's most reliable way to introduce happiness into your life at a moment's notice.
I grew up near Disneyland, so I had numerous opportunities to feel the pain of the exodus from the Magic Kingdom as a child. You'll likely find me at Black Rock City on the Rhythm Wave dance floor, honoring Gabrielle as she passed away last October. As mentioned in the research from Damasio, however, emotion is critical to solving problems and making an ultimate decision.
Depending on the combination of things you put in every day, you can either make your relationship weaker or build it to last for the rest of your life.
John Gottman and his wife Julie, along with a team of researchers have identified the elements that make marriages work so they could teach us how to replicate their research in our own homes every day. Gottman is brilliant at taking this concept and giving us simple steps we can implement easily in our relationships to get immediate positive results. Having been told mental preparation for Burning Man required physical preparation, I created checklists to monitor my checklists. Just last month, a study of more than 16,000 Burning Man attendees over four years was published in the Frontiers of Emotion Science. Whether Balinese or Hawaiian, islands can bring forth magnified emotions and increased volatility alongside (sometimes) unpredictable volcanoes.
The weather is an apt metaphor for this: sunshine or rainstorm (you're likely to see both), neither is stationary on the Playa.
The Temple, which plays second fiddle in the popular press to the Man, is the space where you can surrender to the feelings for a lost loved one, a dream that didn't come true, or for your digitally distressed existence. Psychological studies show that our reference group has a big impact on our perception of our wants and our needs.
In the desert, many of us try to "be all we can be" and leap to the peak of Maslow's pyramid without taking care of our physiological base.

We need a place to recharge after so much stimuli, and this is especially true if you're more of an introvert. As mentioned earlier, all emotions tend to be heightened in Black Rock City and whatever is stewing in your relationship may come to a full boil in the middle of a dust storm. If your partner suggests you go to a "poly party" (a polyamorous affair), and this is the first you're hearing of his or her taste for non-monogamy, this may be the perfect environment for you both to come clean amongst all the dirt. Fortunately, Burning Man's gifting economy creates the perfect habitat for you to ratchet-up your gratitude practice.
People often talk about this in the context of the traffic jam that can occur on Sunday or Monday morning. But, eventually, I realized (paraphrasing Helen Keller) that if I spent too much time focusing on the closed door, I could not see the door opening right in front of me. When you're most confused by your emotional reaction to something, ask yourself, "What is this emotion trying to tell me right now? I *love* homework that involved kissing, cuddling or going on a date with my favorite person! Not surprisingly, the study showed that people are less inhibited in expressing emotions while in the desert.
20 years ago, I started saying this mantra three times each morning, "As I surrender, more love comes to me." Nowhere is this truer than at Burning Man.
Going cold turkey from one's iPhone sends many reaching for a shot of Wild Turkey or some other distraction. One of my favorite experiences was riding my bike deep into the Playa with my Priscilla Queen of the Desert frock blowing in the wind, tears on my face (due to a romantic breakup), and Moby on my Walkman (the year 2000). Think of Black Rock City as a foreign country where your sense of adventure and curiosity is directly proportional to the experience you create for yourself. Bring a few trusted servants from home: your loyal pillow, some sprigs of lavender, your most cathartic book, a picture of a family member, your favorite comfort food.
Make a pact with each other about what you are looking for from this experience -- both for yourselves and for your relationship. When you're feeling lousy, give something to someone else: a smile, a shoulder, a foot rub, a cold drink, help cleaning a tent, or making a meal.
Use this time as a unique opportunity to see how gratitude can replace gratification as your currency in life.
Let your memories simmer and know that there are all kinds of ways you can engage with the Burning Man community year-round. And, is there another emotion hiding beneath the surface?" Envy can masquerade as indignation or resentment. At first glance, we experience an emotional reaction that impacts how we perceive the design at a conscious level. While "welcome home" was the mantra of the day, I felt far from home amongst the wilderness and weirdness of Black Rock City. But, it also determined that a certain kind of reframing of one's experience -- especially in the positive direction -- and maybe even an appraisal of one's life, is quite common in Black Rock City. Once you enter the gates and commit to the experience, you're not likely to leave until the exodus. Our sudden emotional storms and flair-ups mirror the capricious nature of the desert's turbulent weather conditions. So, don't spend too much time comparing and contrasting with all the beautiful bods and bodacious outfits on the catwalk of the Esplanade.
But you will find that emotional vulnerability might just be the most enticing fragrance on the Playa. In the digital age, we're familiar with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), based upon seeing our friends cavorting all over Facebook. If not, just be prepared for a rocky ride at times and the reality you might stage the commonly witnessed "Burning Man fight" in front of your campmates. And create an understanding in advance of how you'll communicate if either one of you is feeling jealous, lonely, or exasperated with the state of your relationship.
This epic video from 2011 based on Seuss's famous book, Oh, The Places You'll Go, offers some of the best emotional advice from the Playa.
Quell any fear with the understanding that these emotional trade winds will quickly change. Feel free to set broad intentions for your BM experience, but hold lightly your expectations.

My favorite Burning Man principle is "Immediacy," which is such a touchstone to whatever healing or hilarity you need in the moment.
At Burning Man, get in touch with MOJO (Momentary Jolts) by being aware of what's directly in front of you.
Remember, the modern treadmill of being distracted by new, shiny objects isn't limited to the 21st century. But an entire book could be written on how to return back to the "default world," taking what we learn from our experiences and incorporating it into our everyday lives.
The Burning Man Survival Guide is the organizational compass for clarifying Burning Man's 10 principles, the 18 things we must bring, and the 8 things we can't bring. I remember a good friend crying in my lap, "I expected this to be the happiest place on earth and I'm feeling sad.
Know that in this convoluted environment, failure may be the doorway to unexpected serendipity. Remember that, even if you go with your five best friends in the world, at least a couple of them will fray your nerves over the course of a few days given the magnified nature of this desert microcosm. Ask yourself, "What's my internal barometer telling me right now?" The better you can forecast what's brewing, the better you can create the right habitat for letting your emotions move through you. Just appreciate life's electricity that you felt when you were truly experiencing your own MOJO earlier in the day. So, just as we see the purity of certain emotions in our young ones, we see the same in ourselves at Black Rock City. And, don't expect an epiphany, a new boyfriend, or the high you may have experienced before. And, don't feel that drugs, sex, or staying up till dawn are required to have a mind-blowing time. It’s Not What You ThinkDespite contemporary wisdom, research has shown that color really doesn’t convey emotions as much as one would think. Knowing this will help you to feel less like a basket case when your emotions ebb and flow in the desert. There are open camps for everyone -- from 12-step sober, to yoga serene, and everything in-between.
No, because color is still important to your brand although it may not impact emotions as directly as you thought it would. Color does help consumers connect with a brand’s personality, which may help build an emotional reaction to the brand, but this is simply due to the color association with the brand and not because yellow makes people feel happy.Positive vs. Negative Emotions: What Works?When it comes to emotion, should you scare your audience into taking action or delight them so much they can’t resist? In 2011, a study published in the Journal of Marketing Research shed great insight into the impact of emotion on content that went viral online. Interestingly, content that conveyed positive emotions was more viral, but the content that produced anger and anxiety type emotions were more likely to make the New York Times most e-mailed list.
The researchers conclusion from this study was not that one emotion outweighs the other, but instead that high arousal emotions are most viral. While you may not have Sarah Mclachlan as an advocate, emotional marketing can still help you build outstanding campaigns.Emotional marketing works because, despite our effort to be as logical and rational about a decision, humans are inherently driven by emotions. Various research including the use of fMRI neuro-imagery has shown that humans are emotional decision makers, especially with purchasing, but the most impactful research comes from Anthony Damasio.When studying people who had damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain that produces emotion, Damasio and his research team found that not only were these patients unable to feel emotions, they also lacked the capability to make decisions. When these patients were tested on measures of intelligence, they performed well, but their inability to form an emotional connection hindered their ability to make a decision.With strong research support suggesting the role of emotion is a core component of decision making, it isn’t surprising that organizations like the ASCPCA are trying to tug at our heartstrings in their marketing campaigns. To be truly effective at appealing to the right emotions in content marketing, you have to know your buyer’s emotions. When humans see others experiencing emotion, most of us will feel the same way by recognizing the facial expression of emotion. In other words, you need to know your buyer personas well enough to create content that is tied to their emotions and drives them further down the funnel.
For example, if your buyers are B2B, your buyer may be driven by fear of being passed on a promotion. To be successful in content marketing with emotion, create content that helps this buyer along his or her journey to a promotion.

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