This entry was posted in Browsers and tagged Change the Firefox open New Tab URL to my webpage, How to change the new tab homepage in Firefox on October 13, 2013 by venkateswararao. You may set a search engine, a favorite website, a social site as your home page or you could set it so that a blank page opens when you launch your browser. Launch your Internet Explorer, click on Settings in the top right side and select Internet Options.
In Chrome, click on the Customize and control Google Chrome button in the top right corner. After you have launched Opera, in the top left corner, click on the Customize and control Opera button. To change the home page in Edge browser, in the top right corner of the browser, click on More and select Settings. Using this procedure you can even set multiple home pages in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. With plenty of new features, including tracking protection in Private Browsing mode, integrated video calling, and even an app store, Firefox reigns as our favorite Web browser.
The Mozilla Foundation and its thousands of coding volunteers just keep innovating with the open-source Firefox Web browser. You can conduct multiple conversations at once, and you can turn off your camera, mute your mic, or share your browser tabs or other windows on your computer with your chat partner. New Feature: Reading Mode These days, a lot of sites, particularly magazine- and news-type sites, have become nearly unreadable with the number of pop-up ads and auto-play videos they foist on you.
When you land on an article page, a book icon appears at the right of the address box; turning on reading mode is a simple matter of clicking on this. Social: Firefox Share These days, no browser should be without a permanent social sharing button. We looked at two issues of Firefox's new tab page yesterday that some users of the browser may experience when they try to use it. Today I'm going to review the New Tab Tools extension for the browser that lets you change the number of items per row and column on the page.
Some Firefox users may want to increase the amount of sites, for instance if they are working with a large monitor, or have more than nine favorite sites that they want to access from the page. New Tab Tools is a restartless add-on for the browser, which means that you it is installed without restart of the browser.
Load about:addons in the address bar, or click on the Firefox button and then on Options in the context menu.
Just change the values in rows and columns to add or remove website listings from the new tab page of the browser.
To add bookmarks to the new tab page, you can either drag and drop them directly from the bookmarks bar onto a location on the page, or use the Ctrl-Shift-B shortcut to open the bookmarks manager, and drag and drop the bookmarks from there.
Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. Woa, this is good, thank you, I love chrome new tab and hate firefox's, but now I will try this for a long time, I think this plugin will change my mind!
I've actually just been sticking to my own customized about:blank page for the new tab one due to the default grid limitations. It also crashes, uses more memory, and is slow unlike (insert browser name here --->) ______________. And what's up with Firefox copying (insert browser name here --->) ______________'s_ (insert feature name here --->) ____________?
If you are running at least Firefox 31 -- which means Beta, Aurora or Nightly -- then you may have noticed a change to the new tab page of the browser. Previously, nine webpage thumbnails were displayed on the page to provide users with quick access to often visited or pinned sites.
As you may know, Firefox uses the browsing history to populate the list by default but gives you control over it so that you can remove any site listed here and replace it with sites that you prefer to see.
Since you can pin sites on the page, you can make sure that your favorite websites are always listed on the page. While some users may appreciate the search on the page, others may see it as redundant especially if they display the search bar in the browser's interface.

There is no direct option to remove search from Firefox's new tab page, but as always, there are hacks that you can make use of.
To undo the change, delete the information in the userContent.css file again and restart Firefox afterwards.
Instead of modifying the userContent.css file you can alternatively install a new tab page add-on. Moment - A minimalistic new tab page that displays the current time and weather information on the page.
New Tab Tools - Uses the full width of the page to display as many website thumbnails as possible. Happy to say that (thanks to this blog), I am now using Pale Moon and life couldn't be better. I just noticed the "new search bar wipes out a third of my thumbnails on NewTabPage" bug tonight, but on reading about it, it's been around for at least a month.
I just got the upgrade to FF 31 (Linux Mint 13 LTS) - got annoyed immediately - found this fix.
Why do we need a search bar under the search bar, and that takes up a ridiculous amount of room?
Since the Firefox 13 update, when you open a new tab, it displays the frequently visited sites page. In earlier versions of Firefox you had to enable the speed dial page, but now it’s the default setting.
Under the General tab itself, you will see the setting to create one or multiple home page tabs. If you wish, you can also lock your Internet Explorer home page, so that no one will be able to change it.
Under Open with you can set Edge to open with a Start page, new tab page, Previous pages or A specific page or pages. Lately, the most-customizable, privacy-respecting browser has added tracking protection in its Private Browsing mode, Hello video chat, a clean-reading mode for ad-jumbled pages, Windows 10 customizations, new social-sharing capabilities, Pocket integration, and even a Web-app store. Like Google Chrome (but unlike Edge and IE) Firefox is not a native 64-bit application. With Firefox's built-in Hello video chatting (with the cooperation of Telefonica, a Spanish communications provider), you no longer need to install separate software.
One cool thing is that, as with Skype, when you enter a conversation, your other audio is turned way down so you can hear, and there are clever sound effects to clue you in when someone joins or leaves a chat and enters a message.
Even formerly staid publications like the New York Times have gotten cluttered beyond readability. After all, what do we do on the Web these days besides finding sites that amuse us and sharing them to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or a few other social networks?
This included a situation where no websites were automatically added to the page, and one where websites were added but thumbnail screenshots were not.
Mozilla, for whatever reason, has not added customization options to the page, which is limited to nine sites in a 3x3 table. You should then furthermore use the pin feature by hovering over the field to make sure it does not get changed accidentally by the web browser. To change the parameters enter about:config in the Firefox address bar and hit the return key afterwards.
He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.
Their "new" tab page compared to what is already out is like a new Blackberry compared to a new iPhone or a Galaxy Nexus - primitive from day0. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. The search form uses the default search provider of the browser which is Google Search unless you have modified it and changed it to a different provider instead.
When you open the new tab page in the browser now, the search form is no longer displayed on it. From displaying different information on the new tab page such as recently closed or most visited sites to synchronization and options to block urls or domains that you don't want to see listed on it.

Adds a sidebar with direct links to Firefox internal pages such as downloads, sync, settings or add-ons.
And if Mozilla break something (which they undoubtedly will do) you can easily disable or modify the style.
THIS bug, however, appears to be a "CorpWare" bug, in that it was done to us on-purpose by Mozilla as blatant social engineering, in order to increase traffic to Google, because Google gives CA$H to Mozilla in exchange for incorporating "Google Search" in as many places in Firefox as possible. Why is it that every update to Firefox brings with it idiotic changes that need to be manually removed?
I created that Chrome subdirectory in both mozilla folders (the one the desktop shortcut refers to and the one from the about:support link I typed in the browser), and then the file. The folder is the one this article tells to use and the file is apparently a better version of what you recommend - taken from the official Mozilla forum.
Are you sure creating that file just like that in a brand-new folder can work as if they were always there?
If you do want to see the thumbnails of recently viewed pages, click the grid icon at the upper left side of the screen. You can use the Current page which may be open in your Firefox, anyone from your Bookmarks or set it to open a blank page using about:blank. To open Edge with a blank page, select the last option and enter about: blank in the space provided. Microsoft is making noise with its innovative and fast new Edge browser, but for now, Firefox remains our first choice for day-to-day browsing. If you're already a Firefox user, all you have to do is restart the browser to get the new version. But video and sound were acceptable if not perfect (which is to say, par for the course in video chat) in my Hello test conversation. You can choose between an off-white paper background, bright white, and black, and among nine font sizes with a choice between serif and sans-serif.
Firefox's Share button, which cleverly looks like a paper airplane, not only lets you share to the bigger services, but it, like the rest of Firefox, is extensible to any new ones that come along. I wish the UI is 'slightly' more customizeable but overall, it is x300 better than FF's native implementation.
This is a bug since whatever number of rows or columns is set on about:config should reflect in new tab page.
Then click the I’ll be careful button on the Void Warranty screen – this page is a joke and one of Easter Eggs in the Firefox. In this post we will see how to set, reset or change the home page in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge browsers on Windows 10. You can import bookmarks from any other installed browsers on first run, and the setup is as easy as Chrome's. If you've ever installed a tracking-protection extension such as Privacy Badger, you know what a surprising number of sites track and store your browsing activity. To get started with Hello, you click the smiley face button on the left side of the browser toolbar, and then press the Start a Conversation button.
Chrome doesn't include this feature, probably because its maker wants you to see all the ads it delivers. One thing I prefer about the reading modes in Safari and the Microsoft Edge is that you can still see inline images with those. Some turn-around at the top levels, replacing greed-corrupted execs with functionality-minded execs may reduce instances this type of bug in the future. A lot of people like this ability, but you might prefer new tabs to open to a blank page instead. Having this kind of protection in Private Browsing mode is something I've long thought that every browser's privacy mode should include. You can also use about:Tabs which is the same as selecting Use new tab button, or the Current page which may be open in your Internet Explorer.

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