With the entrance of Android in the smartphone market smartphone users have started demanding for more customization options. As I mentioned above that Apple don’t allow much customization to users and users can only use whatever the iOS offers to them as it is. Unfortunately, users can’t change fonts in iPhone 5 at any cost as iOS on which device is running doesn’t allow this much customization.
Wait; don’t leave the blog as there is one method by which you’ll be able to change fonts on iPhone easily. This is the only working method that is valid and can let you do what you actually want to do on your iPhone i.e.
You need to get your iPhone 5 or any other iPhone jailbroken first then this method will work. So now if you got your iPhone jailbroken then you need to go Cydia store and install one tweak called BytaFont. The iPhone 5, which includes a longer screen and increased processing power, and its Android challengers -- the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X -- are among the most powerful phones on the planet. I spent some time with all three to see how each device deals with standard smart phone doings. As both the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X run Google’s Android operating system, you might expect their features to be identical.
Both Samsung and HTC have added their own tweaks to the mix, but the core structure of Android is still immediately recognisable. With the iPhone, you have to go into settings to turn on Airplane mode or turn off Wi-Fi, which is a pain. Android phones typically provide greater control over features and the S3 and One X are no exception.
While the iPhone lets you change the important settings like screen brightness and Bluetooth connectivity easily, it doesn’t let you dive into complex settings for deep customisation of battery-saving methods or developer options. Although you might do most of your communicating over Twitter, Facebook or good old-fashioned text messaging, sending and receiving emails is a crucial tool on smart phones for many. Your iPhone is likely to be linked with your Apple ID first -- for apps and iTunes downloads -- so you'll need to manually add your Gmail (or other) address.
On all three phones, when you add an email account, you can select whether you also want it to sync to your contacts and calendar.
Alternatively, the Gmail app is available for both Android phones and shows all your linked inboxes in a clear and simple way, with instant access to important buttons along the bottom. Attaching files to your emails in Android is a simple case of hitting the attach button and selecting an option from the list. Syncing the S3 and HTC One X with Facebook produces similar results, but it can also pull contacts from your Google accounts too. With powerful cameras packed into the back of all three phones, it’s only natural to want to be able to show off your favourite snaps with your friends. Previously, the iPhone’s only photo sharing option was to email up to five pictures at a time. Similarly, the One X's Facebook for HTC Sense app Sense being the name HTC gives to its Android skin also lets you batch upload photos to Facebook or individual images to Twitter. As Android phones, both the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X have a full roster of Google apps on board including Google Maps. Apple used to make use of Google’s maps but ditched them in the latest update in favour of its own mapping software. While the iPhone 5 and its iOS 6 software bring extra features not present on earlier models, the phone still offers a stripped-back interface and user experience that’s so simple a toddler could use it. The Android experience on both the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X is a more technical affair, with live widgets constantly updating on the home screens and drop-down menus all over the place bursting with options.
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We’re back with another perfect jailbroken iPhone setup and this week might be more your style than my previous setup. If you saw my last weeks perfect iPhone setup, you may have thought to yourself that it was a little too much customization, so this week I toned it down a bit and came up with a really nice and clean look and I think you’re going to like it.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
All other trademarks, logos and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners. This versatile CD receiver plus 6.5a€? speakers combo unit features direct USB control for iPod and iPhone devices and a built-in 7-channel NOAAweather band tuner. Apple is the most popular smartphone manufacturer and its iPhone doesn’t provide much customization options which users look for and Android provides them at best.
Not even the iPhone 5 but any device or any other iOS running device will allow users to change fonts at any cost. As you came here searching for the tutorial on how to change fonts in iPhone easily but I’m telling you this bitter truth. This is the major requirement of this method and you can’t use this method without jailbreaking your device.
This is a simple app available at the Cydia store and once it’s installed then you’ll be able to change fonts of iPhone easily.
Once you choose the font then apply it and then your iPhone will reboot to apply changes everywhere.
Android, however, is an open platform that allows manufacturers to change the interface and add their own skins over the top. Both phones offer the standard Android multiple home screens for you to fill up with app icons and widgets. But if you need just a small selection of core apps to flick between, without the bells and whistles of live tiles, then iOS may be the choice for you.
The categories are displayed in a long list, all of which are clearly marked and easy to read. Both mobiles allow you to change numerous settings to do with the power and app storage, while the Galaxy S3 brings some extras like the ability to turn your phone over to mute an incoming call. It’s therefore important for setting up and using your email to be made as painless as possible.
If you use Google’s Gmail for email then as soon as you enter your account details when you first turn the phone on, your inbox will automatically sync, along with your calendar, contacts and access to the Google Play store.
Adding an account is very simple though, requiring you to head into the accounts section, select what type of email you want to add and pop in your address and password.
At the top right you'll see a small menu button with a drop-down box letting you refresh your inbox or view different folders. You can also lay it down as a live widget on your home screen, which will show you your inbox without you needing to load up the app. Hit the compose button, start typing a name and it will offer up auto-complete options for people in your address book. It's a great way of immediately moving contacts over but if your Facebook friends haven't put their contact information on their pages, you won't see any. The S3 only allows you to do one photo at a time as standard, so you'll need to make use of other apps if you want to upload en mass.

But if your social networking waters run deeper, then Android might be more up your street.
This includes features like local information, turn-by-turn navigation and, more recently, the ability to sync your searches between your phone and your PC. Apple has taken a lot of heat recently about this as its service seems to not only provide much less information about the locations, but frequently gets things wrong.
If geographical information is a big concern for you, you might want to steer towards Android.
If you need quick access to essential tools with no fuss, the iPhone is the way to go as long as maps aren’t essential to you.
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This is where iPhone users either started jailbreaking their iPhone or switch to an Android smartphone. Widgets are live tiles that show information -- such as your friends' status updates on Facebook or Twitter -- on your home screen, without having to open the app. That might not be a life-changing feature but it's likely to come in handy from time to time. It's a little frustrating not having a refresh button in easy reach as it's often crucial to keep in view when you're impatiently waiting for that important email to arrive. On the S3, you also have the option to change font styles and colours to jazz up your emails.
In my case, most of my saved contacts didn't have phone numbers or email addresses attached, making them mostly useless. With the launch of iOS 6, Facebook and Twitter integration runs deep, allowing you to share photos to these networks directly from the gallery app.
Both Android blowers automatically let you share to services like Flickr, Google+ or Picasa, but when you download other apps like Instagram or Pinterest, the gallery app will now let you share directly to these as well. However, it’s important to bear in mind that Apple is only taking its first steps with maps so its likely things will improve.
If you love the idea of customising your mobile, playing with settings to the nth degree or even rooting your phone to use custom third-party software, then Android is where you’ll be happiest. Contains 5 slides: 1 cover page (title slide, with no mobile phone mockup) and 4 inside slides variants (title+content layout). Alternatively, you may enable JavaScript in your browser to get the best browsing experience.
The USB and 3.5mm auxiliary inputs are conveniently located on the front panel of the receiver. This is the major down side of jailbreaking the iPhone as it’s not legal from Apple yet and will never be. The One X lets you do all this from the home screen with an included widget, while you can download very similar widgets for free on the S3. It’s quick to do, but pretty annoying if you started writing your email first and decided to attach something last minute.
Handily, you can select as many photos as you want to batch upload to an existing album on Facebook. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

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