The IP address is a logical address assigned to a network card in order to establish communication over the network and identify the computer over it.
Even if someone is part of a small network routed through a single IP address, the people outside that network can only see the IP address of the gateway being used.
Those using a dial-up Internet service are most likely to receive a different IP address if they disconnect and reconnect the service.
You might be behind a static IP address in which case you have to buy a different one and then set it (instructions for setting static IP in Windows are here).
Yep it is good to change IP address but I think this will be more secure if we use some app to change IP after a fix time… Have you any idea about such app?

Most people have static IP addresses, if not, they probably have a bound IP address based on the Ethernet MAC address, so it still will not change. Users who requested an IP change that was approved might not be approved so easily the next time.
You can use a 3rd party proxy site, your own personal web page, a remote computer that you control, or one of the many free shell accounts available on the internet. The hosts you are trying to access will see ip address assigned to you by the VPN provider. You can pick from a vast pool of non-contiguous residential USA IP addresses that change every second.

It puts you in control; for you instantly know where your IP is located geographically, what is the IP location area code, and what is the distance between the IP location and surrounding cities. They will either provide detailed instructions on how to change the IP address or will provide new settings that are available for immediate use.
So is there like an easy way to get up your IP, write down your current one so you can change it back, change your IP, and then change it back to the first one when I’m done doing whatever it is that I’m gonna do xD?

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