I assumed that once my divorce was final, it would be easy to go right back to my maiden name.
I always imagined I'd go back to my maiden name, my family name that I feel connected to through generations of family. My daughter is a teen and vacillates between not caring about my last name, asking me to keep her name, or suggesting I go back to my maiden name. Julia Roberts' actress niece Emma Roberts refused to change her last name in a bid to distance herself from her famous aunt, because she thought the idea was "ridiculous". But Emma was against altering her name at the beginning of her career, because she knew everyone would soon find out she is related to the famous actress.
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In the name of immersive documentary-making, I’ve drunk myself into oblivion and given birth on camera. The thought of even a day without shaving made me worry that Roly, my husband, would find my stubbly arms and legs a turn-off. There are several reasons you may want to change your name, such as marriage, divorce, adoption or just the desire to have a new name.
Obtain a name change form specific to your state by doing a quick online search or by going to your local courthouse. Be sure, if your name change is a result of marriage, that the marriage certificate is filled out correctly as the certificate can serve as your proof of name change with all institutions.
Changing your name to do something illegal, such as avoiding a debt or getting away with a crime, is not allowed. Changing your last name after you get married is an old tradition that has been around for a long time. Whether you need background information on a person for financial, employment or personal reasons, finding someone's history is not difficult.

I'm in the midst of this decision and choosing which last name to use is not as easy as I thought it would be.
I keep thinking about what last name I'd like to sign or type everyday as I sit down to write. The 19 year old, who appeared alongside the "Pretty Woman" star in "Valentine's Day" earlier this year, is unhappy when critics compare her to Julia and assume she broke into movies because of her family links.
So when my producer challenged me to stop shaving my legs and armpits (and everywhere else) for four weeks before filming an episode for my new series, Can Your Looks Change Your Life?, I didn’t think it would be a problem. Find out the exact requirements for a name change in the state where you reside and fulfill all requirements.
But when it came to it, Roly was very supportive (probably because he knew it was for the sake of the show; had I proclaimed that this was something I was planning to do for ever, he might have turned green) and so razors, hair removal creams, tweezers and epilators were banned for four weeks. For instance, you start with the same forms, but in some states just having used the new name for a certain amount of time can be grounds for a legal change. But to make my child feel connected, do I have to keep this last name that isn't really even mine?
Avoid names that contain profanity, hateful slurs, a celebrity's name or copyrighted company name, as these may be rejected. A divorce decree can also serve as legal grounds to change your name without a separate court order.
Do I walk around this planet with a last name that isn't an accurate label of me just so I don't upset my child?
And for the show I’d be interviewing a woman with tattoos all over her body and a sunbed obsessive.
Inform all institutions that require your legal name on file, such as the DMV, Social Security Administration, credit card companies, banks and your workplace. I hated the thought that people might assume I was unkempt, or unclean, or trying to make some kind of aggressive feminist statement.

I followed the example of older girls at school and women in my family and started waxing my legs before I’d ever started growing hair on them. I tell you, you have to take on a punchy persona to carry off a pair of hairy armpits on public transport in Britain.
Now, as a relatively sane 31-year-old, I know this is ridiculous and that it’s only natural for women to grow body hair.
I’m ashamed to say that after two months I wimped out of certain parts of the challenge. Surprisingly, the hair that’s remained adorns the most intimate part of my body where, rather than repulsing me, it makes me feel womanly, sexy and gorgeous. Broad Kid Rock Lucretia Mott Chuck DAdvertisementToday's Anniversary - 10th MayBirths 1837 - Robert Gould Shaw 1838 - John Wilkes Booth 1915 - Denis Thatcher 1946 - David Thomas Mason 1957 - John Simon Ritchie Deaths 1696 - Jean de La Bruyere 1904 - Henry Morton Stanley 2006 - Val Guest 1860 - Theodore Parker 1863 - Stonewall Jackson Share with your friends Quote of the day Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.
I also started waxing my arms again because my paranoia about them is so deeply ingrained that I can’t stop. I’ve seen how brave you have to be to go against the grain and I feel bad for chickening out.
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Just five years ago women were walking round with pencil-thin eyebrows, yet now thick ones like Lily Collins’s are seen as sensual. Imagine if Chanel sent its models down the catwalk with hairy armpits, looking sexy and beautiful.

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