WARNING: If your Security Question and Favorite Color do not match what you entered at registration in DO NOT CONTINUE and contact us immediately. You must provide an answer to the password security question in order to recover your password if lost.
Note: If you update your email address, you will also need to update the email address on your resume if your old email address was used. Use Alerts to be notified when new information is added or changed in an individual answer or topic of information you care about.
For more about the change in email addresses at the Graduate Center, please see the original IT Announcement here.
With few exceptions, your access to the library’s online databases is provided through IP authentication, which means you don’t need your email to log in. Please note that if you created a personal account for any of our subscription databases or platforms -e.g. This is only necessary if your username for the personal account is the old email address, and the platform won’t allow you to make changes.
Regardless of whether or not your username is the same as your old email address, you will want to change the email you provide as a contact in your user profile, so that you will continue to get alerts and other communications from that e-resource.
Some e-resources may require that you send an email or call the vendor directly to provide an update to your contact information.

A good practice for the creation of new accounts would be to create a unique username that is not your e-mail address, where allowed. Your new e-mail address will not affect your access to online database and journal content, but if you have been using a personal account for any of the vendor-specific search platforms – like ProQuest – you may have to update some information in order to continue using the features associated with that account. This site is part of the CUNY Academic Commons, an academic social network for the entire 24-campus CUNY system.
Unless otherwise stated, all content on the CUNY Academic Commons is licensed under a Creative Commons license. You can change your contact information by going to My Account Under “My Mailing and Email Addresses,” you will see your primary contact information listed.
If you are having trouble and cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. JotForm is a free online form builder which helps you create online forms without writing a single line of code. OK so here I am again, this either takes a long time to arrive or I'm doing it wrong, I have added a New Mail and switched from Auoresponder to Notification and nothing. I have a Contact Form, Enquiry Form and Job App that I have done and only the very first time did a contact form go through, so I don;t understand why they others aren't coming through or the same confact form again. Sorry for the inconvenience, can you please update us on how it's going with your email notification so we can assist you with your problem?

Just as the message implies above, sign into the new email address to retrieve the verification email, select the link provided, and log back into your UHR.
If you wish to contact someone for support, please consult either your invitation email or the "Support" section in your Universal Health Record as each medical facility may request that you contact them differently with questions about your information.
On other platforms you may see something like “Sign In,” or “My Folder.” The link to your personal account is generally on the upper right hand corner of the screen. In some platforms, like Elsevier, updating your email address automatically changes your username. In most cases you will be able to make your own updates, by logging in and opening your profile or account settings.
To make changes, please click “Edit This Address.” When you look further below, you will see you have the ability to update your email address for each publication individually. To find out what email address used for submission notifications clickA A "Reply-To and Recipient Settings" A button.

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