Since I moved to Sky for my phone and broadband we were offered the ability to have Sky Anytime+ I duly signed up but was told the Wireless adaptor would cost around ?60 and as the broadband router is nowhere near my Sky box I needed to find an alternative and hopefully cheaper solution that does not involve running CAT5 cable through two rooms. Doing a search on Google and eBay I found that there were several USB powered wifi bridges I could use, a quick test of my Sky HD box shows that the USB port is inactive and provides no power. So I opted for the TP-Link TL-WA701ND 150Mbps Wireless Lite N Access Point which was only ?17.99 from Amazon. To do this you need to click on the Network link on the left hand side and change the values on that page. I then clicked Survey, clicked connect on my wireless network from the list of wifi networks that it had found.

This then put the MAC address of the Sky broadband router in the MAC of AP box and finally I clicked save.
PSK Password : entered my wireless network password, everything else was left as is and I clicked save. One thing I found with this device was that the Sky router’s SSID needs to be broadcast in order for a connection to be made. Thanks for the detail as this is something that I was looking to do but couldn’t find any tutorials until now! Thanks for the post, i tried following this to setup my new TP-Link with sky+ box and i’m having trouble!

Back to Google I went and found that quite a few people were using a TP-Link Wireless Access Point.
At this point I was offered to reboot, you can at this point but there is no need as you will have to reboot it later.

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