If you follow me on Xbox Live, you know my gamertag is halfway between dudebro douchebag and 13-year-old Call of Duty trashtalker.
I finally took the plunge last night and attempted to change my tag, and if not for a last-second bout of curiosity as to the change's fee, I'd have pressed "Confirm" and been none the wiser as to the massive hit my near-maxed out credit card would have taken. I'm sure that had I made the purchase I'd have been refunded, but it's all the more funny seeing as though such a large charge was erroneously applied, not to a game that you might expect to pay anywhere between $60-$100, but to a measly 15-character name. However, I take this entire experience as a sign: God is a gamer, and he's name is xXx god xXx.

I remember when Wolfenstein: The New Order was listed on the Xbox Live store (via Xbox One) for something like $300 odd.
To change the way the login form displays with Clef, log in and go to the Clef settings page.
I was all too close to having to explain myself to a customer service representative on the other side of the world. An island "Nerd" if you will, but I prefer to be described as "Tech Savvy and Prone to Awesomeness".

So I didn't buy it, instead I contacted the cs and after I explained the slight error with screenshots, I got the thing 10% off. I wasn’t counting, but my guesstimation is that it took an hour from upgrading iTunes to upgrading the iPhone.

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