I recommend that all shops that routinely do oil changes bookmark this page in case they are ever faced with this situation. One final note, I’ve never personally used oil filter wrenches to tighten an oil filter. Please reference this auto repair article when quoting, linking to this page is welcomed and appreciated. Brian, if you’re talking about the double gasket I agree that is a common problem with beginners. Yes, too often the auto repair shops gets blamed when the customer drives off and something else unrelated goes wrong. I dropped my 2002 Dodge Ram off at a Tranny shop cause they said the Cylenoid Pack($650.00)needed to be replaced. I have a situation where the oil filter was found to be loose by the technician where the suddenly-oil-free vehicle was towed. David, I would first try to determine if the oil spot underneath the vehicle is OLD oil or NEW oil.
We sell a NEW PIG funnel that helps prevent making a mess when changing oil (click on the image to see the product description).
Some techs use a bulk solvent sprayer like the one in the image above (click on the image to see the product description).
Hi there,Helped a friend do an oil change on my 525, you shouldn't have to take the whole engine under belly thing off. The automobile might also be an object of desire and pride, but at its foundation it remains a complicated piece of machinery designed to get you from A to B. Even changing a light bulb or doing routine inspection seems like quite a big deal for regular people, but it’s really not that bad if you attack the problem with an open mind. Changing the oil regularly is the single most important thing you can do by yourself to increase the life of your beloved motor, and you could be saving a lot of money by doing it yourself. Great, now that you have all that, make sure you have as many bottles of the right oil to refill the car.
You should take the same care with the oil filter as you did with the old oil when throwing it away! June 26, 2009 By Mike Bumbeck Changing the oil and filter on a regular basis is the single best way to keep an engine running as long and best as possible.
Even though engines run cleaner and more efficiently than ever before, some of the by-products of combustion end up as junk in the oil.
The best advice to follow as far as engine oil and filter changes comes from the folks that built your car.
I put mine in the home recycling bin, under the assumption that whatever process is applied to plastic items would do just as well to re-purpose the remaining oil residue.
I’ve heard that some, like BMW which has an on board computer that tells you when to change the oil, recommend changes at 10,000 or even 15,000 miles. Tool of the Week: Heat GunThe heat gun is one of those tools like the five pound sledgehammer which reveals its many uses as time passes.
Mazda GLC GoneFrom our rear-wheel drive hatchback division of junkyards past comes the Mazda GLC, or great little car.
With a Mityvac fluid extractor, the entire oil change on a MB can be accomplished without getting under the car. Originally Posted By: SIXSPEEDWith a Mityvac fluid extractor, the entire oil change on a MB can be accomplished without getting under the car.
I use Mityvac to do oil change plus ATF and brake bleeding.The Mityvac paid for itself within one year of use.
Sometimes the oil leak is due to an inexperienced oil lube tech making a rookie mistake, like double gasketing a filter. After adding oil and briefly starting the engine, oil streamed from the base of the filter. After-all, auto repair shops get a bad rap too often and are usually assumed guilty until proven innocent. I’ve always justed tightened them by hand, but here is another interesting TSB regarding using filters that have either been dropped and dinged or that might have creases from someone thats gone a little crazy using a wrench to tighten a filter.
For instance I did an oil change on a car and the customer brought back the car after a few days claiming the brakes now squeak and it must have been something I did. Although, everything may not be detected, this may prevent being blamed later for an unrelated issue. Eight hours later, they finally called me and told me that it wasn’t that afterall and I had 15 minutes to come pick it up or it would have to stay there all weekend!!

Pressurized with shop air, so it’s a little less harsh (depending upon type of solvent used) on everyones lungs in the shop. Double gaskets on filters typically leak the instant the motor is running and build up pressure. For best results please provide relevant details like your vehicle's year, make, model, engine size, the problem and when it occurs etc.
If you look under the engine the belly thing you should be able to see an oval type section that has 3 bolts holding it in place, undo this and you should have access to your oil sump plug. Even to this day, it’s usually the most complicated thing that most people own, and this makes it seem quite daunting at times. After World War I, cars starting being used by people around the world, but owning an automobile was quite complicated. Obviously, we’re not suggesting you change the oil yourself in an expensive BMW or Porsche, so this guide is more for you weekend mechanics out there who want to save a few bucks. The equipment you need is no that expensive and will only set you back about the same as five to six professional oil changes. It should be about 3 or 4, but you should definitely check your owner’s manual before buying. Take off the oil filler cap, because if you don’t the oil will come out very uneavenly, sort of like water coming out an upside down bottle. The oil sits in a pan on the bottom of the engine block and to change it, you have to undo the plug underneath. Too much is worse than too little, so if for example your car takes 3.5 liters, stop and 3 and check your stick. When you change your own oil, you know that you are putting quality oil in your .What do you get for your money? A thin film of oil molecules is the only thing that keeps gnashing engine internals from turning into an expensive heap of scrap metal by way of friction and heat.
The idea is simple if not slightly … Continue ReadingHorn Switch RepairDaily driving classic cars and trucks comes with benefits and pitfalls. 7.5 quarts M1 5w40, Wix cartridge oil and (2) air filters.Where's the filter on this car, topside or underneath? My local MB dealer wants $150 for oil+filter in 2004-2005 and $200 now, I can do it with Mityvac in less than 40-45 minutes for less than $50-60, because I bought oil on sale and filter online.
Another common mistake is not cleaning the mating surface of the gasket or using the incorrect oil filter to begin with. My first thought was that it must have a double gasket. To my surprise the oil filter was tight and there was only one gasket.
The pdf linked here along with a diagram, shows what happens when there is excessive pressure from a stuck oil pressure regulating valve. This document along with a damaged filter (one that shows signs of bulging) can be enough evidence in court to prevent a verdict that would require the shop to replace an engine. Is it really logical to blame the repair shop that changed the oil in your car, for brake pads being thin with 60,000 miles on them?
Unfortunately, because men don’t think very wisely, he let it go and let it go, NOW, he has a major leak and it is back in the shop for another at the least $300.
Please don't ask for repair manual info like torque specs, wiring diagrams and specific repair procedures. You had hundred of things that you had to lube up every hundred miles or so and you constantly had to pump oil into the engine, sometimes by hand. The trend is for cars, especially the small ones, to never need maintenance in as many departments as possible. If you buy your own floor jack, jack stands, basic tool kit and oil pan, you’ll be set for life! After you’re done with your old oil, definitely find a recycling center that takes it and safely disposes of it, because if you just dump it in the sewage, it could pollute a lot of water. Some bricks or pieces of wood will work, but you should’t do this alone in case something happens.
Most mechanics recommend you rub some oil on the rubber gasket you see at the top, which is supposed to give you a better seal. Engine oil and oil filters can only suspend and contain so much crud and combustion by-products, before the balance of lubrication shifts away from trouble free motoring and towards engine wear.
At least mine does when I changed oil last month for my Fit they told me walk to the back room and look for the big blue container that has oil all over it.
When your engine is cold and not up to temperature, a considerable amount of filth in the oil stays on all of the internal components in the engine. So you need a big catch pan (or two small ones) and you need to be on your toes to make sure that it doesn't spill all over the place.

Note that canister type oil filters, regardless of which brand, always have a flat portion on the end. Another possibility is that the tech missed the funnel or overfilled the funnel, when putting the new oil in. If it’s gone, so are the chances of determining if the oil pressure regulator was at fault. For example, the dual clutch gearboxes that are replacing automatics are dry, so you don’t have to worry your transmission fluid is getting dirty. Again, used sold metal point to place them, and shake your car a bit to ensure it’s stable. The reason the oil gets so dirty is that when your fuel burns, it also produces carbon, which causes overheating. If for some reason you can’t take the oil filter off by hand, you need an adjustable oil filter wrench.
Put the new filter back on, but make sure the old rubber gasket from the other filter isn’t stuck on. Dropping out the oil and swapping in a new oil filter takes but about an hour, and can mark the beginning of a do-it-yourself tradition of maintaining your engine and wrenching on your ride.
Spending 20 bucks on an oil and filter change every few months is still less costly than a new engine – even over the course of multiple oil changes. When hot it cleans and removes the carbon and extra junk (to an extent) and holds it in suspension of the oil.
It’s horrible public relations for any repair shop to have a previous patron telling everyone who will listen, how awful their experience was. After pricing a used engine replacement for the customer, they were determined to have Jiffy Lube pay the bill. If exposed to too much oil pressure, the flat portion will bulge and make the filter more rounded on the end. In my opinion, a double gasket is not going to hold for a month (4 months even more unlikely). The threads are very fine, so don’t over tighten the filter or they could get damaged. I'm using it, no going back now.Thanks so much for the PDF, and why do ze Germans make things so complicated?!?! In their mind if the repair shop was the last one to touch their car, they MUST be responsible! If an oil filter cannot be placed on the surface of a level table without tipping over, it has been exposed to too much pressure. Also in my opinion, the person that continues to drive the vehicle after the oil light comes on and the engine rattles to a stop is also at fault. Click the following to view Dennis' "about page" for info on his background in automotive repair. Drain containers and drip pans are also cheap, making it easy to recycle the used oil and properly dispose of the filter.
If you drain it cold, of course it will still be filthy and look like hell but a significant amount of contaminants are still hanging out in your engine, just waiting to molest the new oil that you put in, there for shorting the service life immediately. I used to work with a guy that was obsessed with cleaning EVERYTHING with brake clean – not very good for your lungs!
Yeah, the BMW computer system isn’t going to know that either, same thing with GM oil service indicators.
The following is what happened several years ago when a customer had his car towed to us after all the oil leaked out, following a Jiffy Lube oil change. I must say, Jiffy Lube was very professional and was able to provide a very reasonable explanation for the problem. No indicator is better than a competent technician evaluation of the engine oil condition on the dip stick. The lesson that they provided that day is what I want to pass along to other repair shops that may be accused wrongly of faulty work or using an inferior or incorrect oil filter when doing an oil change.

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