The newly initiated should note that Outlook Express itself doesn't create an email account. Page contents: Change Outlook Express email account password - Basic instructions with screenshots for beginners. From time to time you may have to change your email account’s password in your hosting account.
When you do, you’ll also have to change it here in Outlook 2010 so that you continue to be able to send and receive email. You need to change your password in your outlook also in order to get it synchronized with your hosting account.
Before you can use Outlook Express, you need to setup or create a new email in the program.
However - and this is very important - remember the password you feed into Outlook Express should match that on the actual email account.

You may not able to receive and send emails from your hosting account, because of the reason that you have changed your hosting account’s password. Our guide will teach you how to change your password in outlook 2010 with the help of just few clicks. If you use multiple email addresses, you can configure all these in the email client as long as the email address is compatible with Outlook Express. The program simply helps you download and store messages on your computer - the email account has to be made elsewhere read how to get an email address for free. Under the "Mail" tab, all email accounts that have been set up in the program will be listed.
Put a checkmark in the "Remember password" box if you don't want to enter it each time Outlook Express connects to the web server to download email. So if you have an email address from an ISP, login to ensure the password is the same as what you have put in Outlook Express else no emails would be downloaded by the program.

It is good to change your outlook password frequently to save your outlook data from others. Someone told me that if I change the Outlook Express email password, I can get the old functionality back. This means that if you do change the Outlook Express email password, you would have to implement the change on the actual account too! Click the Outlook Express email account whose password you want to change and then hit the "Properties" button on the right. But it is more important to secure your hosting account from unwanted malicious attempts like hacking and phishing which is synchronized with your outlook.

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