Seeing as Mark allegedly chose to outsource his social media efforts, it only makes sense that it didn’t occur to him to change his Twitter password after the firing. The result of Mark’s social media fail is spreading across the blogosphere like wild fire.
Since no official conformation has come from Mark himself, we still don’t know if his account was hacked or if this is just a publicity stunt on his part. The one good thing that has come out of this debacle is a renewed conversation about the need for authenticity within social media.
In an equally strange twist of events another Twitter account DMReporter, which spoofs as a Daily Mail Reporter is showing eerily similar tweets to that of Mark Davidson’s.
What is strange is not that he has a ghostwriter but the fact that he’s yet to fix the issue of these strange tweets.

Now the disgruntled ex-employee has taken control of the account and has posted a series of tell all tweets detailing Mark’s use of ghostwriters as well as the poor wages paid to do the job. There are currently several running threads across Reddit, Google Plus and Twitter of people wondering how he will handle this once he wakes up or actual logs in to Twitter himself. From where I stand, there doesn’t seem to be any major benefits to trolling his followers. When you chose to put your face and personal brand online it is generally expected that people interacting with you are getting the real deal not a facsimile.
Within the same 8 hour period both accounts displayed a similar set of tweets from a supposedly disgruntled ex-employee. In terms of managing his brand name online, he should be putting out this fire as soon as possible.

The funniest part to me… TechCrunch reporting on a story about an acrimonious split with an employee. I’ve been following Mark for some time on Twitter so of course I clicked through to see what was happening. Any notoriety gained from this would be for all the wrong reasons, it’s a cheap way to get attention. The story goes that Mark Davidson had been using a team of 3 Twitter ghostwriters for the last 4 years.

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