I am not one who believes in BMW’s prolonged oil change intervals, so for this 1M it’s going to get the oil changed with synthetic every 5,000 miles. Over the years, BMW has made simple things like an oil change harder and harder for the do it yourself’er. Remove the dirty oil filter and the two O rings – a large black one and a much smaller green one. The M2 may be getting all the attention these days, but the impressive and legendary BMW 1M is still alive and kicking well. Vossen Wheels gets their hands on of the most excited BMW of this last decade – The BMW 1M.
BMW M2 and Ford Focus RS are heading to the race track for the ultimate battle in the midsize performance segment.
Fans at the Hockenheimring (DE) were treated to an action-packed opening race of 2016 by the 24 drivers in this year’s DTM.
BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car?
These reasonable vouchers provide a discount of five percent, and will be a great savings on your income. You can avail the 5 dollar discount coupon for your complete service traditional oil change. Once you have the voucher in your possession, you can immediately take your vehicle to the nearer Valvoline auto care outlet. The expert technique provide miscellaneous services like checkups on all fluids,  coolant checkups, tire pressure check-up, and much more solutions. Valvoline oil change technicians advise that you periodically change the oil for your vehicle for every three months or for every 3000 miles, which ever comes earlier.  Apart from the required services, your vehicle also demand other additional services, these service personnel carry out other services like radiator, transmission, air conditioner, wheel rotation and battery service. You can get printable Valvoline Instant Oil Change coupon from the Valvoline website, and also from their outlets.
Through advertisement proposals, you can also get the coupons, but however situation varies.
You can also sign-up to get the email listing, which is a highly beneficial one as you will immediately receive the Valvoline instant oil change coupons along with the newsletter. On the whole the Valvoline Instant Oil Change provides great care for your automobile at affordable rates. I haven't seen a really good one of these out there, so whipped this up while I was changing the oil on my VR6 last weekend.
The following procedure will outline the steps to change the oil and oil filter on a MKIV VR6, 12V. It took me approximately 1 hour to complete the oil change (including time to clean my K&N and take pictures). FYI, I'd recommend removing the drain plug in the filter housing to drain the housing before removing the cap. A turbocharger is a device in where exhaust gases go in, witchcraft happens, and then you go faster. Oil changes are one of the easiest—and most inexpensive—ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
But even though it’s a painless task that’ll save you a bundle in car repairs down the road, oil changes are often shoved to the bottom of the priority list (right next to the dentist).
The best way to know if it’s time for an oil change is to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval. Oil changes help keep your engine’s internal parts running smoothly, allowing for a quiet ride. Many newer cars come equipped with a handy “check oil” light that lets you know if something’s amiss in the oil department. More than anything, the basic oil change is a great way to connect with your vehicle and take some control over its maintenance. Before heading to the auto parts store to buy supplies, consult the owner's manual to confirm the type and amount of oil that's required. Check to see if the manual calls out other specific oil requirements as defined by the by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Lubricant Standardization Approval Committee (ILSAC.) Sometimes synthetic oil is expressly called for. In addition to oil, you'll need an oil filter, an oil-filter removal wrench, a wrench to remove the drain plug, a funnel, a drain pan and some gloves. Band-type filter wrenches are more familiar, but they can be frustrating to use if you don't have enough space — especially if the old filter was over-tightened. In this case, the plug and filter are far apart, meaning I must reposition the drain pan after I drain the oil and before I remove the filter. If yours is one of the growing numbers of new cars with a top-mount cartridge filter, the following oil-drain and refill steps are the same, but the filter change process is not. Go slowly as you remove the drain plug and keep your hands away from the expected path of the oil.
The drain plug is properly tightened if you use the box end of a combination wrench and tighten it as much as you can without using a hammer or slipping a pipe over the wrench for extra leverage.

Use rags to clean as much oil away as you can, paying special attention to the filter sealing surface. After you reconfirm that the oil drain bolt and filter are both in place and properly tightened, it's time to add oil.
The break in service was done by the local dealer at 1,200 miles and another 5k has gone by. On E36’s like my old S52 M3 you can use 13mm socket found in any tool box to remove the oil filter. Get a large screw driver and rotate the lock 180 degrees and the the door will just swing down. Not getting oil all over your hand – which you’ll see in the video I didn’t do a very good job of.
Once the oil has stopped draining, you can install the drain plug back in but make sure you’ve put the new copper crush ring first. These Valvoline Instant Oil Change coupons provide features like oil up to five quarts, fresh lube and filters. You will not only receive the expected service but much more from these dexterous service personnel.
You will come to know that the oil change service are very cheap when compared to the other costly vehicle oil change agencies.
There will be circumstances where you will be getting coupons with high deals and also on occasion when you will be getting vouchers with less deals, all you need to do is check out the coupons carefully and see what it offers.
If you don’t have a vague recollection of when your last oil change was, or even where you went to get it done, then it’s time for an oil change.
Without this lubrication, your engine will grind against itself and sound much louder than it should be. It alerts you of a problem, but gives you no information about that problem (or any indication of how serious it may be). But if you’re running an older model, your engine light might be telling you that it’s time for an oil change. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It's a simple process that requires few tools, and it's a sure way to save some money while you avoid the hassle of sitting in a dull waiting room somewhere reading outdated magazines. The time you spend under the hood and under the car affords you an excellent opportunity to look around and see if anything else needs attention. You may also need to raise the car to gain access, in which case you'll need a floor jack and safety stands, or a pair of purpose-made steel ramps.
Also, my drain pan has a screw-on lid and pour spout, which makes it easier to transport and recycle the old oil. Wrenches like that are available at most auto parts stores for a few dollars and they snap onto the end of any common three-eighth-inch-drive ratchet. Let the car sit so the exhaust system cools off some, but don't allow things to go stone cold. Some newer cars have these aerodynamic covers to improve fuel economy and keep things clean.
For this reason, I'm going to completely finish draining and replugging the engine before I work on the filter.
It's important to place the drain pan under the drain plug — but not directly under it. You've held your thumb atop a drinking straw filled with water to keep it from running out, right? The hex end on a typical drain plug is almost always a common size that comes in a standard tool assortment, but even the domestic carmakers tend to use metric in the 14-17mm range.
Theoretically, there is a torque specification for drain plugs, but they're almost never published in the owner's manual. A standard-length three-eighth-inch drive ratchet will work if you choke up on it a bit, but anything longer or larger can lead you down the path of over-tightening.
Generally, oil filters are tightened no more than three-quarters of a turn to a full turn beyond the point where the O-ring first contacts the sealing surface. Run the engine for 30 seconds or so to circulate the new oil, then shut it down and check your work area underneath the car for leaks. Because I short-filled it slightly, it was no surprise that I had to add a little more oil.
It’s absolutely gorgeous, a blast to drive and has every option including the 6NR BMW apps.
I realize there is much debate about how often to change the oil in new BMW’s and which oil to use, a debate I’ll skip but you can see what I believe for this family heirloom.
This trap door is pretty cool and will hopefully stand up to repeated use unlike some of the earlier generations where parts were easy to loose or break leaving a lot of shops to simply remove your panel and not tell you. I usually like to use a socket with a short extension, but that combo doesn’t fit in area BMW provides inside the trap door.

You must be aware of the fact that most of oil change companies advertise by sending the coupons through these envelopes. Also, IIRC, the four (4) screws that secure the plastic belly pan are actually T25 Torx, but T20 will also work. This sludgy old oil is quite abrasive and can actually cause more wear and tear on your engine’s many parts.
Our qualified technicians will not only change your oil, but also check your vehicle over from bumper to bumper and let you know of any issues that may need to be addressed in the future. Five-quart jugs are tempting because they are cheaper than smaller sizes, but I find them heavy and hard to pour steadily. If I had read the manual carelessly, though, I could easily have brought home 5W-20 instead. There are many sizes, but it's easy to make sure you buy the right one if you match the wrench to the filter right there in the store.
Oftentimes you don't need to remove tires, but I did it anyway so our photographer, Elon Schoenholz, could have a clear view of things. If these elements were closer (or if my pan were bigger) I could begin removing the filter while the last of the oil was still dribbling out. The angle of the drain plug will cause the oil to stream out at an angle, so I'm offsetting the pan to that side by several inches. It's not quite the same here, because oil would still drain with the oil filler cap on, but it does seem to flow out more smoothly and quickly with the cap removed. A three-eighth-inch drive ratchet is perfectly fine, of course, as long as you remind yourself not to use its extra leverage to over-tighten the drain plug when you put it back later.
Even if you do find the spec, it's unlikely that the half-inch drive torque wrench you bought to tighten lug nuts will go low enough for this job. This rarely happens nowadays, but it's one of those things you check anyway because a double stack of O-rings won't seal, allowing your new oil to pump out and ruin your engine. I'm spinning the filter on gently until the O-ring makes first contact with the sealing surface.
You can go to a full turn if you can manage it by hand, but don't resort to a filter wrench just because you want to tighten it more than the recommended amount. As usual, you'll know the level is full when the oil comes up to the upper hole or hash mark. Once you've done an oil change a couple times and you are familiar with your car's idiosyncrasies, the whole job takes less than 30 minutes. Unbelievably BMW lists the capacity of the window washer system as 5.9 quarts but not a mention about how much oil to put in the dip- stickless motor. Once the door is open it will expose the 17mm six sided drain plug that opens towards the passengers side front tire. Hence ensure that you look inside your envelopes, or else you are bound to miss some golden chances. If nothing else, taking the cap off now serves as a reminder to put the new oil in before you start the engine.
This is another reason why it's best not to change oil when the engine and its oil are piping hot. If your drain plug does need a replacement washer, make sure the old one isn't stuck to the engine's oil pan — you don't want to inadvertently stack a new washer atop the old one.
In most cases you'll only need a filter wrench for tightening if access is too tight or if your hands are too oily for a solid grip. If you stockpile oil and filters in your garage, you'll save both time and money compared to going to a mechanic. Next seat the new oil filter in the black housing and install the whole assembly back into the motor. And once you get comfortable with the basic oil change, a whole slew of other maintenance tasks begin to seem within easy reach. The oil filter removal doesn’t have to be first, you could drain the oil first, this is just the order I like to do it. Fortunately, Bavarian Autosport sells the Special Oil filter housing cap for $15 and it comes with a 17 mm six sided hex head on the top, which interestingly is the same size as the oil drain plug. The 25 Nm torque spec for the oil filter housing is thankfully marked on top of the oil filter housing.
For those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you should remove the residual oil in the oil filter housing. The Explorer does, but it's held in place with four twist-release clips that don't require any tools for removal.

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