Use this new NETWORK password and your VT PID ,lowercase only, (as an Username) when on-campus (most Dorms do not have wireless) and your computer prompts to connect to the VT-Wireless network. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. This article provides steps to help you change the Wi-Fi password or network name (SSID) for your NETGEAR router. To use the NETGEAR iOS, Android or Desktop genie app, see How do I change my Wi-Fi password or network name (SSID) using the iOS, Android or Desktop genie?
To change your admin password, see How do I change the admin password on my NETGEAR router?

I asked them for the WiFi password, they gave it to me, I entered it into the iPhone 5 and everything was perfect. D-Link – Change wireless network nameI must say that this solution will work only if your wireless network name is “dlink” – the default name for D-Link routers. While this is a very convenient setup, it is also the least ideal, from a safety standpoint.
Later that day, I wanted to check my emails on my phone, (since AT&T’s reception sucks here, I had to use the wireless) but I noticed that there was no connection to the router. I went into the wireless settings on the iPhone, chose the router name and typed the password in again and connected.

The specific router is DGL-4500, but as I read on the internet, a couple of other D-Link models have the same problem.
In the Network security key field you will see the password of the wireless network you are using. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change the password of your wireless connection from your computer (in other words, not change the security keys on the wireless router's side, but change your own password that your desktop PC or laptop supplies when it tries to access the internet).

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