Once upon a time, Facebook Fan Page names could not be changed after they reached 100 or more likes.
The Page name you’re requesting is significantly different from your current Page name, so your name change request will require a 14-day waiting period. We require a waiting period for name changes that could be confusing for people who already like the Page. Once you confirm, your request can’t be modified or canceled, so please be sure your requested name change is correct.
We’ve received your Page name change request, and your change will go into effect in 14 days.
There is now a straight-forward solution to changing any page name, no matter how many likes.
MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. This entry was posted in All Posts, Ethical HackingTips & Tricks and tagged cool tricks, facebook, facebook tips, Facebook Tricks, hacker, hacking, Tips and Tricks by Tajinder Kalsi.
If you just enabled your Timeline and want to edit your cover image then you landed on the very right page. Now take your mouse to the left bottom of the Cover (hover the pointer) as shown in the image below.

This entry was posted in Facebook, Tutorials and tagged change facebook timeline cover image, Facebook Timeline cover image, How to change cover of Facebook, How to change Facebook Timeline Cover Photo, How to edit Facebook Cover. I have been trying to change my cover photo and the tag change cover comes on and then immediately disappears so I can’t change the cover? I?ve been trying how many times to change my cover photo but the option do not show up,could you please help me? So far it is the best solution to change your facebook layout and background as fast as possible. Update July 2013 : impossible to change your Facebook like before sorry but still working to make it possible again so   come back later.
The tool let you take off almost every section of your facebook layout like ads and sidebar. This only allows you to change the look of facebook on the pc that you have to software installed on.
What facebook needs to do is allow users to change their pages on the facebook server so everyone will see the new pages.
But now Facebook has implemented a new process to help fan page administrators. I recently went through this process when rebranding one of my fan pages. Fill out the form and answer questions about why you want to change the name of your fan page.

In order to update your Page name, please respond to this email with official documentation that shows the name you’ve requested for your Page. Check out the simple tutorial on How to change your cover photo on Facebook Timeline, after the jump.
Resize or Crop your image to the exact size, if you want it to look perfect on your Timeline.
If you want to proceed, please reply to this email to confirm your request to change your Page name. Firefox is still the marketplace head and also a large component of men and women neglect the wonderful publishing therefore trouble.
Page names are very important for branding purposes because people can search for your fan page by name and find in Facebook Search and other search engines like Google & Bing.

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