SafeIP will protect your online identity by hiding your IP address from websites, email, games and so on. It will encrypt all your Internet traffic with a private proxy.
Once you have installed and run it, you will have to click on the Connect button to change your IP address.
On the main Dashboard, you can view your original IP address, change your IP proxy location and see a quick overview of which protection settings you have turned on. From the Settings tab, you can change your preferences and in fact even opt to rotate your IP address automatically after a set period of time.
Fast Content Streaming. Recommended if you run SafeIP while going to streaming content sites or Internet radio. While SafeIP ran smoothly on my Windows 8, at times I did see the following error window a couple of times.
To get the best connection speeds, it might be a good idea to choose the location which is closest to your real location. If you have a Internet connection with a Dynamic IP ( Usually most ISP’s provide dynamic IP addresses ) , then Resetting your router or modem will be the easiest method to change the IP address of your PC .
This method can be very useful for bypassing the download limits on certain file sharing sites with a hourly download limit . Windows allows users to manually change the Ip address of any LAN connected to your PC from the windows control panel . Note: This method will only work if your PC is being assigned an external IP , not your router . Step 2: Under active networks click on your current connection to bring up the LAN connection status window and click on properties .
Step 4: Select use the following IP addresses , enter an IP address of your choice and press the TAB to populate Subnet mask field . Changing the IP(Internet Protocol) address of your computer is a basic thing we do at times. Important Note: Once you set your IP address manually, the DHCP host will not allocate the IP address for your network adapter. It is very important to setup a static ip address, if you are going to use port forwarding. When you have port forwarding setup, your router forwards ports to an ip address that you specify.
This will probably work when you initially set it up, but after restarting your computer it may get a different ip address. IP addresses are four sets of numbers separated by periods that allow computers to identify each other.
The router then hands it an ip address that has not already been handed out to another computer.

When you set your computer to a static ip address, the router does not know that a computer is using that ip address. So the very same ip address may be handed to another computer later, and that will prevent both computers from connecting to the internet. You will know when this is the case, because the Default Gateway will list the same ip address as the Name Servers entry.
If you find that you can not pull up webpages, the problem is most likely the dns numbers you entered. There are basically two types of IP settings that I will show you how to configure on Windows 8:Static IPDynamic IPWhen do you use a Static IP?The point of configuring a static IP is so the network device doesn't change IPs. Windows 8 begins with a new cool looking screen which lets you check your mail, music, videos and many more quick access features. When you set "Obtain an IP address automatically" in the Windows 8 IP Settings, your home router will provide your computer with an IP address. It offers Cookie, Referer, Browser ID, Wi-Fi and DNS protection and also keeps you protected from malicious websites.
Should you want to change you IP again, you can click the Change IP button, and your IP address will be changed.
When you are using a proxy server , you are actually surfing the internet using the Proxy servers IP address . Most corporate business use VPN because of their highly anonymous and secure process of transmitting data across various networks . The VPN program or software provided by your VPN service provider will automatically change the IP address of your PC . Using the Control panel you can manually define an IP address for your PC , which will be very useful for connecting your PC with multiple devices to share files and folders .
Most cable internet services do not require a router or modem , in that case this method will work . Well the IP address we see in our local computer network adapters are mostly for a local networking purpose. It may be required when you want a local connection be done with no DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers. This can be used to change the IP Address of any adapter like Wireless LAN, Local Area Connection, Bluetooth Adapters or even virtual Network Adapters. Default gateway is required when you have to connect to the internet using a router or another computer.
DNS servers may be required in case of a direct connection to the internet through you adapter. Make sure you set it to Obtain an IP address automatically in Step 4 in order to use DHCP host addresses.

You will need to determine which adapter is your connection to the Internet if this is the case. The DHCP server on the network keeps track of which IP addresses are available and which are in use. This would be a great strategy when you have a home server in which you don't want a hacker from the Internet to access it. Select this setting if you mostly go online for normal web surfing, with little Internet application usage.
This optimization is useful if your ISP blocks bulk mail or ports associated with sending mail.
Not only this method changes the IP address of your computer but at the same time it enables you to surf anonymously on the internet . Nowadays VPN”s have become very affordable and a monthly subscription for a good VPN service will cost you around 5$ or less .
Further you will also be allowed to choose from different IP addressed located across the globe . If your PC is getting the Public IP then you can follow the instructions below to change the IP address of your PC . He loves to tinker around with his gadgets and when he find something new and exciting, he shares it with you on this blog. It is because of the DHCP servers are present in most of our systems, we need not provide an IP for every connection, the DHCP host takes cares of the IP allocation.
Right click on your network adapter and choose properties to open up the properties window of this internet connection.
When you configure a machine with a static IP, then the DHCP server will ping that IP and know that it is in use before handing it out.
But when you are in your own custom network without a DHCP host, we definitely require to set the IPs of our own to fit in the network. If a DHCP server is ready to hand a specific IP and does not receive a ping response, then it will hand out that available IP.What Devices should you configure with Static IP?Any device on the network which provides a resource like file sharing, printing etc. Network devices like servers, routers, switches and printers should all have static IP addresses configured to ensure the users can always communicate with them.What is a Dynamic IP Address?This type of IP address is called dynamic because it changes when it's lease is up. That's why its not a good idea to have your server configured with a dynamic IP, your users will lose connectivity soon when the IP address changes.

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