I’m going to walk you through how to manually change app icons on your iPhone without jailbreaking.
Step 5: Delete the default icon and drag your replacement icon to the aforementioned app folder in iPhone Explorer. I tried this process by replacing the default Twitter icon with the Tweetie 2 iPhone icon from Matthew Rex.
As far as I know, the process I outlined in the tutorial is the only way to actually change app icons without jailbreaking.
If you are using the correct resolution, I still noticed that that can happen occasionally.
I am on a iPhone 3G and was exporting the same icons you mentioned from Candy Bar,increasing the resolution doesn’t help,tried already.
Just so you know, iPhone Explorer won’t let me drop files into my phone on a PC, but on my Mac it works beautifully. I have tried this with my iPhone 5 on a PC and it wont even delete the existing icon, the PC version doesnt have the buttons on the screenshot you have above, so I cant refresh, I cant view the actual picture of the icon to see what it looks like to tell if it has been replaced or not.
In iExplorer it shows a changed icon but on my phone it is the same default icon that it was before. Some stock icons you can change, like iMessage, Phone, and Navigator (I found out via Cocoppa) but others I haven’t been able to change like Calendar and videos. What does it take to be a trailblazer – Is it a unique idea, or just the will to execute one?
Thanks to that drive over the past couple of years Cordova’s iPhone customization and repair business Avodroc has gone from a part-time venture based out of his mother’s house to a thriving storefront with three employees and a growing national reputation.
Someone building a successful company from the ground up is always an inspirational tale, in this era of stagnant job growth and rampant unemployment is a rare event. To pass the time Cordova began watching videos on YouTube and stumbled on instructional video on how to jailbreak the then relatively new iPhone.
Mims still offers her advice and help when she can, as do many other friends and family who have lent a hand to help him do everything from build his website to market his products over the years – but now the college dropout, Cordova attended the University of North Texas for one year in which he, “partied too hard and flunked out,” thinks the foundation has been set for him to lead Avodroc to new heights before moving on to his next vision.
Until then Cordova, with company mascot Gadget (a French Bulldog) at his side, will be turning out what he considers the best cases in the business as well as offering customers the unique ability to modify their actual phone surface with just about any image or wording thanks to a 3D-printer he acquired at the end of last year. Now that the election is over it is time for this fractured nation to once again come together.
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Aside from having a jailbroken iOS 7 device, you will also need to install WinterBoard, the utility that we'll use to choose and apply the icon shapes.
Applying Icon ShapesNow that you've installed Icon Masks, just open WinterBoard, select your shape, then Respring. Hmm, it'll be nice you can help me with getting that theme, shape, etc, like on the 2nd picture, the exact same. A huge number of the population living on planet Earth are on Facebook, the worlds largest social networking website.
If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, some free time, are really bored and want to have some fun, then Facebook pranks will help.

Find a close friend, copy all his profile details including his profile picture and create a new Facebook profile. Those were some of the Facebook pranks that will make your friends laugh, go angry and sometimes even hit you. Obviously, this is a tutorial for beginners as power users are probably aware how to do this. Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC and connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. The file must be a .png file and the size must be 114?114 for retina display and 57?57 for older devices. If you use a square image, iOS will automatically round the corners to make the icon look uniform to the rest of your homescreen.
They have to be decompressed in order to see the directory tree given above in that screenshot.
I haven’t released anything to the App Store since they were just test apps to get my feet wet. The only thing I can recommend is to try exporting the icon again in CandyBar with a slightly higher resolution until the app is no longer undersized on your homescreen. I tried to use iExplorer to see if I could access the images for them and I couldn’t find them.
The 29-year-old Garland Texas native doesn’t have a MBA – or a college degree for that matter, but what he does have is vision and an all-consuming passion to do anything necessary to make that dream come to fruition. The fact that building Avodroc was Cordova’s reaction to reaching the lowest point of his life makes it a near-mythic one.
Cordova, 24, figured he could do it just as well as the guys in the videos and began practicing. Seeking a way to expand on what he had to offer, Cordova began teaching himself how to repair phones and within a year-and-a-half he had slowly built up his clientele by word-of-mouth. Whether it's the device we choose, the case it dons, or the ringer it bellows, we like to personalize. With over 80 shapes and variations, it'll be much tougher to be bored with your device's look. Most people use Facebook to share things, videos, pictures etc with their friends, so it’s the perfect place to play some pranks. There are many ways to perform these pranks and it’s pretty much real like ones, except they are not real.
But, keep in mind that you don’t end up insulting, disrespecting or making someone lose their temper.
Change your relationship status, sexual orientation and announce something different via status update. The main thing to take care of, when using this idea, is to make sure that you’re playing with a good friend. Use their name for the new profile too, this way they and friends of theirs will be super confused. Can really use some of these to kill some time and … well, play a joke on my friends on Facebook! If you’re using the Wi-Fi Sync feature, make sure that both your computer and an iOS device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you want to make a retina display icon for an app that hasn’t been updated yet, 114?114 is the resolution to use.
Just make sure to keep a backup of your app’s original icon in case you ever want to switch back. Either way, you can’t change the icon of an App Store App without going into the iDevice itself and modifying it like the article describes.
This is also great as a lot of really popular apps still don’t have retina display optimised icons yet and I’ve got a bunch that are fuzzy and nasty looking! Another problem I was thinking about is how would you customize your calendar icon and still get it to change the date everyday? It allows customers from around the world to mail in their phones to be customized, and now with stars like Austin Mahone, Andy Milonakis and celebrity jeweler Ben Baller rocking – or soon to be – his custom handsets that growth looks to become exponential in 2013. Soon he had a Craigslist ad and was charging $20 a job to unlock phones from his mother’s house. That’s when Tina Mims, a marketing professor from Texas Women’s University convinced him he could do more.
I always told myself that if I could find something that could do color you would be making moves,” Cordova said. These pranks can vary from, small ones like updating a funny status, to crazy ones that could even make people lose their temper at times. These Facebook prank ideas should strictly be used for entertainment purposes, just for gags only.
For example, change your relationship status to engaged or Married, change your sexual orientation to not-straight. Start by stalking them and liking everything they do, including their pictures, updates, comments, etc. This is a fake profile link, which means that whoever clicks on it will be taken to their own profile page.
Make the whole profile look like an exact replica of your friends profile and it should yield some funny results. For that, you can use Circulus, which makes them all round, but if you don't like round icons, you can now choose pretty much any shape or variation you like with the installment of just one simple tweak, which I'll show you below.
Let us know via comments, if you’ve tried any of these pranks before or plan on doing so.
Then armed with investment capital from his mother he finally stumbled on what he was looking for closer to home. So, your friend will be spammed with notifications and when he opens them, it’ll all lead to nothing. Make sure that you remove the attachment image when posting the status or it’ll end up showing your own profile image. Also, the shapes are not applied to folders, although the icons in the folder are shaped.Liking your newly shaped icons?
Spruce them up further with more WinterBoard themes, and check out our other mods and tweaks for jailbroken devices.

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