Liam asks Alex's mother to take part in a televised press conference in an attempt to get Alex to turn herself in.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. He is also a member of the XQueryWorking Group, and is a joint editor of the XPath 2.0 specification.

Written for professional programmers who use XML every day but find the W3C XPath specifications tough to slog through, this book explains in everyday language what every construct in the language does and how to use it.
The author has recently formed his own company, Saxonica, to provide commercial software and services building on the success of the Saxon technology. It also offers background material on the design thinking behind the language, gentle criticism of the language specification when appropriate, and a diverse range of interesting examples in various application areas.

Previously, he spent three years with Software AG, working with the developers of the Tamino XML server, a leading XQuery implementation.

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