Did you know that 55% of someone’s first impression of you is your visual presentation? Upon getting to know yourself, you will also be able to discern what your style is, so #2 & #1 work in tandem with each other.
When we attempt something we don’t think we can do and eventually do conquer this fear, we have a shot of confidence that is through the roof. From the food you eat, to your regular exercise schedule, as well as the pampering you regularly schedule into your calendar, these are all necessary practices that help you to be at your best self. When you begin to exude confidence, you will begin to be trusted by your superiors to be given more responsibilities and potentially be promoted or hired in the field of your choice.
When you eliminate the unnecessary stress, you worry less and sleep better which allows you to receive a sound night’s sleep.
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The best way to keep your football confidence strong is to constantly remind yourself why you will succeed. Players often overlook their own personal successes on the field while others simply disqualify positives in their career as if theya€™re insignificant.
Ia€™d recommend that you compose a list of reasons why you deserve to succeed and read it before every practice and game. Keeping your dream alive means seeing and feeling success close in hand and not letting anyone take that vision away from you. Use the form below to create a free locker with enough credits to unlock one of our training modules. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics.
Those who exude confidence seem to have this energy or this air about them that people are drawn to. After all, when you know that the path you are on is the path you want and should be on based on your goals, priorities and values, it’s easier to involve yourself in conversations regardless of what their values are because you can listen without judgment.
Once we have experienced this feeling of initially thinking something was impossible, but then conquering it, this knowledge is stored for future instances in which we may at first doubt ourselves. Guilt should not be even considered as you take a little time each day or a lot each weekend to rejuvenate, rest and begin anew with fresh legs the next day. You are less likely to chose people who are not right for you, and more often than not you will gravitate toward those with a healthy self-confidence themselves.

With each experience you gain, your knowledge is deepened, and thus you become a valuable asset to your place of work. And as we all know, when we sleep deeply, we wake up refreshed, able to be our best selves the next day. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Most football players fail to give themselves enough credit for the successes and other skills they possess that contribute to the team. It can be comprised of your ability, your team, your strong work ethic, past success, good coaches, practice, fitness, and many other areas that contribute to confidence. A  Another mental technique is running your plays in your head over and over.A  Visualize every detail from rolling off the front foot of a proper stance (without a stutter step!), to breaking down in 3 steps, then getting your elbow and head around and finally catching the ball out in front of your body with your fingers. No one is perfect and in times of adversity it’s tough not to have any doubts about winning.
Most football players would say that past success and experience in playing is the number one source for confidence today.
It’s easy to give in to internal doubt and criticism when you are not on top in your game.
A patient football player says to himself that a€?it might not be happing right now but I know my play will take a turn for the better without doubt!a€? Stay focused on perfecting your technique and dona€™t let a few mishaps deter you from playing at the high level you know youa€™re capable of. Thanks for viewing "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face eleanor roosevelt".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr.
Such people are neither arrogant nor do they have low self-esteem or appear to be insecure about themselves. Based on your skill set, your experience and your natural abilities, certain tasks and expectations may be easier to perform. So whether we are thrilled about this fact or not, the knowledge we can exercise to accentuate our strengths and camouflage what we’d rather not spotlight, can go a long way to helping us acquire the confidence we seek. Because once we remind ourselves of accomplishments in our past, we are in a sense fired up and able to squash the fears a bit easier as we proceed forward. As you are willing to face your fears, you are less likely to be hindered or held back by them. If you truly believe in your skills at football as well as your physical talents, then it is said you have confidence.
Each player, whether they are on the first team offense or scout team defense have an important role on the team.

But, to be successful and push through these rough stages of mental thought, you must remain optimistic and fight any negative thoughts until theya€™re silenced. It’s so simple for children to have big dreams about the future, but as adults that same ability gets beaten down by others.
You can tap into your success in the past to help you feel confident today by replaying successful games, practices, conversations, in your mind.
Follow these rules and youa€™re sure to succeed in every game and walk onto the field with a high level of football confidence. Sometimes putting our finger on those ingredients that make up a person who has confidence can be difficult, but ultimately, a person with confidence is someone who has a sense of assuredness, a sense of knowledge, and an appropriate understanding of the situation at which you encounter them. However, even though we may not be an expert in everything we attempt, we can still have a certain level of confidence at all times. Now, one’s visual presentation also includes how we stand (good posture), our mannerisms (smiling, frowning, etc), hair, accessories and overall appearance. You will figure it out as you go, and the mistakes you make along the way will be invaluable.
When you have fewer unnecessary fears, you reduce your anxiety and stress levels which not only brings more serenity into your life but also improves your health. And in order to do something, you have to have the confidence to move forward to achieve it. In today’s game you might recall a successful play you had on a similar field or in similar conditions. And so long as we incorporate our authentic style, share our sincere personality, we are more likely to feel comfortable. And once you gain experience due to taking action, your confidence will gradually, yet steadily rise. And when we are comfortable in our own skin, confidence is automatically shared with those we interact with. So long as you are taking action and doing your absolute best at that moment, that’s all you can ask for. If you want to play poorly, just expect to, however if you want to be your best and dominate your opponent, you have to EXPECT to!

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