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I’m a big fan of the “fake it till you make it” strategy, but read on for even more life hacks and lifestyle tips that can give you the boost you need. You also can focus on your posture to help give the outward appearance of great self esteem.
Time for the lightning round of life hacks and lifestyle tips to help you learn how to be more confident.
I like to keep these suggestions in my back pocket whenever I start to feel less than great about myself. If you start to hear that tiny voice in your head denting your self confidence, ask yourself “Would I let a real friend talk to me that way?” So why should you let yourself?

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The ideas may be almost interchangeable, but possessing these qualities is another matter altogether. Sure that girl that is shredding your ego may be beautiful, sweet and smart, or that guy may be brilliant, handsome and funny, but odds are that they have their serious moments of low self esteem, too. No matter how confident you think someone is (or they say they are), we all have moments of doubt and wish we knew how to be more confident. Called a power stance, you just have to stand with your feet more than hips-width apart and put your hands on your hips. If you aren’t ready to try this in public, go for it at home and try to stay in the position for two minutes.

Even if you don’t feel all that self confident, simply using the life hacks of the power stance and your best posture may help you give the appearance of confidence. What qualities do you wish you had more of and how will these make you feel more self confident? I plan to start doing this tomorrow—I think I will visualize myself as equal parts Wonder Woman, Mother Teresa and Emma Stone.

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